Gasoline-powered, E-Z-GO golf carts space equipped v an internal burning engine similar to the motor set up in passenger automobiles. A golf cart must undergo regular maintenance choose vehicles powered by classic engines. E-Z-GO recommends that owners adjust the engine oil every 125 hours of operation or a minimum of double a year.

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Use Your owner Manual

To store your dare in the finest condition possible, monitor the indict in her owner’s manual as well as the tips listed in this overview on how to readjust golf cart oil.

Tools and also Materials

Before beginning the process, you will must gather some tools and also materials. Crucial items include:

Lint-free ragWrenchOil drainpipe panFunnel10W-30 grade engine oilReplacement oil filterWork glovesSafety glasses

Step by Step an altering the Oil

It is much easier to adjust the oil once the engine is warm. As a safety and security precaution, wear hefty work gloves. Placed on eye security to avoid splashing oil in her eyes.

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Park the golf dare on a level surface. Begin the engine, and enable it to warm up. As soon as the engine is warm, use the parking brake, protect against the engine and also remove the ignition key.Use the lint-free cloth to clean turn off the engine oil cap along with the area surrounding it. This will help prevent debris native inadvertently beginning the engine once the lid is removed. Placed the lid aside in a safe location.Place the drain pan under the oil filter. The filter is mounted within a triangular-shaped housing, i m sorry is attached to the engine by 3 bolts.Use the wrench to eliminate the retaining bolts. Pull the filter the end of the engine. Set the rubber O-ring off to the side. Permit the oil drain into the pan.Wipe the area surrounding the oil filter mounting allude with the lint-free rag. Change golf cart oil filter with a correctly sized new one using the O-ring come seal it. In some cases, you may be able to clean the oil filter with engine degreaser or compressed air. As soon as using a degreaser, permit the filter to air dry before reinstallation. If you usage compressed air, carry out not exceed 30 pounds every square inch, and keep the nozzle at the very least 3 inches away from the filter.After sliding the oil filter right into place, reinstall the 3 retaining bolts with a wrench.Insert the funnel into the filler cap opening. Pour small amounts of 10W-30 grade motor oil right into the funnel. Avoid periodically to check the liquid level top top the engine oil dipstick. It has actually two lines. The bottom line indicates the minimum amount forced for for sure engine operation. The peak line just below the letter “F” shows the full mark. To water oil into the engine until the level is between the two lines.Remove the funnel, reinstall the cap and wipe away any spilled oil.

When you adjust the oil and replace golf dare oil filter as recommended, you will expand the service life of your cart.

Service Plans

5 Star Golf car has factory certified business technicians because that at all three of our locations, we have actually road service with completely stocked trucks, and for anyone that does not want to occupational on their own devices we do home service calls and also can make owning your own golf dare even simpler with a business plan.

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If you room working on your golf car all the time and also it seems like it is broken more than the works…..we deserve to help!! Parts/ organization / trades:)

Contact a five Star Golf Cars company department near you to schedule her maintenance, fix or to order the parts you need.