You require light come see. Light bulbs burn the end on sewing machines. As soon as it happens to a Singer design you may have to have unique instructions on just how to adjust the light bulb. The light pear holder is not precisely the many convenient of locations.

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How to readjust light bulb in the Singer sewing machine: Unfortunately, you may need a pair of tools to readjust a singer sewing machine light bulb. For the featherweight, the key special device is the plastic tubing you need to help you understand the bulb and also get a for sure grip. After that, it is merely a twist and pull operation.

To gain all the facts about an altering a Singer sewing an equipment light pear just continue to review our article. That will just take a couple of minutes come read and also in the time, you need to know exactly how to adjust a light pear on a Singer sewing machine.

Changing a Sewing MachineLight pear 101
Singer Sewing machine Bulb change Tips
Singer Sewing machine Light pear Type
Singer Featherweight Sewing maker Bulb
Singer Futura Sewing machine Bulb
Old Singer Sewing an equipment Light Bulb
Sewing an equipment Bulb Keeps Blowing
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Singer Sewing device Bulb adjust Tips


The style of irradiate bulb that goes right into the Singer featherweight sewing maker is the an easy push and also turn model. If you own this machine you may already know how difficult it is to acquire into the light bulb assembly and remove the old bulb.

There is a small trick to the an approach and it involves a nice box cutter or comparable knife and also a plastic tube. For the best access, you have to turn the sewing an equipment on its hand wheel end. This position lets you see what you room doing fingerprint than various other positions.

To defend your fingers you must use a 3/4 customs inside diameter plastic tube the is about 3 come 4 inches long. After ~ you have the tubing cut to size, use your knife and also cut part slits about 1/4 to 1/2 inches lengthy on one end.

The slits make it easier for the tube to expand and also slip end the glass light bulb. ~ you have actually the pipe over the light pear squeeze the tube and push down. Then rotate counterclockwise to move the knobs into removal position.

While quiet holding the pipe over the light bulb, traction the pear out. Once that part of the exchange is over, place the tube over the new light bulb and also reverse the process. Flip the sewing machine back up and you room done.

Singer Futura Sewing an equipment Bulb

There is a lot of of great news v this Singer sewing an equipment model. First, you have actually the push and also twist format of irradiate bulb. That must make the process of transforming bulbs an easy and simple to do.

Second, girlfriend can gain an LED compatible light pear so you execute not need to do this exchange any time soon. The negative news is that there room a many of various Futura sewing equipments in this series.

For this section, we have actually taken the hand-operated for the XL 400 to explain how to change the irradiate bulb. To remove the old irradiate bulb, you have to lower the light bracket. Over there is a tab you pull on and your thumb and forefinger should be all the you need.

Once the irradiate bracket is lowered simply push and turn the light bulb and it should pop out. Perform not shot unscrewing it. To put a new bulb in, just reverse the process. Once it is every done, push the light bracket ago up till it snaps back into place. When you hear that click, you deserve to start sewing again.

Now if you desire to access the owner’s manuals for every the models in the Futura collection just click here. Because that all various other models, girlfriend will need to put her serial number in the search box and press the button. Just click on this attach to obtain to the appropriate page.

Old Singer Sewing machine Light Bulb


As mentioned previously the old Singer sewing makers may have actually light bulbs the were very first put in when Thomas Edison was still alive. That means that you need to be extra cautious when do the efforts to remove the irradiate bulb.

The glass will certainly be very brittle and also may break very easily. Some human being have cut their fingers once they do not usage protective devices to assist them. The very first step is come make certain you unplug her machine. The 2nd injury the occurs frequently is a slight electric shock when people forget to take this step.

Now, girlfriend may need to loosen the light assembly therefore you acquire a little much better access to the light bulb. If the pear is not stuck after gift in there for so countless years, girlfriend might have the ability to turn that slowly and also unscrew it.

Some, if no most, larger Singer’s usage the screw in version, (series 99, 185 and also older models). If it doesn’t turn, then you have to push and also turn in ~ the very same time. Next, usage a cloth, plastic tool, or whatever fits best and clamp it end the glass and also remove the irradiate bulb.

That is every there is to it.

Sewing machine Bulb Keeps Blowing

One the the much more common reasons why part sewing device light bulbs blow commonly is due to the fact that sewing device companies outsource their building and construction to different nations that have actually lower top quality standards.

What that method is the sewing machine light bulbs room made through inferior materials and will no last a long time. An additional reason that cuts the life that the light bulb is the it is not put tight enough in the socket and an arc develops blowing the light bulb.

To deal with that problem, simply double-check the connection and make certain it is tight.

Some final Words

It may be a basic item on her sewing machine but when the light bulb goes out, you notice the difference. Knowing just how to solve the difficulty helps you save time and money.

Just remember that no all sewing devices are the same and also that they all execute not take it the same kind of irradiate bulb. One way to cut down on the exchange procedure is to upgrade the light pear to an LED model.

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These irradiate bulbs are supposed to last for thousands of hours and also can simplify your sewing life a little bit.