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January 05, 1946



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Who is Diane Keaton?


Diane Keaton is beautiful, smart and also talented. The actress and also filmmaker has additionally found success together an author, editor, photographer, singer and even a realtor.

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Early Accomplishments

During high school, she was in the singing & acting club and also starred in a college play titled A Streetcar called Desire.

She left college and also studied at the community Playhouse under Sanford Meisner and in 1968 was cast in the play, Hair because that 9 months before starring in Play that Again, Sam.

Best recognized For

Some that her assorted awards include 2 gold Globes and 1 Academy and BAFTA Awards each. She earned these because that her functions in The Godfather trilogy, Annie hall (1977), Something’s Gotta give (2003) and also Book society (2018).

She also appeared in 10 illustration of the 2016 series, The Young Pope starring Jude Law.

Sexual Orientation

Diane is straight and has dated some big names such together an on-and-off connection with Al Pacino native 1971 come 1990. She additionally dated Woody Allen for 4 year from 1968, Warren Beatty because that 2 year from 1978, Edward Ruscha in 1977 and also Keanu Reeves in 2005. Other males she has actually dated room Jack Nicholson and Steve Jobs.


Born together Diane Hall, the oldest child of Jack Hall and also Dorothy Keaton, her sisters room Dorrie and Robin Hall and her brother, Randy Hall.

She adopted 2 children when she rotate 50; Dexter (daughter born in 1995) and also Duke (son born in 2000). 


Raised together a complimentary Methodist, she to be a Christian and also made the film heaven in 1987 due to the fact that she preferred to it is in there. These days, she see herself as agnostic.

Worth to Know

She overcame a skin cancer in 2011 and also suffers adult-onset asthma.

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As a model, she has actually graced a 2016 issue of Vanity same cover and also is the confront of age Perfect skin care by L’Oreal Paris.