Walkthrough Post-Game legendary Pokémon Appendices

How to capture Victini

How to get to Liberty Island

Here is a quick description of how to gain to Liberty Island. Read listed below for a much more detailed explanation.

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Play with the video game until you reach Castelia City.Visit the pier in the southwest area of Castelia City.

Obtaining the Liberty Pass

The Liberty pass was distributed to Japanese games between September 18, 2010 and also October 18, 2010.The Liberty pass was distributed to north American games in between March 6, 2011 and also April 10, 2011.The Liberty happen was distributed to PAL games between March 4, 2011 and April 22, 2011.The Liberty pass was distributed to phibìc American games in between June 12, 2012 and also June 26, 2012.

If a circulation event is quiet going on for her region, affix to the Nintendo WFC and also use the an enig Gift option from your key menu to receive the Liberty Pass.When girlfriend play the video game next, go to a Pokémon Center and talk come the delivery man to get your Liberty Pass.

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Using the Liberty Pass

Once you have the Liberty Pass, you have to go to Castelia City. If friend haven"t got to that point in the game yet, you will have to play throughthe game until you obtain there.

In Castelia City, go to the pier in ~ the west side of town. Over there is a human standing in prior of a boat here. If you have actually the Liberty Pass and talk to the person,the human being will ask friend if you want to go to Liberty Island. If you to speak yes, you will board the boat and also it will go to Liberty Island.

Defeating Team Plasma in ~ Liberty Garden Island

Team Plasma has actually taken end Liberty Garden Island, hoping to catch Victini. Apparently, Victini has endless power in its body and also can share that power through whomever ittouches. That is additionally said the Victini have the right to ensure win for any kind of trainer that possesses it. Because that this reason, Team Plasma is very interested in it.

Outside that the tower, there room three Team Plasma Grunts the you have to defeat. Their pokémon room Level 17/18 Patrats and also Sandiles.

Before heading right into the tower, be certain to examine the trash have the right to next come the vending machine, due to the fact that it consists of an Ultra Ball.

Inside, you will discover a protection guard who will heal you up for free.

There is also a Team Plasma grunt that you have to fight here. This grunt has a Patrat and also a Scraggy.

Finally, you will certainly reach the within room, where Victini has actually been living for a lengthy time. The story goes that a richperson purchase Liberty Garden Island a lengthy time back and retained Victini in the basement to defend it indigenous greedy trainerswho want its power.

There is a Team Plasma grunt here who has actually a Level 20 Watchog.

Finally, once you have defeated this last grunt, you can go up and also talk come Victini to begin the battle.

Chance of catching Victini

Victini is in ~ Level 15 when you conference it.Being a legendary pokémon, Victini has actually a very low capture rate. Its capture rate is 3. This means that you will many likely have actually tothrow a many pokéballs at it prior to you actually catch it.For an ext details, look in ~ the graph ofwhichpokéballs are finest for capturing Victini.

As with any Legendary, you should attempt to gain its HP under to 1 if possible, and additionally inflict sleep or freeze on it beforetrying to throw a pokéball. You could inflict poison, burn, or paralyze, however these don"t improve your opportunities as muchas sleep or frozen does.

False Swipe would help out, however at this point in the game, you might not have any pokémon that recognize it.Fortunately, you deserve to go to Professor Juniper if you have actually seen at the very least 30 pokémon to obtain the TM because that FalseSwipe. However, just Oshawott and its evolutions, as well as Leavanny, can learn this move. Leavanny is the finalevolution of Sewaddle. If friend level Sewaddle as much as 20, it i do not care Swadloon. Climate Swadloon evolves into Leavanny if its happinessis high sufficient when it levels up.

This limitation provides it daunting to carry Victini"s HP under to 1. You can try to assault with Fire, Grass, Ice,Fighting, or Psychic moves, which space not really effective ~ above Victini, in the really hopes of chipping away at the HP.

Note the if you defeat Victini or space defeated, or if you operation away, Victini will certainly hide in the room, however will come backif you leave the room and go ago in. Friend won"t lose your possibility to capture Victini if you defeat it, run away, orare defeated. You can shot as numerous times as you need to.

After you record Victini

After you catch Victini, Team Plasma will be kicked turn off of the island, and also Professor Juniper will stop by to say thanks to you.Then she"ll go earlier to she lab in Nuvema Town.

After capturing Victini, you can go back to Liberty Island any type of time by talking to the mrs at Liberty Pier in Castelia City.

How carry out I teach Victini V-Create/V-Generate?

You can"t teach Victini V-Create. This move was spread with an occasion Victini at the premiere the the 15th Pokémon movie.It is an event-only move that Victini can"t discover under regular circumstances.

Victini"s unique Attributes

Victini"s ability is victory Star, which rises the accuracy that both Victini and its partner in double and Triple battles.

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Victini is the only pokémon who have the right to learn Searing Shot, i m sorry is a Fire move that has 100 power and100% Accuracy. To gain this move, you need to go to the relocate Relearner in Mistralton City and give her a Heart scale to teachVictini Searing Shot.