How old is Bulma fine bulma begins at the period of 16, then at the period of 19 during the Tienshinhan Saga, and then at the period of 22 during the Piccolo Jr Saga. Five years have actually passed because the start of Dragon round Z, so she is currently 27. Interesting relationship facts of Bulma through Vegeta.

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After 11 month in the Vegeta Saga, she is virtually definitely 28 years old. Bulma’s period is a little muddled. She was born in the year 733, and also she met goku in the year 749, as soon as she was 16 years old. This is refuted by war of Gods. Bulma appears to it is in 38 in both the movie and also the DBS retelling that the movie, regardless of the reality that that takes place in age 778, making she 45. One could argue that she to be lying about her age, but given her reluctance come respond once asked, and also how furious she was at the moment, it’s an ext likely the she unintentionally blurted out her true period in a right of frustration, yet as I previously said, this contradicts the timeline.

Bulma would have been 40 throughout the competition of Power, the Broly movie, and the Galactic Patrol prisoner Arc if she was telling the truth around being 38 at the time. Every one of this takes place in the year 780, so her true age will be 47 follow to the timeline. The revelation in the Broly film that Bulma was collecting the dragon balls in stimulate to great to be 5 years younger, and also may have actually done therefore in the past, more complicates things. If this is the case, she may have wanted to it is in 7 years younger fairly than 5, i beg your pardon would define why she asserted to be 38 fairly than 45 if she to be referring to she physical age rather than her numerical age.

Here are offered the facts about vegeta and bulma’s relationship:

1. Bulma’s Disturbing Dreams about Vegeta:

Bulma had currently seen Vegeta’s ability to kill, so it’s understandable that she would certainly be wary of him appropriate away. Bulma has a vision around Vegeta going after she for the Dragon Balls that finishes just prior to he assaults her as soon as the 2 of them were on Namek. Those nightmares quickly faded into the background as Bulma concentrated on Frieza, yet it wasn’t the last time she dreamed around the Saiyan.

Bulma is just one of the an initial people on planet to warm up come Vegeta ~ his return. She becomes so enamoured through him the she speak Yamcha about a dream she had around kissing the Saiyan. This was made even more uncomfortable by the fact that Bulma and Yamcha were both together at the time. However, it seems the dream was a foreshadowing of things to come.

2. Chi-Chi offered To Exchange Husbands with Bulma:

Since this is a quick appearance in Dragon Ball, it’s understandable if girlfriend forget around it. This scene in between Bulma and also Chi-Chi is always great for a laugh as soon as rewatching the Buu saga. While waiting for Goku, Chi-Chi notices the Bulma appears to be very concerned about Goku. Due to the fact that they’ve well-known each other since they were children, this no shocking, however Chi-Chi interprets it as attraction.

Chi-Chi offers to switch husbands with Bulma, however it’s mainly a joke. She admits that Vegeta isn’t particularly friendly, yet he is dependable. Vegeta is present for the bid and can’t avoid himself native laughing. Offered that both women have similar relationships with the Saiyans, it may not be so strange. Plus, as soon as Goku to be younger, he had actually an uncanny capability to end up in sexual situations with Bulma.

3. Vegeta Admits His Attraction to Bulma’S Pushy Personality:

In Super, Vegeta explicitly admits this, however given how short it is, it’s basic to skipping the truth that he proved something lengthy known around Saiayans: castle are attracted to strong-willed partners. Bulma and also Chi-Chi space both well-known for being hot-headed and also domineering, therefore this is miscellaneous that numerous fans have joked about. However, that fascinating come hear Vegeta openly confess the Bulma appealed to him because she stood approximately him.

However, it’s complicated to tell if Vegeta is just generalising his an individual preferences to all other Saiyans. Goku’s parents, Bardock and also Gine, nothing seem to enhance Vegeta’s meaning very well, based on what we’ve viewed of them. Gine is depicted as being more of a housewife 보다 a warrior. Still, Chi-Chi and Bulma watch after your houses, therefore Gine might have a an ext ruthless next that us haven’t watched yet.

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4. Vegeta Never beat By everyone Who assaulted Bulma:

Vegeta, like Goku, no interested in gaining a payment job because he’d fairly train. Vegeta believes that his contribution to the family is well balanced because the is a defender, yet his track record in this area isn’t great. These actions that vegeta has presented his love because that Bulma and also his partnership status through Bulma.

