Jet Li quick Info
Height5 ft 6¼ in
Weight68 kg
Date the BirthApril 26, 1963
Zodiac SignTaurus
SpouseNina Li Chi

Jet Li is a Chinese film actor, producer, martial artist, and retired Wushu champion. He ended up being a nature Singapore citizen in 2009. He is renowned for his film functions in movie like Shaolin Temple, Lethal Weapon 4Kiss of the DragonThe Mummy: tomb of the Dragon EmperorUnleashed among others.

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Jet Li has actually a variety of awards and nominations through him consisting of the MTV Movie Awards, Golden equine Film Festival Awards, Hong Kong movie Critics culture AwardsShanghai Film critics Awards, Hundred flower Awards, and many more.

Born Name

Li Lianjie

Nick Name

Jet Li

Jet Li as viewed on his Instagram profile in might 2017 (Jet Li / Instagram)

Jet Li favourite Things

Past Time – Reading, speak his bicycle, meditating, play table tennis or badminton

Source – IMDb

Jet Li Facts

He started training Martial arts in ~ the Beijing Wushu Academy when he was just 8 years of age.Jet Li won his 1st Gold medal at the age of 11 in the Chinese championships.He would frequently compete against adults in the Wushu championships and ended increase winning 15 yellow medals and also 1 silver medal.According to him, chairman Richard Nixon readily available him a task as a bodyguard however he declined because he walk not desire to defend an individual, he wanted to safeguard the 1 billion Chinese countrymen.By his teens, he came to be a national Coach.He starred in the movie the Shaolin Temple in ~ the age of 20.He has an English tutor, and he put in increase 4 hrs every job to find out English.The surname “Li” was given to the by a publicity company the felt his name was too hard to pronounce.He do his American film debut in the movie Lethal Weapon 4 wherein he played a villain.Jet Li turned under a function in the movie Crouching Tiger, hidden Dragon due to the fact that his mam was pregnant and also had do a promise to her not to work during the pregnant period.He was caught up in the Maldives tsunami in 2004. However, along with his daughter and nanny, they to be able to escape unharmed.He renounced his united state citizenship in 2009 in donate of Singapore citizenship as result of the education and learning system that he wanted for his children.In the movie Romeo must Die, he continual some injuries come his ribs while shoot the film.Jet Li collects rarely Tibetian beads.Since 2013, he suffers native hyperthyroidism, and also the physicians advised him to discontinue any kind of kinds the exercise. He states he provides meditation to manage his love rate.Jet Li is no longer very active and also has lessened the variety of films that does. He, however, says this is due to his charity work and also not because of his poor health.Jet Li turned under a role in the movie Matrix Reloaded because he felt the the movie go not need his skill.He had actually a component in the 2017 movie Return of Xander Cage yet dropped out, no factors were disclosed regarding why he did that. He also opted the end of play the role of Deacon Frost in Blade.In 1993, he turned under a component in the movie Crime Story, because his agent to be gunned down during pre-production and he go not want to pass the wrong message.When filming the movie Fearless, he dropped from a 12-foot tower.

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Come date, the injuries he continual still bother him.He is very shy approximately women.He jokingly claims that you have the right to beat the up yet never touch his hair.Jet Li methods Tibetian Buddhism.He is an ambassador because that the Red Cross society of China.Being a Buddhist, that does not treatment too much about fame and also lives his life based on religious philosophies.When inquiry what his article would it is in to the world, that responded that the an initial is “the suffering of one person deserve to never be as far-reaching as the experiencing of a nation.” Secondly, “violence will never ever be a systems to anything” and “the biggest foe of a human being is him/herself. Your best weapon is a smile and the largest power is love.” this messages deserve to be discovered in the 2002 movie Hero, 2005 movie Unleashed, and the 2006 movie Fearless.He is the founder the The One Foundation that provides disaster relief, capital grassroots charities and children’s welfare, training of public welfare professionals.He to be accused of embezzling funds from the foundation, claims he vehemently denied.

Featured photo by Jet Li / Instagram