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Do you still fear that earlier handspring? Can’t do anything top top a gym floor? Is that a big problem when the spotter actions away? If so, then it’s time to get rid of that are afraid of tumbling!

Gymnastics has end up being an integral part of cheerleading, and that’s why it’s an important to be able to perform her best, in any situation. Return we room all athletes, much of what we do is just a mental game – discovering to train your mind as well together your body.

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“Tumbling is like any other sport, practice and repetition room the ideal preparation to mentally prepare yourself,” states V!ROC Choreographer and also tumbling expert, josh McCurdy. “Tumbling blocks room not going to be fixed in a issue of job or weeks. That an ongoing procedure of structure trust and confidence earlier in the athlete.”

So, what must you carry out to acquire over your tumbling block? below are part tips:

First, you must not let the ability take control of you. Remember that you decide what happens. Visualize yourself doing the ability perfectly on every kind of surface. Think around executing a ago handspring through ease on grass. Snapshot yourself mastering a stand back-tuck ~ above the gym floor. These psychological images assist to remind you the you can do this ability regardless of location. That will additionally prepare you mentally, forcing you to never create negative habits or block in your mind.

Josh explains, “The athlete should emphasis on performing the ability without using bad habits or an individual rituals, such together ‘fake throwing’ or counting through multiple 8-counts prior to going because that it. When an athlete stand there because that a long duration of time, it allows them to think about the skill too much, therefore enabling the block come remain. The skill requirements to be thrown over and over quickly, so the athlete’s body acquire used to performing the skill, and thinking also much around the an unfavorable is no an option.”


Second, try bringing along a video clip camera come a video game or a gymnastics lesson. Have someone videotape while you perform the skill. If you fall, rewind, and also tape over that one. Then, clock the ice cream every day, reminding yourself the you deserve to do it. Seeing you yourself succeed gives you confidence. And also don’t ever tell yourself the you can’t do anything – that would certainly be a lie!

Finally, concentrate on technique. Learning a ago handspring through bent eight is difficult! Reviewing exactly how you execute the trick helps your body come remember what to do. Sometimes, even illustration a chart step-by-step will help you failure the cheat (hey, probably it’s elementary, however it works!). Hopefully, it won’t seem for this reason scary, too. Mock agrees that once in doubt, “go back to the basics.”

“With all the teams I coach tumbling with, we begin every day with working on straightforward body positions and drills. Nothing skip end the prestige of straightforward skill perfection because a handspring or tuck is needed in a short time period! GO back TO THE BASICS and also focus on appropriate techniques,” says Josh.

The are afraid of tumbling have the right to be among the most paralyzing fears of cheerleading. However, once conquered, is the most rewarding. Only you space in manage of what friend do.

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Through gearing up mentally, the physics performance will be easy. Great luck and also happy tumbling!