If you’re thinking about breaking into the monster truck service or are simply curious what those males are paying, this article is because that you. Together you could expect, owning and operating one of these beasts is costly, although someone might cut back on few of the up-front expenses by “souping up” a supplied vehicle.

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Building a custom monster van will expense you everywhere from $100,000 to $300,000 initially. To buy a used monster van costs between $20,000 come $70,000.However, provided monster van are difficult to find and might not have actually all the specifications you want anyway.

This article will compare the prices of buying a offered monster van versus structure your own. It’ll additionally outline the price of each part and where you’re able to acquire them.

Monster Truck cost Analysis

There’s no getting around it: Owning a monster van will cost you a the majority of money. Once you’re just starting, you have to decide how much you desire to pay upfront. Ultimately, though, you’ll probably end up spending thousands of thousands the dollars on your truck transparent its lifetime.

Most high value Monster Truck

Since monster van aren’t generally bought wholesale at an auto store, it’s difficult to to speak what the most expensive monster van ever constructed is, however one of the many high-profile i have lot of money monster trucks was the Sin City Hustler, which walk on sale for one million dollars in 2015, follow to engine Authority.

That’s pricier than most monster trucks will certainly be, however not unheard of, given that monster van are some of the most powerful vehicles out there.

Can you Buy a actual Monster Truck?

You’re i can not qualify to discover a new monster truck because that sale. This is due to the fact that monster van aren’t manufactured the same way that consistent cars are because they’re therefore expensive come make.

Monster trucks room either custom-built or refurbished from a pickup truck. If friend don’t desire to construct a monster truck yourself, you’ll have to buy used.

Here’s a rundown of what that can cost to to buy a monster truck provided vs. Just how much building one yourself will certainly cost.

Used Monster Trucks

Buying a supplied monster truck can expense from $20,000 to about $70,000, depending upon how big it is, the quality of the truck, and where you’ll it is in buying it.

Where come Buy a used Truck

If you’re looking come buy a supplied monster truck, girlfriend may have actually trouble recognize one unless you understand someone who’s marketing their old model. Monster trucks room specialty vehicles, and also not everyone has actually one sit in your garage.

Some web page occasionally have used monster trucks for sale. Craigslist generally has monster van up for sale, therefore check roughly your area every few weeks if you desire to purchase a used truck. Gyeongju Junk is another an excellent resource for supplied monster trucks.

These can price anywhere native $10,000 to $70,000, depending upon what kind of automobile you’re looking for. This is significantly an ext affordable than building a truck of her own and is generally much much easier.

That said, keep in mind that supplied cars can have every sorts of issues that aren’t immediately visible, especially in heavily modified cars favor monster trucks. Since of that, you might prefer to buy a van from someone you know and trust.

What to Watch the end for as soon as Buying Used

If you’re ever buying a offered monster truck (or car, for that matter), you want to double-check a couple of things:

How countless miles does the truck have on it?What sort of damage has the truck had in the past?When go an auto technician last view this vehicle?Can i take a look in ~ the oil?Why room you marketing this monster truck?Can i take this for a check drive?

You could think the minor points such as checking the motor oil don’t matter, yet if left unchecked, they deserve to lead come a huge amount of extra expenses down the road—and tell friend a lot about the condition of the car. So, conserve yourself the headache by asking these concerns upfront!

Costs To build a Monster Truck


It can be tricky to find a offered monster truck, so girlfriend may find it simpler to develop a monster truck of your own.

Building a monster truck will expense you all over from $100,000 come $300,000. Of course, this might vary depending on the quality of the components you get.

First, you’ll have to buy each part. Here’s a breakdown of every the prices to build a monster van you’ll have to anticipate going in.

Body the Truck: $20,000 come $50,000

The an initial thing you’ll need is the body of the monster truck. There room a few different methods you have the right to go around this.

Pro Tip: The simplest thing to perform is to usage a donor body. Donor bodies room pickup trucks the are essentially gutted and fitted with the machinery, do a monster van so monstrous. Find a sturdy auto that deserve to fit a super charge engine, prefer a Ford or dodge truck. Friend can obtain a provided car, but make sure that it’s still in relatively great shape.

