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Those arbitrarily Poptropicans need to hate their work there.

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1: The Oil Drill

Go come Super villain Island if you’re no there already. You’ll land close to an oil drill ar thing. When you talk to some of the human being there, they say the they’ve been there because that months and also they bascially miss the mainland. Go up the structure and to the left. There’s a control room. Go into it.

You’ll walk right into a conversation in between this lady and also this guy.


The mrs sighs come herself. Speak to the woman. She claims that Dr. Jupiter, the male she was just talking to, do the efforts to to convince her to send him employees from her rig again. Keyword: again. Critical time: the world never came back. Cuh-reepy. She asks you to go the end there and see what’s going on. Of food it’s you. It’s always you.


Go external and, simply as the lady said, a chopper is there, wait for you to walk in. Hop in…

2: gaining There

What comes next is a complete cutscene part. As you wonder where the hell you’re going, you end up in the middle of a storm. Happy you. The pilot has a tough time navigating through it and asks you to jump.


He’ll offer you a walkie talkie so you have the right to be choose up later. ~ a tiny arguing, you ultimately do jump.

Now, you’re parachuting. Don’t think this’ll be smooth sailing, reason you’re right in a thunderstorm, remember? Steer her parachute about the clouds and also stuff. Watch the end for the lightning, shown by raising light ~ above the optimal of the screen. If you see that, move! friend don’t desire to it is in fried, right?

After a lot of dodging, you at some point land in the ocean blue. You’ll end up… somewhere. It’s time to climb.

Go every the means to the right and also jump up to the platforms. As soon as you with the top, was standing in prior of the protection camera because that a little while, and also the an enig entrance will open up up. Time to check out what this is all about….

You’re in the Erewhon jail for Supervillains.

3: Dr. Jupiter’s lab Rat

Talk to the defense guard and also he describes a small bit more.

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The security guard make the efforts to do you rotate around, but… you’re not afraid. Ns mean- we’ve faced worse situations…

Talk to the second security safety by the protection thing. After ~ you talk to him, the security gates will open up up. You’ll be x-rayed, scanned, disinfected, blow-dried, and also you’ll finish up behind one of those cutouts you use to take pictures with.


Smile because that the camera!

Is this a defense procedure, a car wash, or a carnival?