introducing Gallery 63

Atlanta"s Premier Auction home

Founded end 25 year ago, us have efficiently sold over fifty percent a million lots comprising some of the world’s greatest treasures. Graciously spaced in 6000 sq ft in Buckhead, collection 63 is able to administer luxury purses, good art, high finish jewelry, and also designer brands delivered right to your front door.

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We now offer in-house pack & shipping for small items such as jewelry, unframed art, small decorative, etc. Alongside contactless pick-ups, we here at collection 63 are devoted to providing superior safe purchase of the finest an excellent on offer.

Gallery 63 is open just by appointment until more notice. We space still conducting consistent monthly heritage auctions online only. To view our catalog, you re welcome click here.


A family business, established 1995

We’ve both liquidated and also supplied museums, chateaus, mansions, restaurants and also commercial buildings. We’ve sold whatever from Tyrannosaurus rex teeth to the pearl necklace worn by Princess Diana and also most whatever in between. In 1995, gallery 63 was founded as a weekly consignment based auction. Under the leadership of Paul Brown, gallery 63 easily grew a adhering to for being the place to get exceptional items. This following captured the fist of exploration Channel, that ordered 92 illustration of “Auction Kings“. In 2017 Paul’s son, Elijah took manage of the company and has continued to lug on a proud legacy of giving a place to acquisition the rare and also unusual.

Hands-on client service

With 10s of thousands of satisfied customers, gallery 63 leader the way into the 21st century v an amazing range of unique items, outstanding quality, multiple buying platforms, superior customer service, fast shipping, and also a detail oriented staff that is 2nd to none. Even if it is you room buying or selling, collection 63 supplies hands on customer service practically unheard that in these contemporary times.

Quality items

Each gallery 63 auction attributes the best in legacy liquidations, high quality consignment, and government seized items giving the buyer a singular suffer that is at when exhilarating and satisfying. Us sincerely invite you to offer us a try. We’re rather confident you will do it be happy girlfriend did. We specialize in giving the rarest and most desirable brand name luxury goods. Such as designer purses indigenous fashion houses such as: Chanel, louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hermes, Fendi. We likewise have jewel from your favorite designers: Cartier, van Cleef & Arpels, Rolex, Patek Philippe, Breitling, and Tiffany & Co. Gallery 63 offers all of these brands at a fraction of retail, through seamless service.

About discovery Channel Auction Kings


Question: Where does the surname “Gallery 63” come from?

Answer: our original resolve was 6363 Roswell Road, the name describes this.

Q: Is Auction kings still in production?

A: No, production on Auction Kings ended in 2013.

Q: Is Paul quiet the owner?

A: Paul’s son, Elijah now owns collection 63.

Q: When is your following auction?

A: Our following auction’s directory is obtainable here.

Q: Are you open to the public?

A: at this time we are open just by appointment.

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Q: Can ns send girlfriend items come sell?

A: Please perform not send united state unsolicited packages. Every unsolicited packages will be rejected. Come consign v Gallery 63, email united state here.