The 2nd thing is to create your frame, body, and chassis because that the car. This is a daunting task uneven metalwork is something you have actually experience with. Luckily, you can call companies that can build these parts for you. Patrick Enterprises build these components on a personal basis. Reach out to a company like this if you’d favor to develop your frame and body.

4 large Tires: $12,000 to $24,000

Monster van tires space huge. Also if you have a donor body from a refurbished pickup truck, anyone will have the ability to tell that you own a monster van from these big old tires.

The ideal kind of tires because that monster van are dubbed flotation tires. They’re much broader and more heavier than continual tires and also are intended to store their grip also while steering over loosened dirt.

Firestone renders flotation tires in many different styles and sizes. However, if you want to buy native the main Monster Jam supplier, BKT is an additional great, trustworthy manufacturer.

How much Do Monster van Tires Cost?

Monster van tires can cost anywhere indigenous $3,000 to $6,000 per tire, totaling at the very least $12,000 to gain a complete set. Store in mind that you’re probably going to desire to change the tires of a used monster van anyway, for this reason this price will most likely be crucial no matter what.

How much Does a Monster Truck tires Weigh

A monster truck tires will normally weigh somewhere between 600 come 900 lbs (272.1 – 408.2 kg) and also are usually just inflated to about eight to 23 PSI pressure. The official tire size for Monster Jam is 66″ (167.6 cm) tall by 43″ (109.2 cm) wide.

Engine: $5,000 come $20,000

Monster trucks require an engine that will certainly run 1,500 horsepower, significantly much more than your mean car. In addition, they must be supercharged v a supercharger component, which provides the engine with more oxygen to burn fuel.

An engine will price you as small as $5,000 or up to $20,000, depending upon whether you buy brand-new or used. Manufacturers choose Ford usually have sites where you can purchase an engine directly from them. Make sure to acquire a supercharger kit as well.

Shock Absorbers: $100 come $1,000

Shock absorbers because that monster van are likewise specialty-sized and also built for extreme impact. After all, a monster van is far much more likely to make a hard influence with the ground 보다 your average car.

You have the right to buy these from items Stalker enterprises in California or any kind of other specialty shock manufacturer. Prices aren’t listed on their website, however you have the right to expect to pay at least several hundreds dollars for them.

Other Odds & Ends: roughly $10,000

Those are the biggest things you need to think about when structure a monster truck, however you’ll desire to to buy several various other things prior to taking your newly-built truck out for a check drive.

Costs because that these items will vary greatly depending on what you buy, however you should aspect in around $5,000 to $10,000 for extras prefer the following:

Fire Extinguishers: even if it is you’re driving her truck in a competition or simply for fun, save a fire extinguisher or two in the truck simply in case. These space big, an effective cars, and also you desire to make certain you’re able to prevent a catastrophe in the tracks.Seatbelts or Harnesses: even if girlfriend just have a donor car, install some secure seatbelts in every seat of your monster truck. Gift so high off the ground will lead to some large bounces, and the last thing you want is to get thrown in the wait while driving one of these monsters.Benefits of structure Instead that Buying

If you recognize a human with a monster truck the they desire taken off their hands, buying a provided monster van is more than likely the means to go, as long as you recognize the car is in great shape. Building a truck is costly and requires a most know-how. Making a failure can finish up costing you countless dollars.

That said, building your monster truck is your finest option most of the time. Here are several of the reasons structure a truck is better than to buy used:

It’s the best means to get auto knowledge.You’ll intimately understand your car and also how that works.Repairs will be easier because you’ve currently worked through all the components before.It’s an overwhelming to uncover used monster van in great condition.

How To earn Money with a Monster Truck


Monster trucks do NOT pay because that themselves. If you’re acquisition your van through challenging terrain or driving that over other cars, you’ll have actually to gain parts replaced and also maintained constantly.

So how do you afford a monster truck? countless drivers finish up making use of their monster truck in fairs and rallies.

How lot Do Monster Trucks do Per Show?

Shows prefer Monster Jam offer no cash prizes, but instead salary their chauffeurs for contract labor. As a result, wages will vary based on who the driver functions for and how well-known they are.

