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U need to invite someone over and also get a boy or girl obtain them come relax on a dual bed then cuddle climate HEY PRESTO!

U tap ~ above the bed and also tap relax then switch to the various other sim and also repeat. As much as I know it deserve to only do them woohoo.
u cant u need to flirt v a girl and also make certain she likes u.then kiss her once u have actually the option too.last shortly it will say asking to walk straight and if she sais yes climate u can propose climate ur engaged next u merry and have a happy life

Im particular that the price is no you can woohoo but thats every I"ve tryed to have actually a baby yet I had actually no luck.

what i simply did to be made a townie and also made the bffs through my sim and my husband so that the 3 of united state live happy on 1138 Maple Ave.

Umm....did any type of of you review that one guys/girls comment to be they claimed it bring away 200 sim days estimating and that you need to keep romancing with your sim choose kissing chatting flirting etc and you need to be patient

ok if yall want a son its tough i gained my game at the video game stop it price me 29§ i so didnt desire to waste money but finally i obtained my sim pregnant but this will most likely work if you mary alexsandra shes favor a 86% of a chance to be pregnant for this reason makw sure your close to her and also woohoo 2 or 3 times and also then if it worked you will hear a twinkle sound choose a lullaby

I have actually A 3ds and also To have A infant You need to :1.)Get lock In A twin Bed 2.)Put lock In RELAX3.)It claims "CUDDLE" Click that 4.)When over there Cuddling you Click The "Guy" Or "Girl" It will certainly Say WooHoo click and Do it Alot of Times climate It will Say "Try because that A Baby" 5.)Click "Try because that A Baby" and also She"ll it is in Pregnant within 3 days hope It Works!!!


This is exactly how you woohoo an initial you store doing romantic thing such together flirting climate you execute it till the other human gets passionate climate you walk to your twin bed the click relax if the person does not live through you what you have to do is click them climate it will say contact over then when they come you click on the human or bed then it will say snuggle but first the person or your character have the right to not must use the toilet or be sleepy so because the other human is passionate together you room cuddling if you click the other human it will have actually 3 choices kiss,makeout,or woohoo climate you click woohoo.

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Yes, I"m certain you have the right to have a infant on sims 3 3ds. Be patient, due to the fact that some that you that say it doesnt work probably hast even had the damn game for the long.

have girlfriend tried kiss 4 times, make the end 3 times and woohoo 8 times. Do this 2 days in a row and also u will be prego!!