One of issues that players have with their airsoft guns is BBs curving in ~ left,right, up and also down instead of walk straight and also thus affecting the accuracy. You may invest into an excellent scopes and also sights and also improve her aiming skills, yet if there is miscellaneous wrong v the fundamentals of the gun, it have to be solved first. This trouble often wake up on firearms that have specific dysfunctions even if it is it to be a issue of manufacturing or her maintenance. Therefore, i will cite what you have the right to do to resolve it today and make your gun work as intended.So, what space the possible causes of your gun no shooting straight?Your gun is not shooting straight because of worries related to inner barrel, hop up system, bad BBs quality, expansions or optics. You have the right to fix any of these issues by detecting a problem and also then addressing it utilizing a proper an approach that will be verified in this guide.

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Look v barrel and also judge the nozzle. The within barrel is an alleged to it is in in the center when observed, the 2nd picture shows the best position and the first one symbolizes the poor alignment.However, even if it appears to be perfect symmetrical, periodically it is not possible to recognize it v your ceiling eye because the trouble may be deeper at the spot whereby the hop up unit matches the gearbox.One point that we understand is that we have to make it all focused if we want to acquire the ideal of the weapons accuracy potential.To deal with this friend will require to obtain the hop up and also inner barrel out of the gun and apply some approaches to that in order to make it stable. You will need either duct tape or super glue.If you choose to use duct tape then you have to wrap it approximately the inner barrel beginning from the allude where it touches the hop increase unit, it have to fit well inside the barrel and also what you are trying to accomplish is to make it centered and also stiff, so it does not relocate when friend shoot.If you choose super glue then you will need to put it right where that gets right into the hop up unit and make the stick to it nicely.I will certainly share a video clip where a male uses advance method fixing his inner barrel since it used to wobble within the external barrel and therefore the accuracy to be terrible. You execute not have to do things favor this male did yet it will make it more obvious about what I simply said if you take it a look at it.

Broken inside barrel

In situation that the inner barrel is bent, deformed or damaged 보다 there is most likely nothing you have the right to do without some major tools. You will have simpler time just buying a brand-new one or letting the fix masters carry out their job.

Hop up system

Hop up is something the you can easily change on your own and as a matter of truth all you have to do is to check out from the gun’s manual and see the instructions. If the BB bents at political parties is more than likely does not need to do much with continual hop up adjustment, however when hop increase is not readjusted properly you may see reduced accuracy at distances.After adjusting the hop up and seeing whether it helped or not, if that did not occupational you can also inspect the hop increase rubber and also see even if it is it is damaged or dislocated.On older guns the rubber may gain worn and also therefore it loses its functionality, ~ above newer weapons it is more than likely not the case yet it still might incorrectly placed and in which case you need to disassemble the hop increase system and replace the rubber with the newer one or just correctly ar it in the best spot.

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I hope that one of these techniques above helped you fix this annoying problem, in case that the problem is still present and also you space not satisfied through your guns accuracy take into consideration investing into better one that will certainly vouch for it self. In case that the gun currently woks fine but you are still not satisfied through its accuracy friend can likewise consider obtaining a much better one or upgrading it because that accuracy. Not all weapons can be upgraded but some certainly can and you should make a research about it.