Fullmetal Alchemist: The 5 scene That adjusted Edward Elric Forever In Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric"s life has twisted and also turned multiple times. Below are the 5 most essential scenes in his personality arc.

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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is the story of the brothers Edward and also Alphonse Elric, who space on a search to reclaim their mangled bodies and also atone for the sin they have committed. However there is far more to it 보다 that. Edward Elric makes friends through the likes of Colonel Roy Mustang and even the homunculus Greed during his journey and also faces Father"s minions together the villain attempts to conquer the world.

Edward"s life is a tragic and also exciting one, and also he experiences quite a few life-changing moments long prior to he turns 20-years-old. Ed isn"t the kind to sit around and also smell the roses; he"s all set to hit to safeguard the usual people and probe the mysteries the the universe. Here are the five most impactful scenes in his character arc.

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1. As soon as Ed & Alphonse Attempt human being Transmutation

fullmetal alchemist transmutation scene
This is the an initial major turning point in Edward"s (and Alphonse"s) life. As soon as the brothers to be young, and also their dad Van Hohenheim to be away, Trisha Elric passed away of an illness. Ed and also Al couldn"t expropriate that, for this reason they make the efforts to use their alchemy and scientific presents to resurrect Trisha by reassembling the raw ingredients of the human body. Surprise: they opened the portal of truth instead, and the boys shed parts of your bodies as a price for seeing the fact firsthand.

Ed shed a leg, then gave up an eight so he might bring ago Al"s soul and also bond it come an armored suit. This grave crime launches the entire collection -- it"s what urges the brothers to start their search to make things right.

2. As soon as Edward becomes The Fullmetal Alchemist

Edward was in negative shape after ~ the failed effort to recreation Trisha Elric, yet he did have hope. His childhood friend Winy Rockbell and also her grandmother Pinako built automail limbs to replace Ed"s shed ones, and also he regained the usage of alchemy by having two hands again (he need to clap castle together). Slowly yet surely, Ed regained his physics mobility and agility. Then, he to be assessed through both Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye to watch if he could end up being a state alchemist.

At period 12, Edward astonished everyone as soon as he visited main and quickly passed the alchemy test. He also had the audacity to type a weapon and also brandish it at King Bradley, who was overseeing the check in person. Bradly to be amused through Ed"s bravado and made him the fullmetal alchemist, the youngest state alchemist ever. This is once the search really begins.

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3. When Edward learn The fact Of The Philosopher"s Stone

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in ~ first, Edward and Alphonse were encouraged that the fabled Philosopher"s stone held the mystery to restoring your bodies, but they were in because that a significant twist. Edward met Dr. Marcoh and learned where to uncover his notes, and also once Sheska rewrote the damaged notes from memory, Ed and Al were looking in ~ cookbooks, evidently. These clever boys shortly realized the they were dealing with heavily encrypted notes.

The brothers worked for job on finish to decode that all and saw the monstrous truth: the all Philosopher"s Stones to be made from hundreds the sacrificed people. Ed refuse to usage the power of such a bloody invention, and he later realized the the disastrous Ishval civil War had actually resulted in the production of many much more such Stones. Indeed, whatever comes at a price.

4. As soon as Ed watch Alphonse"s human body In The Portal

This was a big scene because that Ed in an ext ways than one. At some point, Gluttony the homunculus had actually "eaten" Ed, prince Ling Yao and Envy all at once, and teleported them to his limitless stomach dimension. There, Ed uncovered the stays of Xerxes-style alchemy diagrams. ~ figuring out exactly how to read them, Edward offered those runes -- plus the strength of Envy"s Philosopher"s rock -- to attempt person transmutation and create a portal through which come escape Gluttony"s stomach.

Along the way, Ed met the fact once again and even witnessed Alphonse"s original person body, which was alive but emaciated, with lengthy hair and fingernails. This showed that Al could be restored, and it offered Ed renewed hope in his mission.

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1. When Edward Sacrifices His Alchemy

during the Promised Day, Father"s plan was coming to fruition, but the good guys battled back. Pride the homunculus fell, and also it was under to simply Father through now. Edward was cornered, however then that met the truth once again, and he struck his final bargain through that immortal being. He offered up his alchemy come bring ago Alphonse"s body, and also this to be the solution the reality had been wait for all along.

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With his human body restored, Alphonse performed alchemy that his very own and revitalized Edward"s long-lost appropriate arm and left leg. This allowed Ed to deliver an incredible beatdown on father that defeated him once and also for all. Ed didn"t mind shedding his alchemy; in fact, he to be glad to put all that behind him, and he appreciated his ordinary country life v Winry and also Al choose he constantly wanted. The fullmetal alchemist retired in every sense.

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