When you space a convertible owner, you have actually a love affair for her car, and taking it out on the road gives you a good deal of satisfaction. But when her convertible height is showing age or damage, if girlfriend don’t have the budget to invest in the best quality replacement optimal on the market, that have the right to weigh you down. Numerous convertible owners space seeking a budget-friendly way to deal with up your convertible, whether they plan on maintaining their automobile forever, or whether they desire to spruce the up before they trade it in for a brand-new one. Nevertheless of the reason, if you space shopping because that a replacement convertible optimal on a budget, below are a few ways you deserve to trim the cost and also get her sun-loving beauty, beauty in a brand-new top.


One method to save some coin is to consider different materials for her replacement convertible top. Numerous convertible top come in a selection of fabrics the vary based on thickness, vinyl vs. Cloth, soundproofing and other factors. This equates into options for different budget levels and also can allow you come trim the cost off of her replacement convertible height by choosing a material that is not as special or soundproof as another. Some fabrics can be hundreds of dollars cheaper 보다 others, also when the remainder of the peak is the same, therefore this is a good way to trim the price of her replacement convertible peak project.

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When shopping with stclairdrake.net, we list every the fabrics available for a make, model and year and you deserve to use the different fabric varieties to aid you get into a price-point that you room looking for. Store in mind, that sometimes the factory-original towel may also be a step lower in quality and expense than some of the premium, aftermarket options available for part soft-tops. That method you can gain a factory-original material and also still save money. Yes!


Another way to trim price on her convertible top replacement job is to pick a brand that especially targets the budget shopper. One such agency is Xtreme Auto Tops, which supplies some distinctions in the manufacturing procedure and sourcing of materials to save money that they happen onto the customer. Replacement convertible tops at this budget plan price suggest still come with a warranty that is similar to premium brand replacement soft tops.

Another budget-saving brand is our really own private-label brand the stclairdrake.net instead of convertible tops. We don’t offer all makes and models, but do cover renowned models including:

These stclairdrake.net convertible tops usage the exact same factory-original patterns and also designs as various other tops in quality products like Haartz Twillfast RPC Cloth. This deserve to can help you conserve money contrasted to various other brands that are using different materials. One example can be found here, through BMW 128i and 135i where the stclairdrake.net brand have the right to save you an ext than $200. The primary difference in stclairdrake.net private-label top is the fabric, so this is a great way to get a quality top at a discount over premium products offered.

Also, the stclairdrake.net brand uses the same warranty as premium instead of convertible peak brands. For example, stclairdrake.net replacement tops that have actually glass home windows come through the same lifetime home window bond warranty the our premium manufacturers offers.


Reusing Hardware & Accessories

Convertible tops not only require the material for the top, but additionally the frame, pads and cables. If you desire to trim the expense of her convertible peak replacement, climate re-use these components when possible. You will should do an assessment of even if it is they room in good enough shape to reuse. Never ever reuse any type of components that have sustained water damage or corrosion.

The convertible top structure itself is almost always re-usable. If that is bending or warped in any way or does not raise or lower properly, climate you may inspect with your installer about a fix or must replace your convertible top frame. Many vehicles execute not need convertible peak frames to be changed in their project.

Between the brand-new convertible material and your convertible height frame, there space convertible height pads, which safeguard the material from friction damage when the peak is raised or lowered. If you space truly ~ above a budget and also if these pads space not worn slim or damaged, climate you re-use these to conserve money.

Side-tension cables assist the convertible peak to raise and also lower in an even and also smooth manner. In most cases if your optimal is opening and also closing smoothly and not sagging or leaning come one side, then your side-tension cables are most likely in great shape. Take care not to damages them throughout removal and also inspect them for water damage. (Check out this blog for more info on re-using your cables.)

Re-using these elements can help you come save numerous dollars on her convertible peak replacement.


With the development of the Internet, there space any number of resources obtainable to toolbox wielding auto owners who room accustomed to DIY. We’ve discovered with suffer that convertible height installation is among the hardest installation tasks that you’ll run into with your car, for this reason we would certainly recommend leaving it to professionals. They room efficient and also can conserve you indigenous a damaging error that may finish up damaging the top or leading to a costly leak that might require repairs on your convertible interior. Examine out our list of Installers near You to gain a quote on the installation of your brand-new convertible top.

If you have a solid automotive upholstery repair background and also the easily accessible time and also tools (see this blog i beg your pardon lists the tools you’ll need), then you will certainly be much better equipped 보다 the common weekender hobbyist. For those through auto upholstery experience, stclairdrake.net supplies installation videos on popular models that deserve to be purchased together DVDs or available from our streaming library. As soon as you acquisition a instead of convertible peak for these select models we incorporate the streaming surroundings video complimentary of charge.

Repairing vs. Replacing

Having remained in this industry due to the fact that 1987, we have the right to attest the repairing ripped or damaged convertible top is a many harder 보다 it seems. We got in this in great detail ~ above this blog about convertible peak repairs, so would certainly recommend the you check it the end if this is something you room considering.

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Save Hundreds by Shopping through stclairdrake.net

Shopping with these tips in mind while on stclairdrake.net can assist you gain a brand-new convertible peak while top top a budget, cutting thousands of dollars native your as whole investment and getting her convertible height looking and also working great again.