Organizations don’t clearly state what they pay their highest-paid monster van drivers, but most stars do money v sponsorships. You only will gain a sponsor if you have some experience, though. For this reason don’t walk seeking the end sponsorships if girlfriend don’t also have a monster truck.

How lot Does a Monster truck Driver do Per Show?

New drivers can expect to earn everywhere from $2,000 come $6,000 every show. Look up monster truck rallies and also fairs following near you and also contact lock to number out how to begin participating.

Monster truck FAQ

If you’re considering buying or structure a monster truck, there space a couple of other things you need to consider before taking the plunge!

How quick Can a Monster truck Go?

The fastest speed a monster truck has actually gone so much is 100 MPH (160.9 km/h), according to the Guinness publication of civilization Records. Because of your size, monster trucks can not look favor they have the right to go really fast, however they can accomplish pretty decent speeds thanks to their engines.

Who Is the Highest-Paid Monster truck Driver?

Organizations don’t clearly say what castle pay your truck drivers, yet Dennis Anderson is apparently the highest-paid monster van driver. Anderson’s car, tomb Digger, has almost 30 sponsors.

What occurred to Monster truck Bigfoot?

The very first monster truck was referred to as Bigfoot, and also it was created after owner Bob Chandler added enough major updates to the truck the it ended up being massive and also began to lure media attention.

Bigfoot has ongoing partnering with various brands well into the 2000s and has spawned an ext than 20 various other “Bigfoot-inspired” trucks.

Chandler was simply an auto fix shop owner in a little town who modified his van to be exactly what that wanted. Any type of aspiring monster truck building contractors can take a cue from Bob Chandler!

Are Monster van Illegal?

You’re more than likely not seeing a lot of monster trucks the end on the road when you drive roughly your neighborhood. Yet have you wonder if it’s illegal to journey monster trucks from ar to place?

The truth is that in many states, the height of the monster truck will certainly make that illegal simply since the headlights are increased off the ground as well high. In states favor Alaska and also Washington, where the headlights can’t be more than 54 customs (137.1 cm) off the ground, her headlights can be too high.

That said, if you have actually one of the the smallest monster van possible, friend might have the ability to take your truck the end for a drive. Make sure to check your state’s transportation department website to view if you can take her monster van on the streets.

Is It difficult To drive a Monster Truck?

Driving a monster van isn’t “hard” if you know what you’re doing. If you’re competent driving a regular-sized pickup truck, friend should be able to drive a monster truck v ease.

The tricky part is maintaining regulate when you’re acquisition it the end onto the dirt, rolling it over junk cars, and also making hard turns. Girlfriend can get exhilarated when driving such a cool vehicle and also accidentally make a fast mistake the turns into a big crash.

You might want come install role bars on her truck for this reason. Also, never go too fast until you gain some experience!

How much Does It cost To rent a Monster Truck??

If all this sounds choose a substantial undertaking, or maybe simply sounds fully out of your price range, you’ll be happy to recognize you have the right to still obtain a taste of control a monster truck and pay lot less. Several solutions will rental monster trucks the end to drive or because that events.

Monster truck rentals usually begin at $500. Search the internet for “monster truck rentals” in her area.

What Is The smallest Monster truck In The World?

The world’s the smallest monster truck is the Bobcat Nanowagon, follow to Cosmos Magazine. This nano automobile from Ohio college is only 3.5 nanometers long and also is made the end of a compound dubbed pseudorotaxane.

This neat small car obviously i will not ~ fit any people inside it, and also it won’t go much much faster than a couple of miles every hour. The dimension of its wheels compared to the body renders it technically a monster truck, but it’s no one friend would desire to require to a rally.

Other 보다 the Bobcat, you’ll be hard-pressed come find any type of miniature monster trucks. After all, the whole suggest is to go big and go fast.

Final Thoughts

If you’re an aspiring monster van driver and are looking into gaining a van of your own, it will price you much much more money to develop your truck 보다 buy a supplied one. If you uncover a quality used monster van at a reasonable cost, friend will conserve yourself a the majority of time and money by buying rather of building.

But if you desire to learn about car mods and also earn bragging civil liberties for life, you might find it precious it to placed together her monster truck. You’ll know specifically when something go wrong and how to fix it. Now, you’ll have a better idea of whether building a monster truck makes sense for you.

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