Many civilization would argue that irish YouTuber Jacksepticeye is PewDiePie’s protégé. Moreover, the two share comparable concepts in your YouTube videos and have had their careers linked at some allude in time. However, regardless of their friendship, both work-related separately and are each recognized in your capacity. PewDiePie is the 2nd most subscribed channel in the civilization whereas his counterpart holds the number one location in Ireland. The said, this is Jacksepticeye net worth, genuine name, age, and height as of 2019.

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Who is Jacksepticeye? His job Info

Jacksepticeye is a YouTuber who hails from the land of Redheads – Ireland. Because that those wondering, that’s not his actual name. Suffice come say; the moniker has actually an beginning story richer than most professional novelists’ tales. Initially, together a kid, the YouTuber went by the nickname, Jack. However, after ~ he reduced his eye from one of his friend’s glasses, it obtained infected therefore the surname Jacksepticeye.

Afterward, the surname stuck and also found its way to the beginning of his YouTube channel ago in February 2007. However, his an initial video upload came five years later on in November 2012. Initially, Jacksepticeye was busy with college life and juggling his musical career in the metal band, Raised come the Ground.


Jacksepticeye elevation is 5 feet 10 inches

How old is Jacksepticeye? His Age, birthdate.

Jacksepticeye is considered a millennial based turn off on his birthdate. He commemorated his 29th date of birth on February 7th having actually been born in the year 1990.

Jacksepticeye’s beforehand life, family, siblings, Wiki-bio, and also Facts.

Real nameSean wilhelm McLoughlin
Date the BirthFebruary 7th, 1990
Place that BirthAthlone, Ireland
Profession YouTuber, Actor
Net worth16 million
Relationship statusSingle
Height5 feet 10 inches
Zodiac SignAquarius

McLoughlin stays in Brighton, England yet traces his roots ago to Athlone, Ireland where he was born. That is the youngest of five with a sister named Allison and also a brother named Malcolm who is a writer. Sadly, you won’t be getting any information about his parental who have chosen to stay off the limelight.

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However, castle enrolled him in ~ a neighborhood college whereby he gone after music technology. In hindsight, he never made it come graduation however later made decision a much more exciting field. Go you recognize that Jacksepticeye has a degree in Hotel Management? Shocker right? Guess hell never acquire to use the skills now the his digital career is flourishing.