Seriously, it was fun and all, but I can"t and also I don"t want to stay married come the very same woman because that the rest of my life - one actual life marriage is enough..

Is there a lawyer or process of some kind in the human being of Skyrim, and also if not, that could help me divorce her?

If all else need to fail, (sigh), execute I need to take she to the backyard, thwack she head with the shovel and also dig a shallow grave?

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From UESP wiki, "Skyrim - Marriage" article:

Steps to re-marry / divorce utilizing console regulates (PC only):

Select spouse. Go into the complying with console commands: removefac 51596 player.removefac C6472 resetquest 74793 resetquest 21382 setstage 74793 10 Wait for 24 hours. Then continue to marry as normal.

From TES Wiki, "Marriage - Divorce (PC)" article:

Trying come breakup v partners is, for part reason, difficult without the console. Browsing for aid "breakup" 4 will bring up dialogue and quests that show reference come what must have been the initial intention of breaking up through a spouse.

Option one

The relationshipbreakup quest can be used. Use the console to go into these commands:

completequest 0007431B resetquest 0007431B resetquest 00021382

(This is simply formality to reset the "marriage" quest.) The above will protect against the player from having actually to death his spouse, although lock will comment on how much even the believed of him renders their blood boil. Untested, but possibly setrelationshiprank player 4 have the right to fix this

Option two

The spouse need to be eliminated The console command Setstage RelationshipMarriage 10 must then be used The console regulates resurrect need to next be used on the ex-spouse (and ultimately the command setrelationshiprank player 4 on him/her to store the connection status obtained with the NPC associated quests) The old Amulet of Mara doesn"t have to be reduce or sold.

Option three

The Amulet of Mara necklace should be retained, or another one must be found. Any type of wanted items have to be taken native the existing spouse before beginning this process. The following commands must be used, after ~ targeting the spouse: removefac 51596 player.removefac C6472 resetquest 74793 resetquest 21382 setstage 74793 10 The old spouse will instantly exit the house and return to their continual location.

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24 hrs must it is in waited.