I have a rca tv version number is PLD32A30RQ. Some how i lock allnthe buttons top top tv just power switch works and also i dont have actually a remote im useing a tablet computer for a remote and it walk work currently it just turns tv on it is it


Try this-RCA LCD TV Unlock

To unlock RCA TV you must have its original remote control. A global remote can not job-related for this purpose

Try the adhering to proceedings. One among them will surely unlock your RCA TV.

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* organize down the Menu switch on the remote control, and Vol DN switch on the front dashboard of the TV at the same time for around 5 seconds. The collection won’t to speak so, however the lock will be unlocked.

** host down the <0> Zero, switch on the far control, and also Vol DN switch on the front panel of the TV all at once for around 5 seconds. The TV won’t say so, however the lock will be unlocked.

Unplug TV from wall surface plug for 60 seconds–Hold power switch for 60 secs while you plug in TV.

Jade uses this one—-Press and also hold both ‘vol’ and also ‘menu’ ~ above TV next panel.

Continue host while pressing and also releasing ‘power’ top top the panel. Release the organize after a counting to 5.

A version number is required to determine the unlock procedure, yet most likely you will require a remote to unlock many TV’s. Listed below is a typical lock procedure.

You will need a far to unlock the FPA:

1. Press food selection to view the main menu.

2. Press CH+ or CH- to to mark Preferences.

3. Push OK to enter the preferences submenu.

4. Press CH+ or CH- to highlight FPA (Front Panel) Lock.

5. Press VOL+ or VOL- to rotate on or turn off FPA Lock.

Choose On come disable every the buttons top top the former of the TV. FPA Lock on will appear on the TV display each time you push buttons ~ above the prior of the TV. You have the right to still run the TV through the far control. You can still use the POWER button on the former of the TV, yet only to turn off the TV (not on). Collection FPA Lock to off to cancel this feature so you deserve to use the buttons ~ above the former of the TV again.

6. Press menu repeatedly to leave the menu or the menu will automatically disappear within a couple of seconds if no buttons are pressed-or this-Faulty Capacitors

If her LCD TV or monitor has actually stopped working, or is displaying one of the following symptoms, then it’s a candidate for some brand-new capacitors

- Flickering screen

- display screen image disappears after several seconds

- Dim screen

- sluggish start

- power LED on, yet no picture

- unexplained colors and/or lines

The primary reason of LCD TV and monitor fail is caused by faulty capacitors. You deserve to examine the capacitors in her LCD TV or monitor and actually see if they are bad.

If they appear bulged ~ above top, climate they need to be replaced.

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New capacitors will fix a host of troubles in LCD monitors and TV’s and will prolong the life of her monitor or TV by several years.