Please check out this owner"s hands-on completely. And also remember, this airgun is not a toy. Treat it through the very same respect you would certainly a firearm.

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Always very closely follow the safety instructions discovered in this owner"s manual and keep this hands-on in a safe location for future use.

If friend have any questions about your brand-new airgun, please contact Crosman in ~ 1-800-7AIRGUN, 585-657-6161 or www.crosman.com andask because that Customer Service.

Operating Procedures1. Finding out the components of Your new Airgun

6. Aiming and also Firing Safely

2. Operation the Safety

7. Remove a Jammed BB or Pellet

3. Pumping the Airgun

8. Maintaining Your Airgun

4. Loading and Unloading BBs

9. Reviewing Safety

5. Loading and Unloading Pellets

1. Learning the parts of Your brand-new Airgun.Learning the name of the parts of your new airgun will assist you to know your owner"s manual. Usage this manual to increase yourenjoyment of this airgun.

2. Operating the Safety

2.1 To put the Airgun "ON SAFE":

• situate the safety straight in back of the trigger. • press the security from the left side every the way in (Fig. 1).

The security is

not "ON SAFE" unless it is driven all the way in and also the RED ringaround the safety is not showing.

Like all mechanical devices, an airgun safety deserve to fail. Also when the

safety is "ON SAFE", friend should proceed to manage the airgun safely.NEVER suggest the airgun at any person. NEVER allude the wait gun at any-thing you do not intended to shoot.

2.2 To take the Airgun "OFF SAFE":

• push the security from the appropriate side every the means in.

When you have the right to see

the RED ring about the left side of the safety, the airgun is "OFF SAFE" and also can be fired.

3. Pumping the Airgun

• put the airgun "ON SAFE". (See Step 2.1)• open the forearm all the method until it stop (Fig. 2). Be sure to host the forearm firmly as you

open it. It could spring earlier into the closeup of the door position, possibly causing injury. Ar yourhands in the exact same positions shown in Fig. 2 in stimulate to protect against being pinched, have to you losehold that the forearm. Do not twisted the forearm if pumping. Use right strokes to preventbreakage.

• Be certain to use at least three pumps (but no more than 10) to protect against the barrel from jamming

with a pellet continuing to be in the barrel after ~ firing.

• Return the forearm to the initial closed position with a smooth stroke. Be sure to hold the

forearm firmly as you nearby it.

Note: You have to follow the procedure because that pumping, loading and also firing your airgun every timeyou shoot.

4. Loading and Unloading/Firing BBs4.1 Loading BBs

• placed the wait gun "ON SAFE". (See Section 2.1).• slide grip cap towards the rear of the airgun (Fig. 3).• pour no more than 200 BBs into the reservoir hole. Never ever put pellets in the reservoir hole due to the fact that they will certainly jam the reservoir.• Close fixed cap• traction the BB monitor stem earlier and latch in the notch. (Fig. 4)• point the barrel straight down.• through a hand twisting motion, shake and also twist the wait gun (See Fig. 4) to fill the visual magazine.• take BB monitor stem out of notch and release it to organize BBs in intuitive magazine.• dick the bolt by pulling it all the means back. The magnetic bolt will pick increase a BB.• push the bolt all the method forward slowly and you will check out the BB relocate through the port. (Fig.5) The BB is now in a position to it is in fired

out of the barrel.

4.2 Unloading/Firing the BBs

• The many common way to unload BBs is to fire your airgun in a for sure DIRECTION after ~ following

Section 6 ~ above aiming and firing safely.

• with the air gun "ON SAFE" (See Section 2.1), pump the air gun 3 times (See Section 3) and

cock the bolt by pulling it all the method back and also pushing that forward.

• take it the wait gun "OFF SAFE" (See Section 2.2), suggest the waiting gun in a safe DIRECTION and pull

the trigger to fire.

• placed the air gun "ON SAFE" (See Section 2.1).• traction the BB follower stem ago and latch in the notch• Tilt the barrel upward.• with a hand twisting motion, shake and twist the air gun until every one of the BBs room out the the visual

magazine (Fig. 6).

• examine to check out if over there are any type of BBs in the intuitive magazine. If there space still BBs in the magazine

repeat the unloading procedure till the newspaper is empty.

• take it the BB follower stem out of the notch and also release it to block BBs indigenous the intuitive magazine.• cock the bolt by advertise in if pulling every the way back.• pull the bolt every the means back and then push progressively forward noticing if over there is a BB ~ above the magnetic bolt.

Fig. 3









Fig. 4



AirMaster 77

.177 Caliber (4.5 mm) Pneumatic Airgun




Remington is a trademark supplied from RA Brands, LLC. Under patent by Crosman Corp.

REPAIR SERVICEIf her airgun demands repair, we recommend you take or send it to her nearest Crosman Authorized organization Station. Do NOT effort TODISASSEMBLE IT! your airgun needs special tools and also fixtures to fix it. Any kind of disassembly or modification not performed by anAuthorized company Station will certainly void the warranty.

A special CUSTOMER SERVICECrosman Authorized organization Stations will unjam her airgun at no price during the vouch period.

LIMITED ONE YEAR WARRANTYThis product is warranted come the retail customer for one year from date of retail purchase versus defects in material and workmanship and also istransferable. To it is registered the serial number of your gun, please return the airgun it is registered form. The vouch is not conditioned on thereturn of the card. You should retain the original sales receipt as document of date of purchase.

