NPC illustration Changer

Allows friend to adjust the illustration of NPCs in-game, via saved presets and also RaceMenu.

Apply presets to NPCs to adjust their appearance. This is already feasible with RaceMenu, however the transforms are shed when girlfriend restart the game.This mod aims to resolve that. This mod is a quick port the the SSE version, as I don’t play LE anymore.

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HOW to USE:To conserve a preset of her character, open up the mod Configuration food selection (MCM), and find RaceMenu Preset Loader:Click on conserve player preset, and enter the surname (no spaces or sophisticated characters) the your new preset. E.g. PresetName

This will conserve the player together a preset to “Data/SKSE/Plugins/CharGen/Exported/PresetName.jslot” via RaceMenu.

Now uncover the NPC you wish to adjust and aim at them.

open the MCM, uncover RaceMenu Preset Loader. Click Preset and also select your preferred preset. E.g. PresetName. Click apply preset come NPC. Exit the menu.

If it was a success, make sure to manually conserve the game. If something go wrong, click remove preset from NPC, leave the game and load a save-file before the applying of the preset.

NOTES:Having too numerous NPCs v this used may substantially reduce performance.

Make certain the NPC isn’t temporary/templated (such as generic bandits, mages etc.). Make sure the gender and race matches in between the NPC and the preset. Presets from other sources most most likely won’t work. Make sure you export her preset via the MCM.

Blue confront bug: Be sure to conserve the preset via the console or MCM, together presets exported indigenous RaceMenu or other sources can apparently reason the blue challenge bug.Some users have reported concerns with overlays and warpaints.It can likewise happen when you eliminate a preset from a NPC. It have to work well on a new game, or a save prior to the using of the preset.

Purple/blue player body: open up the racemenu and go to the body paint section.Set the colors alpha to 0 (fully transparent) top top unused overlays.

The data is stored in “Data/SKSE/Plugins/StorageUtilData/RPL/rpl_Morphs.json”, and also will it is in read as soon as the player tons the game.You deserve to manually adjust the presets and also add/remove NPCs in the .json-file, if something walk wrong.If you’re using MO2, right-click on this mod and select open in Explorer and also navigate come SKSE/Plugins/StorageUtilData/RPL/

Nothing is happening:Make sure you have actually the latest version of RaceMenu.

UPGRADING (json version):If you’re upgrading, be sure to back-up your json, and overwrite the brand-new json-file through your backup, if you want to keep your presets.The paper is located at: “ThisMOD/SKSE/Plugins/StorageUtil/RPL/rpl_Morphs.json”

COMPATIBILITY:Be ~ above the lookout for problems with PapyrusUtil. As soon as in doubt, pack PapyrusUtil last.

Campfire – finish Camping System: users have said that the Campfire mode takes priority over PapyrusUtil. Campfire comes with its very own version that PapyrusUtil, which will certainly most most likely be outdated and also conflict.

CREDITS:All credit transaction to expired6978, for the functionality.

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