Pokemon brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Cranidos is a Rock kind Head target Pokémon, v a 5.9% possibility To Catch through a consistent Pokeball. Cranidos has a Erratic development rate with a 1 Attack EV Yield, and we introduce the Adamant Nature, based upon 350 merged Base Stats.

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Hard Stone

Cranidos has no spawn places in Pokemon brilliant Diamond and also Shining Pearl. However, you can uncover the Unevolved form, Lv. 20 Cranidos, within the Mining Museum ar using the Fossil method.

How To get Cranidos In Pokemon brilliant Diamond

Location: Mining Museum

Go exterior the building and also select the Kit from theKey Itemssection of her bag to it is in transported underground.Shiny dots will show up on your map; those areitem locations, you will need to method them and dig lock up.Once you find theSkull Fossil, walk to Orebergh City.Leave the building and also then come back inside. After speak to the male again, her fossil will currently be a level 20 Cranidos.

Note: It might take part time to discover a Skull Fossil while digging. They room rare. Cranidos isexclusiveto Pokemon brilliant Diamond. If you want Cranidos in Pokemon bright Pearl, girlfriend will need totradefor it.

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Cranidos is a Rock form pokemon. This will reason Cranidos to take More Damage from Fighting, Ground, Steel, Water, Grass form Moves, and Less Damage from Normal, Flying, Poison, Fire type moves.

STAB: (Same type Attack Bonus) as soon as a Pokemon offers a Move kind that is the exact same as the Pokemon"s Type, it will receive a 50% Bonus come Power. Moves affected by this highlighted in