Astro Knights Island is one of the longest adventures in the game. What you execute on this island in Poptropica is rescue a princess who has actually been kidnapped. This is not basic walkthrough by any type of means. Yet if you are ready to shot to to win it, I have actually put with each other a an excellent step by action walkthrough guide of Astro Island to assist you. Inspect it the end below! prior to the created walkthrough girlfriend will uncover both components 1 & 2 the the video clip guides.

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Poptropica Cheats for Astro Knights Island component 1

When you very first get to the island, drop come the ground and also go ideal until you gain to the fountain. Jump to the second pool that water and you will discover a golden Coin. Now go into the building to your left. Girlfriend will have actually to give the male at the door the golden Coin come enter and he will offer you a Museum Pamphlet. Click the books to your left and the male at the door will then give you a library book slip. Now exit the building.

Go every the means right till you departure this section. Go through the empty section as well. Now go ideal until you acquire to the door in the snapshot below and enter it.


When you go into these doors, walk left and also enter the an initial door friend see. Then go right and also talk to the lady. Ask her where she took the messages. After ~ she tells you, go right over to the chest and you will find a an enig message there. Now leave the room and also go right and also enter the room on the ideal side of the entrance. Operation all the means to the left side of this room, run up and also you need to see a glow yellow irradiate on a green book. Grab the book which is The Mystical weapons of Arturus. Currently go earlier towards the door and then go under the stair to your left again. As soon as you gain just previous the book case over there is a secret, a stair instance should open going into the floor. Get in it!

When you gain down the stairs go right. Pick up the moldy cheese laying top top the ground. Continue right and hit the switch beside the barred door. You should hit this switch! perform not forget!

Now go back up the stairs and leave the room. As soon as you leave the room, walk up the stairs to your right and then up the stairs to the left. Get in the door up there. Currently run right until you acquire to the king and queen. Talk to the queen and also ask she if she have the right to think of something else the will aid you.


The queen will offer you some coordinates after you speak to her. Currently go earlier to the left and also exit this room. Go back to the room the was just left that the enntrance gate on the key floor. Walk over to the bed, take the end the moldy cheese from her menu and also lay the on the ground. The mouse will run over come it. You will certainly then capture the mouse! Now exit this room and then exit the castle v the key doors. That’s the for component 1!

Walkthrough & cheat for component 2 the Astro Knights Island

When friend get outside the key castle, run ideal until you obtain to the next section the the island. Run v the empty ar as well. You have to now watch two civilization standing on either next of a placed out fire. Talk to the one top top the right and he will offer you a Bag of Manure. Now run right until you obtain to the Ye Olde Rumour Mille and also enter it.

When you get in this room, go to the left, jump on peak of the hay bales, climate to the shelf and also finally up to the gears. Now jump to the communication in the middle. Ultimately jump come the rope you view on your right. This will lift the rod off of the gears. Drop down off the rope to a platform through a lady standing on it. Talk to her and also give she the mystery message. She will certainly then offer you the Cosmic Symbols.


Now departure this building and go to your right and also you will view some rope top top the water wheel. Grab that rope! now run every the means back left till you gain to the castle a couple of sections back. When you obtain to the castle, run up right baove the doors come the big bow and arrow and also pull the end your Coil that Rope. Now you need to suggest the arrowhead at a door come the left. Usage the pictures below to see where you need to aim it and what you are aiming at!



After friend hit the door v the arrow, run on the rope, operation to the door and enter it. Operation all the means to the left and also there will certainly be a keep in mind on a chest. Seize the Princess’ Note. Now jump under to the ground and read the note. ~ you have done this, run left earlier through a few sections till you obtain to the Museum which is past the water fountain where you first entered Astro Knights Island. Get in the Museum and also go left. Jump as much as the second floor and also walk over to the bed. You will discover a absent Page indigenous Mordred’s journal under the bed.

Part 3 of the Walkthrough

Now exit this building and go right until you get to the fountain. Click on the sun you check out on this fountain. Girlfriend will need to do a tiny mini video game here. I will cheat a small bit and tell friend my tricks though.

First click on the moon.Then the earth in the upper left hand corner.Next the star in the upper best hand corner.Finally the sun in the middle!

The fountain will stop. Go into the passage that opens up up. When you gain to the bottom of this passage, speak to the fifth guy on your ideal wearing a purple robe. The will offer you a tiny Key. Currently leave this room the means you came.

Run ideal through a few sections previous the lock to the next section till you get back to the two hay bales ~ above the ground in between the rocks. Monitor the an enig steps below.

