NameTypeLocationEncounter Rate
MagnemiteSteel/ElectricCave/Horde50%, 35% (Horde)
VoltorbElectricCave/Horde50%, 65% (Horde)

Mauville City¶

Begin this pursuit by paris to Mauville and healing and also restocking as per usual. In the courtyard in which you land, girlfriend can discover the Square Tower, and, standing close to it, have to be Wattson. (Remember, the Gym Leader?)

Speak with him and he’ll phone call you that the glow of the Tower indicates something is up with new Mauville, which deserve to be uncovered southeast the the new one off path 110.

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In any kind of case, Wattson invites you to his apartment to explain the whole thing; leaving the courtyard heading north, then walk west or east and also use the elevator to with 2F.

Mauville Hills¶

Let’s check out 2F indigenous the top-right elevator’s location. Enter the next house to the west and also north and speak with the woman inside to attain a ribbon ; which kind you get alters by the day, therefore you’d need to go right here once day-to-day for the following week to obtain them every for your lead.

In the following north-side house to the west, friend can battle an old mrs in a Rotation Battle; she’ll interestingly use the 3 fully-evolved simian Pokémon indigenous Generation V i beg your pardon were provided to match your starter in those days. Win nets you an Elixir .

In the northern west-side apartment on the east side, you deserve to go within the apartment and also out onto the balcony to discover TM89 (U-turn). In ~ the apartment come the south, speak with the black-suited male for a scene, then enter and also exit one apartment and also return.

The same man will now hand you some Lopunnite ; can’t say we agree v the technique by which the was acquired from the vault owner, though… Anyhow, it can be used to Mega Evolve Lopunny right into a quite fierce Fighting Pokémon.


However, the north-central item is a Paralyze Heal , and also the northwest one a Thunder Stone, and there’s an Escape Rope as the lone east item. Use the Dowsing device in the southwestern component of the area to uncover a Max Repel , then walk north and through the doorway.

On the other side, the item come the northeast is a Full Heal, and further east is a computer. Examine the computer system to discover nothing the end of the ordinary. Additional to the east are three item balls: the northeast one is an Ultra Ball and also the southern one is a Metal Coat.

Metal Coats no only boost Steel moves’ strength by 20% as soon as held, but also evolve Scyther and Onix (into Scizor and Steelix respectively, both that which have actually Mega Formes and also are fairly useful) when held in trades.

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Just come the phibìc of the steel Coat is the Ampharosite Mega Stone, which will Mega Evolve Ampharos; Mega Ampharos is in reality a rather powerful Electric/Dragon Pokémon particularly useful on trick Room teams.