i was request what my race was, and I chose...but climate I controlled to exit without setup a name, gender...anything else. So now I"m a dude referred to as "Prisoner". I"d hate to pat the entirety game v such a lame name. Am i going to be provided an opportunity, prefer in Oblivion, to readjust these things again at part point, or carry out I should start over, or...?


Me too. I dislike being referred to as prisoner. I managed to choose a race and also a sex, even change my features, yet I am known as prisioner.
As far as ns know, the only way to change your character"s details after the initial setup is v the console, i beg your pardon is only easily accessible on the computer version.

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You deserve to use the /showracemenu command to change the details. See here for a listing of all console commands.


I have actually played skyrim and also so far I haven"t had the choice to adjust my name or race. I don"t think there will certainly be a way... But we will see.


In the pc version, /showracemenu worked fine for me, and I successfully readjusted my figure (eye-color, mainly), there is no affecting my skills, level, or anything favor that (I remind in Oblivion there to be a reasonably convoluted means to carry out it -- this is much easier). I"ve heard changing your gyeongju is a negative idea though.

I"ve heard there"s a converter to adjust your savegame from XBox 360 to PC and back. If friend can uncover one of those, and have a girlfriend (or know someone online) with the computer version, you could give lock the savegame, operation the console command, adjust your name, then transform it earlier to XBox 360.

Seeing as it"s a single-player game, i really don"t see any tos issues with a converter (you deserve to supposedly do this to redo her perks, or provide yourself a exchange rate health, etc., together well). However, having actually never seen or supplied it, I"ve no idea if it might corrupt your savegame later.

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Another possibility might be come hex-edit the data ~ above the XBox 360 version of the savefile from her computer. I can"t discover my character name this way, yet someone much better at that sort of thing might be able to find the (editing the surname on the an initial line of the record just changes the text presented on the save/load screes, not the surname of the player container). Your best luck in that situation would be to make the new name eight personalities long, or there could be formatting issues.