First push the 2 hay bales every the method over come the right.Now run on top of them.Push the left hay bale over to the left.Take her small vital out and use that to open up the enntrance gate there and also go under it!

You need to now it is in in one area like in the photo below.


Jump down and run end to the owl. You have to scare the so it paris out that this area! once you have actually done that, leaving this room. Once you get back to the hay bales, run on the one to her right and also open her item menu. Relax your mechanical mouse! The mechanically owl will certainly eat it! The owl should now monitor you around. Now go back down the entry between the hay bales, run to your left and grab the purple book on the chair. This will be Mordred’s Journal.

Now run to your left and push ~ above the rock wall surface until the breaks. Proceed left and also when you come to the end you will check out a room you can enter in the background. Go into it! You need to now it is in in an area that looks familiar from earlier! This is why you had to hit the switch way up in the walkthrough!

The robot will certainly explode in front of you and something will certainly be blown come the other side of the gate. Now run to the gate and also then suggest and drag your owl in the direction of the green thing ~ above the ground. Her owl will then go obtain the environment-friendly Fuel Rod for you!


Now exit this area as well as the next so the you room in between the hay bales again. Now run come the windmill to her right. This component is a tiny tricky. You have to jump ~ above the different knives of the windmill till you gain it transforming fast sufficient to open the top. Here is a little mystery for you. Start on the blade on your left, once it gets down towards the bottom, run to the one above you. Store doing this till you hatch on height of the windmill is open far sufficient for you come enter!

When you get into this room, pull out your Bag of Manure from her items menu. This will certainly power the float craft that you see! It will certainly leave the room. Currently leave the room and jump down to your right by the wheel in the mud. The float craft will be appropriate there! run on it.

Now go right until you acquire to the crashed alien an are ship in the mud. Run on it and then location the environment-friendly fuel pole in the bottom left hand edge in the slot come the appropriate under the beginning button. Now close this screen, open your items menu, and look at the absent page indigenous Mordred’s Journal.


You will check out the coordinates (56, 52) ~ above this letter. Psychic those! now go earlier to the extraterrestrial ship and also replace the fuel rod into the empty slot again. Now on the two dials above the start button, twisted them until you gain the dial coordinates you review in the journal page! now press the beginning button!

You will start traveling somewhere however your fuel rod will obtain depleted! You will crash soil on one alien planet that looks choose the moon. Once right here run ideal until you get to the floating platform choose in the snapshot below.


Ride this communication to the doors above you and enter them. Speak to the extraterrestrial on the left and also ask him just how you can obtain off this planet. Now leave this room and drop under to the soil to your left. Walk end to the an equipment that states “Create Your own Rocket”. Click this machine. Now click the random button until you gain to the rocket favor the one below! This is the rocket that I supplied at least. I am certain you have the right to pick any rocket girlfriend want and the results will be the same! now hit the done button in the top right hand corner.


Now get in your rocket and also go to the control panel in the middle and also pull the beginning lever! you will need to use the map in her bottom appropriate hand corner and go come the coordinates it says. The first coordinates ns went to space (15, 15). To gain there you will have to go diagonally up and to the left a ways. You will watch the coordinates changing in the bottom left hand corner of your screen. Make sure you keep an eye on them therefore you recognize if you space going the appropriate way.

Poptropica Walkthrough because that Astro Knights component 4

When girlfriend land top top this planet, acquire out of her rocket and jump all the means to the ground. Run right a bit and also you will see a concrete platform through a grey and greenish stick on it. Grab that rod which will be a Laser Lance!

Now usage the purple flowers to get ago up to the platform wherein your rocket was. Currently wait for the swinging communication on the right and jump come it. Wait till that swings every the means to the right and jump onto the next swinging platform. Now do the same thing to the following one. Once that gets every the means to the ideal jump come the platform without hitting the green hanging guy. Currently run to the next section.

When you obtain to the eco-friendly armored man, ask him what you must do. Currently jump come the rope on your right and also use the egg to get across the following area. Watch the end for the birds popping up! as soon as you acquire to the last egg, jump as much as the cage and it will certainly open! You might need to click it. You will now need to fly the horse and play a small mini game.

You need to dodge every the birds and also you can even shoot lock if girlfriend want. You will also need to watch the end for the bright bolts. When you obtain to the finish you will need to defeat the red phoenix! when he is in front of you, shoot him. He will certainly then disappear and also go behind you. Right here is a small cheat because that you! Fly as low come the bottom the your display as you deserve to to dodge his shots! as soon as he goes ago to the prior of you shoot the again.

