I ask due to the fact that i'm walk to be buying a strange Festive Rocket Launcher within the next week and also I"m certain they've to be duped. Can anyone define to me what precisely that means, and also the ramifications of such? Thanks.

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A duped hat can also be granted by steam Support if someone had actually scammed it via hijacking, etc. The original stays in the scammer's backpack while specific copy of that is provided to the player who acquired scammed. World value this cap less due to the fact that there's 2 (or an ext if the hat has been scammed more than once) the the very same hat, and also one of lock has been in a well-known scammer's backpack.

Edit: Also, just as a next note, Valve has actually released explanation saying the they will never delete duped items.

Back climate there supplied to be a an insect (I don't how did that work) the made friend able to duplicate items as soon as trading them.These items were largely the an extremely expensive ones prefer buds,unusuals,vintage max heads, vintage receipt , and also vintage buds.But the copied items kept the same level as the initial one (this how you deserve to see if its a dupe) and this level decreases the price that the article greatly.This bug lasted i think prefer an hour or so and also the male who report the pest was awarded through an unexplained cheaters lament through Valve.

You space mixing stories. The man who wound up with the unusual halo uncovered a (embarrassingly simple) an approach of generating items. Definition he might have produced a burning flames bill's hat if he had wanted to. He offered it to do one deflector (special minigun provided to huge mvm heavies) and then reported it.

first dupe I recognize of was when vapor trading was in beta and also you can still profession in tf2 where you would trade someone in vapor and in tf2 at the very same time. Trade them an unexplained (or metal) in both trade windows and also send them end at the very same time. It is the very first one i heard of but I cant confirm if the actually worked at the time.

It way its basically a clone of one more Festive Rocket Launcher. Some civilization might be turned turn off from that if you desire to resell however other 보다 that, it's fine. I just bought a duped Ghosts Gentleman's Gatsby and also I'm not too concerned

Is there anyway to tell if a weird Festive Rocket Launcher is duped, or an unusual? Or deserve to you only tell by the level that the item? how would i go about checking if someones items is a dupe? say thanks to you all for the responses.

If the rls room duped, castle will have the very same item id, not level. ~ above bp.tf you can click on the rl and go come item history. If the is in 2+ account at once, then it is duped.

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