NameTypeLocationEncounter Rate
DrilburGroundDust Cloud100%

Mistralton cavern 1F¶

As shortly as friend enter, you’ll notification how dark this cavern is. Have one of your Pokemon usage Flash (obtained native Castelia City ) to light up the cave. Once you have the right to see a little better, move south from the entrance. You’ll check out a boulder here

Use Strength to push it 2 tiles east first (if you push it south, you’ll obtain it stuck and have come exit and re-enter the cave to reset that is position), then push it 2 tiles south right into the hole. Move over it and down the procedures to your south. Head east and you’ll be stopped by a Hiker searching for a battle.

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Trainer Battle: Hiker¶


Once he’s to be busted, trudge further east and push the next boulder eastern into the next hole. Proceed east until you reach the Veteran guarding a doorway. He’ll tell you that you can’t head v the doorway till you’ve to win the Pokemon League . Instead, head phibìc up the stairs.

You need to see some actions leading down to a lower area to her east. Relocate down them and collect the Dusk Ball there. Head back up the stairs and head west. You’ll see an additional Hiker there. Take it him on!

Trainer Battle: Hiker¶


Now relocate west follow me the piece of land north of the stairs. There’s an object here. Grab that to find that it’s a Yellow Shard , then head west along the piece of land southern of the stairs. Make certain you have your Dowsing MCHN switched on and use it to find the Super Repel here.

If you want, you can now head west under the stairs and also push the boulder into the hole. You then have a quick method to departure the dungeon in the future. Once you’ve down then, head back up the stairs and also move south-west. You’ll an alert a collection of stairs leading up onto the 2nd floor.

Mistralton cave 2F¶


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Mistralton cave 2F

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Once you enter this floor you deserve to head two directions: phibìc or east. Let’s an initial head north, as there’s really just one thing to execute there. You’ll virtually immediately come top top an Ace Trainer plainly looking come get damaged by some remarkable Pokemon Trainer, eh?

Trainer Battle: Ace Trainer¶


Now go ago south and down the stairs come the east. Move down to the boulder to her south. Push it east using Strength until it falls into the hole. Relocate over it. Now move past the stairs taking you north and also head east. When you reach the end of the path, you’ll check out a adjacent rock, sitting all alone.

Walk over to it and check it to uncover that it has a Green Shard . Fancy that! Head back and relocate up the stairs. Head east until you reach the stairs leading back down. Move down them, climate head south and also move increase the stairs taking you west.

Head southern down come the south wall of the cave and also follow the path west till you with an item. Collection it to find that it’s a Hyper Potion . Backtrack and also move ago down the stairs. Now head north, past the stairs that you came from until you reach one more Ace Trainer. Time to take her on too!

Trainer Battle: Ace Trainer¶


Now walk north previous the Ace Trainer and up the stairs. Relocate along come the end of the path and also grab the Blue Shard . As soon as you have actually it, backtrack to the stairs, move down them and also follow the slim path just to the left that the stairs around until you reach a suggest where there’s a route leading south and a quick path leading west.

Turn your Dowsing MCHN on and also head down the west path. At the end of it is a covert Ultra Ball , therefore be sure to collect it. Once again, backtrack every the way back to the stair ( don’t head south and jump over the ledge). Now move earlier south of the Ace Trainer to the boulder.

Push the west, into the hole. Relocate over it and head west. When you reach the next boulder, perform the same and also push it right into the hole. You have the right to now head back to the entrance to this floor easily, or you have the right to move up the stairs to the third and final floor, back east a little. Do so!

Mistralton cavern 3F¶


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Mistralton cave 3F

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Okay, an initial head under the stairs acquisition you west and head west until you’re in the very bottom-left edge of the room. In the absent relaxing here is a Full Heal . Examine it come grab it, climate move ago up the measures to the entrance. This time, head east. First move roughly the stairs top north, acquisition the route north approximately them instead

At the finish is an item with your name top top it. Grab the to uncover that it’s TM80 - rock Slide ! Backtrack to those steps that you just bypassed and also move up them. Grab the Escape Rope on the communication here, then continue north and head down the stairs taking you west.

Move north and also take the next set of procedures taking girlfriend west. From there, instantly move south down to the boulder. Usage Strength to push it right into the hole. Push the various other boulder south right into its hole, then relocate up the procedures taking you west. You’ll watch an old fella here.

Speak with him if friend want, climate head down the slim path directly behind him. Examine the rock at the end to find a Dragon Gem . Head back to the old man. If you take it the course leading north follow me the western wall, you’ll discover an north area. Originally, Cobalion resided here, but no much longer does. That’s every there is come do!

You have the right to either use that Escape Rope the you discovered earlier to departure the cave ago to Route 6 , or you can manually take it the shortcuts that you’ve produced by pushing some of the boulders into holes all the method back come the entrance.

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If you to be heading to Chargestone Cave component 2 , skip ago to that section, find where friend were and continue on. If not, skip back to where you were in the plot or feel complimentary to head wherever.