You should now have defeated the red phoenix! girlfriend will currently walk earlier to the eco-friendly armored man and he will tell you he is going to assist you in your search for the princess. Once you get earlier to your rocket struggle the beginning switch and also its time to go to the next collaborates (83, 20). The planet must look prefer the one below.


When you land on the planet, exit your rocket and go right however do not fall in the lava! You space going to need to jump on the rocks the the volcanoes room shooting up in the air. As soon as you get to the 6th one, wait it rotates it it s okay at that highest suggest and jump to the volcano above you and enter it. This component is tricky. Every few second there will certainly be a yellow light that goes by and also if friend get recorded in it you will need to start all over. Be patient once going under here. Monitor the steps listed below to to walk you v this area.

From the first ledge, wait for the yellow irradiate to disappear and run down and also run to your left dropping down to the ledge you see there.Wait for the yellow irradiate to disappear again and also then jump down and also run come the left hiding under the ledge there.Wait because that the irradiate again and then jump up and also run to the left dropping under to the ledge there. (You space basically running to the source of the yellow light!)Wait for the light and then run right dropping under to the feet to safeguard yourself native the right.Jump up and also continue best dropping under to another hole to safeguard yourself indigenous the light.Now run up and also go appropriate jumping as much as the second platform. Wait because that the irradiate again.Now jump up and go come the right and also jump all the method down come the bottom here. You will currently be in the clear of the yellow light!

Now you have to be walking left. Proceed this way until you acquire to the guy in the red armor. Ask that what you need to do now. He will offer you an ice cream Arrow. And tell girlfriend a beast is hold the princess captive.

Now enter the brand-new section to her left. Jump as much as the chain you see over you. Rise to the top and also make your means all the way to the other side the the Dragon utilizing the chains. Currently drop down on the various other side the the dragon and also run over and also hit the move you watch on the dragon!


Now run to the former of the dragon and also use your Ice Arrow and also shoot that in the mouth. Now jump come the chain again ad make your method to the various other side that the dragon as soon as again. Watch the end for the fall rocks! hit the switch again and run come the prior of the dragon. Hit that with an additional Ice Arrow. Repeat this one critical time and the dragon will autumn into the lava!

Now friend will discover yourself ago in the rocket. You now have to go to the final works with which room 73, 83. You need to go right down with your rocket to get there. Once you acquire close a shark rocket will try to destroy you! You require to readjust your direction and head to the coordinates 87, 49 making sure this rocket follows you. When you gain to those collaborates there will certainly be a black color hole. Make sure the shark rocket gets recorded in it however you execute not! now head earlier to the coordinates 73, 83. Once you obtain here there will certainly be two much more shark rockets that you need to lug to the black color hole and destroy! once you have actually done this go ago to the works with 73, 83 and you will have the ability to enter the planet!

Astro Knights Island part 5

Exit your rocket and also go right making certain to use the ice as platforms and also not falling into the water. When you get to the various other side, enter the new section. Currently you have to jump to the height of this ice covered hill until you acquire to the male in the snapshot below.


Ask him if he can assist you. That will provide you a pressure Shield. Currently its time to fight the panther helicopter! every you should do is hit the a pair times with the ice chunks he drops indigenous his helicopter. Your force Shield will certainly bounce them ago up. Just don’t gain hit by anything to many times or you will need to start over!

Once you beat him girlfriend will finish up back on your rocket. Struggle the start switch. You need to go come the left to the collaborates 12, 81 i beg your pardon is best in the center of one asteroid belt. If you room at the right place you need to see the place like in the picture below. Enter that place!


Part 6 – The Adventure is almost Over

Now exit your rocket and also go right. A bit and then jump all the means to the optimal of this planet! girlfriend will view a knife stuck in a rock with writing on the wall. Her recruited armored males should it is in there together well. Traction the knife out of the rock and then enter the swirling circle the appears.

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Drop under to the ground and you will discover the princess! She will take the three mystical weapons from you. Wait! It to be a trick. Friend will now see a grey wall. Click it and it will end up being a puzzle or mini game. Keep clicking on squares till you gain all the piece turned over! I’m not going to cheat and also tell you exactly how though.

When you finish the puzzle, it will turn into a door! enter that door. Currently its time to battle King Mordred! rather of stepping you v this, i will post a video showing you exactly how to to win it! It will be much easier than make the efforts to define it!

When you loss him girlfriend will obtain 100 credits and a yellow medallion! how did my walkthrough overview of Astro Knights Island assist you!?