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Ray J
William Raymond Norwood Jr.

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Father- Willie NorwoodMother- Sonja Norwood
40 years old
17 January 1981
He is Alive and also Kicking, not Dead.
McComb, Mississippi, U.S.
In centimeters- 170 cmIn meters- 1.7 mIn Feet Inches- 5′ 7″
In Kilograms – 74 kgIn lbs – 163 lbs
Most well known for his 2007 video tape with Kim Kardashian- that he dated from 2003 to 2006.
American singer, songwriter, television personality, actor, and also businessman
$7.5 Million
25th September 2021

Ray J is a multi-talented artist because he is one actor, singer/songwriter, and also a television personality. That is a brothers to actress Brandy Norwood and a cousin come Snoop Dogg. Ray J began off his career as soon as he was just eight year old by do appearances in TV commercials and also even showing up in the Sinbad Show.

He is partly responsible for the Kardashian popularity as he and the former girlfriend Kim Kardashian made a video tape the went public in 2007 which triggered the popularity of Kim. Native a kid actor come a world-famous ray J career has can be finest described as success hence someone could get curious around Ray J net worth as of 2021. Well, here is ray J worth and a few things you most likely don’t know about Ray J.

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Personal Life: Is beam J Married?


Born William ray Norwood Jr. To be born in the state of Mississippi in Pike county in one area referred to as McComb top top 17 January 1981. The is the kid of Sonja Bates- Norwood and Willie Norwood and also a brothers to Brandy Norwood the multi-platinum recording artist and the first cousin to Snoop Dogg. He flourished up in Los Angeles California.

His Age, Height, Weight, human body Measurements

As of 25th September 2021, beam J is 40 years old and also he is alive and kicking, no dead. The is 1.7 m tall and also has a body weight of 74 kg. His body type is Average.

Personal Life: Is beam J Married?

Today ray J is the husband to princess Love who he married ago in 2016, and together lock star top top Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood. Ray J and also wife Princess Love welcomed their an initial child — a baby girl — together on may 22, 2018.


Professional Career

Ray J job in the entertainment industry started turn off at very early age that 8 as soon as he started showing up in tv commercials. He to be even part of The Sinbad show where he played the foster son that’s in 1993 and also 1994 and likewise made an illustration on united Paramount Network (UPN) collection Dorian in between 1999 and also 2001.

Ray J ventured into music once he was signed to Elektra Records and also released his debut album in 1997 know as everything You Want. The tracks on the album fall under R&B, hip Hop and also Urban genres. The album peaked at place 56 on U.S Billboard optimal R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. Few of the monitor in the album space “Let the Go”, whatever You Want”, among others.

Over his music career, beam J has released three various other studio albums. This Ain’t a video game is his 2nd studio album exit in 2001 and also peaked position 21 ~ above Billboard 200 and position 9 on optimal R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. The album has actually sold about 300,000 copies and also some that the struggle singles in it room “Wait a Minute” and also “Formal Invite”. Raydiation is his third studio album released in 2005 and also peaking at position 48 top top Billboard 200.the album to day has sold around 400,000 copies. His 4th album is titled All ns Feel exit on 2008 special hit singles such together ‘Gifts”. It has actually sold about 250,000 copies.

Acting Career

Apart native music ray J has participated in a number of films and also some of the movies where he has been featured are Christmas at Water’s sheet (2004), Envy (2005), A job in the Life (2009), Switchin’ the script (2012), Sharknado 3: oh Hell No! (TV Movie) (2015), among others.

On tv work, he and her sister began a reality present called for the Love of ray J (2009–2010), and also Brandy and Ray J: A Family service (2010–2011). Various other television reflects which he has actually been part of freshly are Love & hip Hop: Hollywood Main actors (2014–present), driven To Love (2016), infamous Himself (2016), leaving It come Stevie self (2016), Celebrity big Brother himself (2017) among others.

Awards & Achievements

On awards and accomplishments Ray J hasn’t been able come officially get an award however from gift a son star come a world-famous celebrity it is an achievement.

Ray J net Worth, value & revenue in 2021

As of September 2021, Ray J network worth is estimated to be about $7.5 million. It’s report that beam J salary yearly is $1 million. Ray J net worth fortune has been made with the revenue of music, however much the it has actually been made v his joining in television shows. The brand endorsement is also another booster to ray J network worth fortune.

5 facts you need to know about

Apart from being a musician and also a television personality how much more do you understand Ray J. Well right here are a few things about Ray you more than likely don’t know.

1. He added to the rise and also growth the Kim Kardashian realm indirectly with a residence made video which was released in 2007 to the general public though he and also his ex-girlfriend made it in 2003.

2. It’s rumored that ray J was dating Whitney Houston together they were an extremely close throughout her end years and also at the very same time the was also dating Kim Kardashian.

3. He is the pioneer of reality TV.

4. He once tried to day Halle Berry, but she turned him down nicely.

5. Snoop Dogg is not just a cousin yet a very first cousin to it is in precise.

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Ray J net worth mirrors you he has really worked his means up from gift a boy actor come the world star he is today. We wish him fine in 2021 and also all the best.