A an excellent pet comes when it"s called! This FAQ describes how to call any type of of your active pets to your side.

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You begin the video game with a preferably of just one pet on your active pet bar.

You gain the capacity to take much more pets through you as you rise in level, simply like any other hunter skill. When you can still only have actually one pet out at a time*, you deserve to have up to 5 in her pet bar, all set to be referred to as out.

# active PetsHunter Level

*If you take it the Beast Mastery talent animal Companion you can additionally have a second pet out, yet in a diminished capacity.Open all | near All

Why perform I require to call my pet?

The call Pet capacity lets you speak to a pets that has been dismissed earlier to her side.

Your pet will certainly "disappear" for various reasons. You can use the capability Dismiss Pet to send her pet away for a little while. Or her pet may likewise be instantly dismissed. For example, if you gain too much away from her pet that goes poof.

But don"t worry! her pet isn"t gone - it"s just not physical by her side any type of more.

A pet the isn"t physically by your side isn"t much an excellent though. That can"t fight because that you or protect you. For this reason use speak to Pet come call back a pets that"s to be dismissed.

How execute I contact my pet?


Quick answer: You use the call Pet ability, the course! but things are actually a little more facility than that.

As detailed above, contact Pet is an expanding skill and you can have approximately 5 pet on her pet bar, all set to it is in called.

Call Pet expands to let girlfriend use any type of of the pet on your bar. Examine out this photos of call Pet above.

The image on height is in the unexpanded state. Once you click it, it broadens into the state you view in the picture on the bottom.

(The arrow always points come whichever side has space for it come expand, through the way. Ns took this screenshot with contact Pet on my right-hand hotbar.)

You can click on Call pet again to close it, or you can click on one that the pet icons to contact that pet.

Call Pet will only show the pets that you can speak to right now. If you just know call Pet 1 climate you will only see one pet symbol when you expand speak to Pet.

Likewise, if girlfriend know contact Pets 1 with 5 but you only have actually one pets in your active pet point out pet appropriate now, then you will just see one pet icon.

What's the difference in between inactive and energetic pets? What's my current pet?

An energetic pet is one that you can speak to with call Pet. You deserve to see lock in the pet spots down the left-hand side of the stable UI, however these pet aren"t in the secure - they are "with" you where you are and you don"t should visit a Stable understand to access them.

Your current pet is the pet the is physical by her side.

Inactive pets are pets that room stored in the stable. In bespeak to interact with this pets you have to visit a steady Master.

Check out utilizing the secure for more info on inactive pets.

How many active pets have the right to I have?


The variety of active pets you can have is limited by how countless levels of speak to Pet # girlfriend know.

You start the video game with contact Pet 1 so you can have one active pet. But the remainder of your energetic pet spots are locked.

When friend learn speak to Pet 2, you unlock the 2nd active pet spot and also you deserve to have two energetic pets.

The exact same is true for contact Pet 3 through contact Pet 5. By the moment you learn contact Pet 5 friend will have 5 energetic pet spots, i m sorry is the maximum.

In the photo above you can see that the final energetic pet point out is locked - that is silver rather of gold and also it has a tiny lock icon. That"s since I haven"t learned contact Pet 5 yet!

How carry out I understand which pet I'm calling?


Each contact Pet # capacity corresponds to a details active pets spot. Once you use speak to Pet 1, for instance, you speak to the pet in the an initial active spot.

But friend don"t have to memorize the order of your pets. The icons for every of the call Pet # abilities adjust to the household of the pet.

In this photo you deserve to see that I have actually a wasp, a raptor, a rhino, and also a cat in my energetic pet spots.

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But what if you have two or more pets in the same family? fine the tooltip for each icon alters to display the surname of the pet!

My raptor is named Roger, so the tooltip for contact Pet 3 actually says speak to Roger.

(I haven"t called the Cat in active spot #1, i m sorry is why the tooltip says contact Cat.)