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Need help, I changed the fuel filter on my TT75A and won"t start, what I have done is the complying with 1. Filled up the fuel filter through fresh diesel 2. Cracked bleed screw ~ above filter used manual primer lever to gain fuel come flow3.

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Cracked the seed on the injector pump used hands-on primer bar to get fuel come flow4. Cracked the former injector nut and turned engine over, ( probably not enough cause it looks favor spurts that fuel and also air did the very same with the various other 3 still has actually not started) light puffs of smoke once you very first try to crank it.any and aid is appreciatedWhat ns am all set to execute is usage a Brake bleed device on the return fuel line If i can number out what line that is, my reasoning is that it is the smaller line that is listed below the line the goes to injectors is the correct?
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