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The NISSAN auto Immobilizer system will notallow the engine to start without the use of theregistered key. Never ever leave these secrets in thevehicle.

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For USA:

This maker complies with component 15 the theFCC Rules. Procedure is subject to thefollowing 2 conditions:(1) This machine may not cause harmfulinterference, and also (2) this an equipment mustaccept any type of interference received, includinginterference that may cause undesiredoperation.

Note: alters or changes not expresslyapproved through the party responsiblefor compliance might void the user’sauthority to run the equipment.

For Canada:

This maker complies with RSS-210 ofIndustry Canada. Procedure is topic tothe following two conditions:

(1) this an equipment may not cause interference,and (2) this device must accept any type of interference,including interference that maycause undesired procedure of the device.


Security indicator light

The protection indicator light A suggests thestatus of the NISSAN automobile ImmobilizerSystem.

The irradiate blinks after the ignition switch was inthe ACC, OFF and LOCK position. This functionindicates the defense systems fitted on thevehicle are operational.

If the NISSAN car Immobilizer system ismalfunctioning, this light will stay on if theignition switch is in the ~ above position.

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If the light still continues to be on and/or theengine will not start, check out a NISSAN dealerfor NISSAN auto Immobilizer System company as quickly as possible. You re welcome bringall registered keys that you have actually whenvisiting a NISSAN dealer because that service.

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