Knowing just how much you have the right to bench press for your age is important. However, what really matters is your body weight. The factor for speak this is due to the fact that many pressing standards are based on your average weight.

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So, just how much need to a 16 year old bench press? The requirements for bench pushing are the same for teenagers and grownups. Therefore, with training, a teenager deserve to press 1.5 times their body weight. Therefore, if they sweet 110 pounds, they should be able to press 165 pounds if they have some experience. If they space a newbie, much less than that is OK yet they have to aim for 1.5 time of your weight.

It pertains to a time once the weight bug bites teenagers, both boys and girls. Therefore, if you have actually noticed that your teens is spending much more time in the gym, be happy since now, they have actually a an excellent avenue come channel your energy. You will also an alert something various in their physique and eating habits.

But possibly you space wondering even if it is they room lifting right. Therefore, this short article can education you on bench push standards for men, women and also youth.

How much deserve to the median 15 year old bench press? as we have actually said before, this deserve to depend on a couple of variables and one of castle is human body weight.


The 2nd one is level of experience. This method that if her teen has actually been lifting because that sometime, lock will perform a bigger press than a teen who is starting out.

Are you and also endomorph or one ectomorph? This is additionally another that the identify factors. Endomorphs are an ext muscular and they build muscles faster. That course, muscle and also how lot you have the right to press room related. For example, human being with much more muscle mass deserve to lift an ext because castle have more strength.

On the various other hand, people with less muscle massive are described as ectomorphs. They have less strength and also they would certainly not have the ability to press as much as your counterparts.

When you examine bench press standards for male and also female teens, you will notice that males deserve to press more weight since they have an ext muscle mass. Females on the other hand have the right to do much less as they have less muscle mass.

While ectomorphs and also endomorphs space in both males and females, the above point reflects the relation between strength and also muscle mass.

A 16 year old who is just beginning out should have the ability to do between 65 and 95 pounds bench press. However, if they have actually been going come the gym because that sometime, they can press between 135 and also 185 pounds, say, at progressed level the pressing.

If your teen has a pair of years of suffer with weights and also is one endomorph, he might have the ability to press between 200 and also 245 pounds.

Female teenagers will press much less than this, yet it is still follow me the exact same numbers. For example, a female that weighs 130 pounds have the right to do one best rep of 136 pounds, the course, through training. Together you can see, this is simply a bit an ext than their body weight. There is no training, she should have the ability to do at the very least 60 pounds.

Therefore, the ideal standard for any kind of teen is to aim at pressing their body weight equivalent. This also way that they need to start with far less than that and aim at doing more than their body weight, eventually.

You should not concern too much around what other teens are pressing. You must eat right, start with short weights so the you have the right to do many reps, and keep structure on your development over time.

Many reps v low weights will construct endurance in her muscles. If you remain consistent, you will have the ability to do much more than 1.5 times her body weight in a couple of years.

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That is that for exactly how much have to a 16 year old bench press. The vital thing right here is come start and then remain consistent. The target is to execute at the very least 1.5 times of your body load in one preferably rep.