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A skilled demonstrates how to adjust the deck belt top top a Cub Cadet XT1 Tractor.

Before performing any kind of maintenance on your Cub Cadet XT1, refer to your owner’s hands-on for recommended maintenance and safety information. Maintenance instructions vary by model, so depending upon your tractor model our instructions might vary slightly. Examine your owner’s hands-on to acquire instructions specific to your model.

Parking her Cub Cadet ~ above a flat, level surface. Rotate the engine turn off and permit it to cool. Remove the ignition key, and disconnect the spark plug ignition wire to stop accidental starting.

To adjust the deck belt top top a Cub Cadet XT1 with a 42-inch stamped steel deck, start by remove the deck from the mower.

There is one 8-millimeter bolt right in the side of the frame. Pull that out, that takes treatment of your belt guard the goes approximately the engine pulley. As soon as you pull the out, there are 3 cotter pins, one at the prior of the deck and then you have actually one on each side of the rear of the deck for the left arms.

This model has a hand-operated engagement not the digital engagement. The hands-on engagement has a cable that runs to the earlier of the deck and is organized on by another cotter pin. Once you pull that pin, pull the cable, and take the feather off the deck bracket. Remove the bolts and also pins and remove the deck bracket.

A little tip – make certain to keep in mind whereby the deck clip pulls out of the frame. Once it’s time to reinstall, the bracket needs to go in the very same spot, so it doesn’t struggle the engine pulley when you put it back on.

With the little butterfly clips, girlfriend can just gently pull them out. Some room kind of tough so girlfriend may need to take a pair that needle nose pliers to help with these but otherwise just pull them down and pull castle out.

Now with the 3 butterfly clips out, remove the prior bracket, remove the parentheses on the rear of the deck, and also if you want you have the right to lift the deck up every the method to get the arms out of the way. Remove the deck belt off the engine pulley on the front. Traction the deck the end so you can access the clip. The clip goes with the cable on the prior of the PTO.

When pulling the PTO cable out you’ll an alert once you get the cable the end there’s a tiny notch. Traction the cable out away native the deck and then you’ll be able to slide the cable best out the little notch top top the side. That takes the PTO cable off, the finish of the cable is just a spring the connects into the bracket that holds the idler pulley.

Now you deserve to slide the deck out and also place it on the ground to proceed working. Take the belt covers turn off the deck, you’ll require the 8-millimeter socket again. Once the two covers are off, take it off among the idler pulleys to accessibility the belt past the belt guide. You’ll need a 14-millimeter socket.

There is a nut on the bottom side. Usage a 14-millimeter wrench and host the nut on the bottom side just so you can obtain the sheave loose. Then change the deck belt.

If you ever need the deck belt directions, they space inside your owner’s manual. V this model, the belt goes native spindle to spindle ~ above the back and climate loop it roughly the spindle and also on the earlier side the the idler pulley, and around to the front. Make sure you get the belt inside the belt guides.

Tighten down both the idler pulleys and put the consist of back on. When the covers space installed, put the deck back on the tractor. Placed the PTO Engagement spring back on the deck idler arm. Push the eight out, press the feather through, and put the cable ago in the deck holder. Once the cable is earlier in, placed the clip earlier in.

Once the cable is reattached, put the belt ago on the former of the deck and reattach the belt guide. Store the belt in place while girlfriend hook increase the remainder of the deck. To reinstall the deck, affix the rear arms first, attach it to the covering that comes the end of the deck shell. It’s going to go v the feet in the bracket. Put the clip earlier on and attach the other side of the deck.

Make certain the belt stayed about the engine pulley and reattach the eight in the front. Lift the deck up, make certain all ours bolts are tight, hardware’s tight, and test.

Use our illustrated parts diagrams come locate any type of replacement parts you may need for maintenance for her Cub Cadet XT1 tractor.

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