53 – steel IslandHead out of the Gym and also you will be greeted by her Rival, that congratulates girlfriend on her victory and tell friend to accomplish him at the library. If you go there prior to you acquire HM 04, he will tell you to just go come Iron Island and also get it. Take a moment and visit the Pokemon facility to cure up her Team and to put away one Pokemon.So, go under to the pier through the Sailor and talk come him.Head up the stairs. The house you see en path to the entrance is provided by the trainers you have encountered to rest in between their expeditions. For now though, you have to just push on. Once you make it to the enntrance gate proper, a man in a hat will greet you, this is Riley. That will give you HM 04. That will sell to let girlfriend train with him inside, therefore why not?Inside you will uncover the path separating in two, going come the left and also the right:To the Left:In this room girlfriend will uncover a pair of item balls v a Yellow Shard and also a Protector within them. Friend will additionally encounter Camper Lawrence. He will send out his Aipom lvl. 34 and Floatzel lvl. 36. The finishes this small room, so head ~ above out and go come the right.To the Right:Head downwards, navigate between the barrels just below the stiars. You will find an item ball waiting on the other side through an to escape Rope inside it. Then walk up the an initial set that stairs that you deserve to see. Simply keep going to the right. Head every the method to the right, acquisition the narrow strip of raised area close to the next set of stairs come get an item ball stop a Max Repel. Head under the stairs the you happen on your way here. Simply head straight down to uncover the next trainer, Picnicker Summer, with her Raichu lvl. 37. Native there, walk up the adjacent stairs above you to reach the next item round with a recreation inside. Head around behind her and also make your way along this path. Girlfriend will find an elevator that will take you under to the following level.BF2To the Right:You will watch a Worker pacing close come the stairs you come down. This is Noel v his Magnemites in ~ lvl. 34, and lvl. 36. Indigenous there, head just a tiny to the left and head approximately the item ball you can see. It has an Elixir within it. Now, head back, previous Noel, and head downwards to the next small set of stairs. Follow this along to find the next pacing Worker, Braden. That will challenge you v his Steelix lvl. 37. ~ him, go and grab the item round you deserve to see to your right. It has actually TM 23, steel Tail, within it. That finishes this area, therefore head earlier up the key stairs.To the Left:Heading this way, you will encounter Riley. The will offer to team up v you. If you have Pokemon that require to acquire leveled up, this is going to it is in the ar to do that for a while as Riley will fully heal her party after each battle. Head straight to the left to encounter Hiker Damon through his Nosepass lvl. 35, Onix lvl. 33 and also Steelix lvl. 34. No too far is an additional Hiker who will difficulty you, Maurice, with his Graveler lvl. 35 and also Rhyhorn lvl. 35. From there, head to the left some an ext to find things ball through a Dusk sphere inside it.To the Right:After the two hikers, you have actually some freedom to explore and find items. Head further to the left, girlfriend would discover some stairs. Head increase those and follow the path to the left and also down come find things ball v a Magnet inside it. Head earlier a little to the right then down, girlfriend will discover two more trainers who will difficulty you together. They space Worker Brendon and also Quinton. They will certainly send out Geodude lvl. 33 and Magnemite lvl. 34. They will then send out Machoke lvl. 36 and also Graveller lvl. 34 then Machop lvl. 35 and also finally Geodude lvl. 33. After ~ that, you deserve to see an item ball simply a little bit to the left and up. Within it you can discover a Max Potion. Head earlier and down, then follow the stair up and also to the right, loop roughly to find things ball tucked away beside the part rocks. The item ball has actually a HP increase inside. Retrace her steps and head earlier to the top. Head under the other passage, looping come the right, and you will uncover some stairway to her left. Head end to the left and also up to find another item ball with a red shard in it. Girlfriend will one more pair of trainers waiting not too far down native you. They space Ace Trainers Jonah and Brenda. They will send out Lopunny lvl. 38 and also Quagsire lvl. 35. ~ that, you will see Brenda send the end Kirlia lvl. 36 and also Medicham lvl. 35 and also Jonah will send out Hippopotas lvl. 38 and also Staraptor lvl. 36. Head down from there and also you will see two Grunts native Team Galactic wait for you near the elevator heading down to the next level. They have Zubat lvl. 34, Glameow lvl. 34, Houndour lvl. 34, Croagunk lvl. 34, Golbat lvl. 34 and Stunky lvl. 34. To win them and they will certainly leave stole Island. Riley will certainly then sell you a Pokemon Egg. If you carry out not have actually space, he will be waiting there, by the elevator, until you have actually space. This is a Riolu egg. ~ that, head under the surrounding elevator and up the following for a moment and also grab the item round on the means out which has a Shiny rock inside it and also head into the door surrounding to seize one much more item round with an steel Coat. Head out and also to the left from there.

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Hop down the ledges and also you will discover yourself ago at the begin of the island.