This can be seen as far ago as Dragon sphere Z, once Bulma and baby Trunks are practically blown out of the sky by Android 20, but Vegeta does tiny to conserve them. Vegeta became an ext humane over time, but his desire to avenge Bulma stays abysmal. ~ Buu assassinated Bulma, the had little success exacting vengeance top top the villain.

Everyone remembers Vegeta gift angry and assaulting beerus after the latter slapped Bulma, yet Vegeta shed the struggle quickly. Then, when Frieza reappeared in Super and threatened Bulma by shoot an energy blast in ~ her during his fight v Goku, Vegeta regulated to protect against the blast yet never beat Frieza. Finally, Bulma attempted come subdue Zamasu by pretending to be drawn to him, only for Zamasu to make her unconscious. Vegeta struggled to loss Zamasu as soon as more, leaving him v a dismal record of defending his wife.

5. Bulma Dughter’s Name:

If you’re acquainted with Akira Toriyama’s work, you’ll recognize that the names his characters after themes (for example, every one of Frieza’s races have cold-related names), yet if you’re no a vegetables fan, friend may have skipped it. Vegeta originally objects as soon as Bulma announces the her and also Vegeta’s daughter will be referred to as Bulla in an episode of Super. He says he wants to contact her Eschalot ~ a Saiyan character. Return most human being have never heard of one eschalot, the is merely an onion.

This ties in v the truth that all of Dragon Ball’s pure-blooded Saiyans have actually vegetable-related names. But, since Bulla isn’t a pure Saiyan, that understandable that this will certainly be close up door down. Also if girlfriend don’t understand what an eschalot is, a many of world found Bulla’s head was essentially attracted like one onion, for this reason the joke is conveyed. Bulla is yes, really a word that way Bra, but Eschalot would have actually been a much better name since everyone in Bulma’s family is called after underwear.

frequently Asked Questions:

Bulma might be any age below her chronological age of 47, because it is unclear how plenty of times she has wished to be younger or whether she has ever wished to be younger. However, because the dragon balls space still prepared to use as soon as they are required (which is relatively frequently), she is most likely to have actually only excellent it when or twice.

1. Exactly how old is Bulma and also Vegeta?

Vegeta was 30 year old, as soon as she was 29. Due to Vegeta’s fixation on training, that age gap in between them has actually increased by an additional five years. At sight Bulma is currently 47 year old, and Vegeta is 53 year old in the universal Tournament saga.

2. Just how old is Bulma and also Goku?

The story is stated to take location ten years prior to the very first chapter that Dragon Ball, and Bulma is stated to be five years old at the time, while goku is three. Goku is twelve years old as soon as the manga begins, and Bulma is sixteen.

3. Just how old is future Bulma?

At the begin of background of Trunks, Future Bulma is around 45-47 years old (by her own words she has actually been 37 because that 10 years).

4. How old is goku currently?

It’s worth remembering that son ogong hasn’t physically aged a work in the last seven years due to the fact that he hasn’t technically been lively at all. Son ogong is 37 years old, however he there is no been lively for eight the those years in the Dragon ball universe, follow to both of his deaths.

5. Go Vegeta Love Bulma?

Vegeta truly adores Bulma. Vegeta has likewise mentioned that he is attracted to Bulma no only since of she domineering nature, but also because of her physical beauty. ~ that, they both get married and have another child, Bulla, together.


How old is Bulma and Relationship truth have presented us an extremely interesting information. Bulma begins at the age of 16, climate at the age of 19 during the Tienshinhan Saga, and also then at the age of 22 throughout the Piccolo Jr Saga. Five years have actually passed since the start of Dragon round Z, therefore she is now 27. After ~ 11 month in the Vegeta Saga, she is nearly definitely 28 year old. A year and a fifty percent passes in the Trunks Saga (a year and a fifty percent passes in the Namek and also Frieza sagas), so she’s 29/30. An additional three years have actually passed in the Android Saga, bringing her to 32/33.

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Another 7 years have passed in the Buu Saga, bringing her to 39/40. Then, about 4 year after Majin Buu’s memory is erased from Earthlings’ minds, Bulma transforms 45 (Majin Buu’s memory is erased indigenous everyone’s mind half a year after child Buu’s death.) in between the battle of Gods and also Resurrection F sagas, she is 46 years old. Between Resurrection F and Pan’s illness, another year has actually passed, and also she is now 47 years old. She’s 47 years old by the finish of Mega.

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