Ok if u take a stock b20 long block and also use a stock b16 vtech head what will certainly the horsepower be??? I just need one idea,, the b16 is 160 ,,so???

Listen. No one on the interwebs is walking to have the ability to tell you exactly how much power you are going to make. Also, virtually NOBODY has a share B20/vtec or LS/vtec due to the fact that it would certainly be nice unreliable. If you are going to develop one, it would certainly not be a an excellent idea to leave a stock block, due to the fact that the vtec head would certainly rev much higher than the share block was made for.How many posts are friend going to need to make about this prior to you understand that? build the motor, dyno it, and then come back and tell united state what you make.

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Listen. Nobody on the interwebs is going to be able to tell you how much power you space going come make. Also, virtually NOBODY has actually a stock B20/vtec or LS/vtec since it would certainly be pretty unreliable. If you room going to build one, it would not be a good idea to leaving a stock block, since the vtec head would certainly rev much greater than the stock block was made for.How many write-ups are friend going to have to make about this prior to you know that? construct the motor, dyno it, and also then come ago and tell us what girlfriend make.
Well I have to tell u I have actually heard alot of people tell me the the stock block will do simply fine witha vtec head..... U room the only human that i have ever before heard say the the block wont hold
Well I have to tell u I have actually heard alot of civilization tell me the the stock block will certainly do just fine witha vtech head..... U space the only human being that i have ever before heard say that the block wont hold
1. That VTEC, No H!2. If you hear the block have the right to take it, walk for it.. Once it blows dont b***h to us about it.
Well I need to tell u I have heard alot of human being tell me the the stock block will do simply fine witha vtec head..... U are the only person that ns have ever before heard say the the block no hold

about 220whp and also 240wtq

stock block is FINE. Mine god.the trouble arises in the share blocks reliability in vtec size rpm"s. Mine b20z bottom right currently is bone stock. I take it come 8,200 often. Its been running for virtually two year perfectly.
Why make another thread? I mean f**king seriously... Her going come have an ext than 160 and also less than 200. Because that f**k sakes, no one have the right to tell girlfriend what you will make, each applications is different, that"s why we have dynameters.
how much HP your stock block frank will make is solely established on exactly how high girlfriend rev her block.more hazard (higher rpms) her looking at approximately 165-175 respectivleylow righ (stock non-vtec redline) your looking at around 155-160 respectivley.but this is just an education guess suspect a perfect tune for both. Vtec is all about the top echelon the rpm. This is why structure your block for a frank motor is so an essential for make respectable numbers.
either way, youre still ideal

Woww..!! i had actually to it is registered my self to post just come tell girlfriend guys..!! I have A FRANKENSTEIN lolStock block the b20b is 126hp and also 131lbs that torqueA b16a will offer you 158hp and 111lbs the torque..!!Bfore mine dyno tuning ive installed a press reg. Due to the fact that your stock b16a reg doesint give annuf for this setup..!!So mine setup was a b16a teacher head whit a b20b CRV block whit a Ys1 tranny indigenous a integra..!! press regulator and also a walbro 255 fuel pump..! the dam point was spiting out out a wooping 183hp and also 147lbs of torque in ~ THE WHEELS..!!This setup in cheep to make and fun to do..!! no major modification is needed..!! and also you acquire the high rev that the b16 and also the speak of the b20..!! youll have fun whit this motor because that sure..! go to a scrap yard and also get that NOW..!u need a oil line for the vtec come work and also that"s around it lol
a b20b deserve to easly expropriate a 200hp(apprently)..but remember that the b20b is a torker not a rever..!! and also since the red line of a b20 is 6.300 and also the b16 is 8.200 well if ur stupid annuf to host it in the vtec at 8.000rpm well your connecting rods no hold.. Loll just immagine the friction betwen the rods and also the crank shalf a 8:000rpm..!! negative sleves lollSO dont walk to high..!Well i hope this willl help you to make a decision..!! over there is allot of just how TO on internet if friend need assist whit seting increase the motor..!!hope youll have actually fun..!!
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Also take into consideration... Whats excellent to the head, is that built, if so with what or is the stock... Another thing that plays a large part for making power, if you have a built head through bigger cams wouild be COMPRESSION RATIOS...If you want answers, and also everyone is informing you one point or another, try this... EITHER... A.) take it the plunge and also go for it, if the f**ks up then you learned something, a hard and costly lesson, yet you acquired something native it.

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Or B.) Don"t carry out it and always wonder the last thing can be supplied on A.) and on B.)...Stop make stupid threads choose this since no one have the right to tell you specifically what girlfriend will perhaps or perhaps make. If girlfriend really desire to break s**t down, friend could likewise throw in what form of oil friend use, the altitude you are at, blah, blah, blah, buuuuut... You will certainly NEVER gain the specific answer until you execute it yourself.Example... I have seen numerous B16 motors on the dyno do 147whp... However then i threw on mine old B16 and also I do 157whp... Go figure. Different setups and different things make much more / much less power.I to be stock, but they had chipped ECUs, VAFC, and also such... Ns had brief ram, and a catback... NO ONE deserve to tell girlfriend what you will make.