Many types of heating, cooling and also refrigeration systems rely on refrigerants to carry heat.

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<1> They have the right to be important to exactly how the refrigeration procedure works in such equipment.<2>

But walk you recognize refrigerants have actually some known adversaries in one HVAC system? any air, water or nitrogen in the unit can prevent the refrigerant from doing its job correctly and also cause damages to the equipment.2 The just other substance that deserve to exist in the mechanism is oil.2

The problem for HVAC technicians is that these building materials are always trying come sneak right into equipment. Fortunately, yes sir a solution: refrigerant evacuation.2

Learn what refrigerant evacuation is, once to usage the procedure and why it’s important in this article.

What Is Refrigerant Evacuation?

Refrigerant evacuation is the removed of moisture, air and non-condensable gases from a refrigeration system.<3> during this process, a vacuum pump is offered to attract the sealed HVAC system right into a vacuum. This removes air, nitrogen and also moisture indigenous the unit.<4>

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The remove of this substances occurs in 2 stages:

Degassing Stage

Air and also vapor is sucked out the the HVAC system. This phase is typically quick and also easy.

Dehydration Stage

The vacuum pump is employed to decrease the pressure below the vapor press of water in ~ room temperature, causing any type of liquid water within the system to cook off. Without a deep vacuum and also tightly sealed system, this stage can be difficult to execute successfully.4

When Is Refrigerant Evacuation Necessary?


There space a couple of instances when an HVAC technician might need to evacuate water, air and also other undesirable substances native a system:

before charging a brand-new system with refrigerant.<5> when installing the liquid and also suction lines whereby the ends of the tubing room open. After opened the system to make repairs.

Why Is Refrigerant Evacuation Important?

Contaminants in one HVAC system have the right to prevent the tools from working properly and result in premature birth failure. Adhering to are several of the details issues that can arise:

Non-Condensable Gases

Refrigerants transfer warm when they change phases. They absorb warmth while in the evaporator, transforming indigenous a liquid to a vapor. Once the gaseous refrigerant enters the condenser, that releases warm to the external air, cooling the refrigerant. It then flows into the growth valve and returns come a reduced pressure, cooler liquid.<7>

Non-condensable gases in a mechanism take increase space, limiting the refrigerant’s capacity to condense. This reduce the efficiency of the unit and also forces the HVAC compressor to work-related harder.<8>


What room Some tricks to successful Refrigerant Evacuation?

Taking details measures can aid make because that a effective refrigerant evacuation:

Adhere to best practices if assembling field connections and making repairs: Make sure the fittings and refrigerant circuit components are clean and cost-free of debris. Clean tubing prior to cutting. Keep open pipework spanned to prevent rainwater or condensation from entering. Replace filters and driers together needed. Purge nitrogen before and also after assembling tubing. Conduct a standing pressure test v high-pressure nitrogen.

The score of these techniques is to store the mechanism clean, sealed and dry.

pick short, dedicated large-diameter vacuum hoses. Instead of utilizing a manifold, attach straight native the CRTs to the pump. Usage clean oil for her pump and also test that routinely. ~ the target vacuum level has been reached, isolate and also test come make certain there room no leaks or moisture.4 Lastly, don’t take it shortcuts. They could leave you with an inefficient unit or premature mechanism failure.6

Keeping one HVAC device Clean and Sealed

As you deserve to see, a lot have the right to go wrong once contaminants favor air, water or nitrogen infiltrate one HVAC system. The an excellent news is you can evacuate them indigenous the unit and restore the to suitable functioning. Simply make sure to adhere to best practices because that installation and repair and also avoid shortcuts.

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However, contaminants no the only worry HVAC techs can confront when working with refrigerants. Examine out What come Know about Refrigerant Leaks to find out more.

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