Dove Olivia Cameron (born January 15, 1996) is one American actress and singer. She increased her call fame playing a dual role as the eponymous characters in the Disney Channel teenager sitcom Liv and also Maddie, because that which she winner the Daytime Emmy award for outstanding Performer in Children’s Programming. Additionally, she has likewise portrayed Mal in the progeny film series. Various other than this, she is a singer together well. As a singer, Cameron made her debut with the soundtrack album Liv and also Maddie in 2015. In the same year, she released she debut single, “If Only”, because that Descendants. In 2019, her debut EP, Bloodshot / Waste, was released. Besides all these, she has actually surpassed million of pendant under she social media platforms.

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Dove Cameron boyfriend & dating in 2020

As that 2020, Dove Cameron is dating her boyfriend named, cutting board Doherty.He is an actor.She is additionally posted several pictures with her boyfriend on her Instagram account and captioned as, “so proud of my baby
thomasadoherty he’s a sexy , talented, guitar playing charisma bomb.” The duo space in relationship because Dec, 2016.As per she previous date history, she was in partnership with Liv and also Maddie co-star Ryan McCartan from august 2013 until 2016.In fact, they announced their engagement ~ above April 14, 2016.But later, the couple broke up.The precise reason of their break increase is still no known.

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Dove Cameron Career

Cameron play the function of Young Cosette in the Bainbridge Performing art stage production of Les Misérables, in 2007.She had the lead function of mar in The an enig Garden, again with BPA, in 2008.She was actors in a Disney Channel series titled Bits and also Pieces illustrating the duty of Alanna, in 2012.She exit a sheathe of “On top of the World” by Imagine Dragons together a promotion single, in 2013.Her sheathe peaked ~ above the Billboard child Digital song chart in ~ 17 and spent 3 weeks top top the chart.She starred in the tv film descendants which premiered top top July 31, 2015.She announced the she had actually signed through Columbia’s Disruptor documents label, and also that she would start to release music following the plunder of descendants 3, in 2018.She released her debut prolonged play, Bloodshot / Waste, in 2019.

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Dove Cameron Facts

She has an immense fan followings on she social media communication like, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and also you tube.Black and also red is her favourite color.She loves dancing together well.She is multi talented.She loves travelling and also is a foodie together well.She loves to eat pasta a lot.She play the function of Amber Von Tussle in the NBC live tv presentation of Hairspray Live.
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