WHAT IS COVEREDReplacement parts and labor. Transport charges to customer for repaired product.

WHAT IS not COVEREDTransportation charges come Authorized service Station for product. Damages brought about by abuse, change or failure to carry out normal main-tenance - see Owner"s Manual. Any other expense. Consequential DAMAGES, INCIDENTAL DAMAGES, OR INCIDENTAL EXPENSESINCLUDING damages TO PROPERTY. Part STATES execute NOT allow THE exemption OR LIMITATION the INCIDENTAL OR CONSE-QUENTIAL damages SO THE over LIMITATION OR exemption MAY NOT apply TO YOU.

HOW TO achieve WARRANTY PERFORMANCEU.S. Customers- locate nearest organization station (see www.Crosman.com or contact Crosman customer business at 800-724-7486 for list of sta-tions). The company station will provide you details of exactly how to continue with sending the item in for repair. Friend must contact the station prior toshipping your product.Canadian Customers- Contact Crosman components & Service- 611 Neal drive Peterborough, top top K9J 6X7. 705-749-0206. International Customers- Please return product to your nearest distributor. If you execute not recognize your distributor, please speak to 585-657-6161and ask because that our international Department because that assistance.

IMPLIED WARRANTIESANY implied WARRANTIES consisting of THE include WARRANTIES of MERCHANTABILITY and also FITNESS because that A PARTICULARPURPOSE ARE minimal IN DURATION to ONE YEAR FROM date OF retail PURCHASE. Part STATES execute NOT permit LIMITA-TIONS ON just how LONG one IMPLIED warranty LASTS for this reason THE above LIMITATIONS might NOT apply TO YOU.To the extent any kind of provision of this guarantee is prohibited by federal, state or municipal law, which can not be preempted, that shall no be applica-ble. This warranty offers you particular legal rights and you may also have other rights, which vary, indigenous state come state.

BENJAMIN, COPPERHEAD, CROSMAN, PELLGUNOIL and also CROSBLOCK room registered trademarks of Crosman copy, group in the joined States.

• Pump the wait gun (See ar 3).• allude the air gun in a for sure DIRECTION, take it "OFF SAFE" (See section 2.2) and also fire. This will certainly unload any type of BB native the magnetic bolt.• Repeat this unloading procedure till no BBs are visible top top the magnetic bolt.• Another way of discharge the wait gun is to follow the directions noted under section 7. - remove a Jammed BB or Pellet.

5. Loading and Unloading Pellets5.1 Loading a pellet (use .177 caliber pellets only)

• Unload every one of the BBs native the wait gun (See Section 4.2). Execute NOT pack a pellet once BBs room loaded

in the waiting gun. The may reason a jam.

• put the wait gun "ON SAFE." (See Section 2.1)• point the air gun in a safe DIRECTION.• pull the bolt every the means back.• location one pellet (nose first), in the loading port. (Fig. 7) • push the bolt all the method forward. The pellet is currently in a place to fire the end of the barrel.

5.2. Unloading Pellets

• The many common method to unload pellets is come fire your airgun in a safe DIRECTION after ~ following

Section 6 on aiming and also firing safely.

• v the wait gun "ON SAFE" (See Section 2.1), pump the wait gun 3 times (See Section 3) and

cock the bolt through pulling it every the method back and pushing that forward.

• take the waiting gun "OFF SAFE” (See Section 2.1), point the air gun in a for sure DIRECTION and also pull the

trigger to fire.

• placed the air gun "ON SAFE" (See Section 2.1).• Another way of discharge the waiting gun is to monitor the directions provided under section 7. - remove a

Jammed BB or Pellet.

6. Aiming and Firing Safely6.1 Aiming the Airgun

• Always allude your airgun in a safe DIRECTION. • monitor the instructions for pumping (Section 3) and loading BB (Section 4.1) or pellets (Section 5.1)• You and others with you should constantly wear shoot glasses to protect your eyes. • execute not shoot at difficult surfaces or at the surface ar of water. The BB or pellet might bounce off or ricochet and also hit someone or something

you had actually not intended come hit.

• constantly choose her target carefully. Because that example, you might wish to shoot at file bulls-eye targets that room attached come a for sure back-

stop such as the Crosman 850 Target Trap. A hefty blanket need to be hung behind the target catch to avoid ricochet have to you missthe backstop.

• your airgun is designed because that target shooting and is suited for both indoor and also outdoor use. Constantly remember to ar your target care-

fully. THINK around what you will certainly hit if you miss the target.

• The airgun is effectively aimed as soon as the front sight blade is positioned specifically in the center of the notch the the behind sight. The top of the

front sight blade should be even with the peak of the notch in the behind sight. The bulls-eye should appear to remainder on the optimal of the frontsight. (Fig. 8)

• as soon as you are sure of your target and also backstop, and also the area around the target is clear, take it the airgun "OFF SAFE" (see Section 2.2)

and pull the create to fire.

NOTE: You need to follow the procedure for pumping, loading and also firing her airgun every time girlfriend shoot. (see Sections 3-5)6.2 vision Adjustment

The rear sight may be readjusted to shoot higher or reduced (elevation). When moving the elevator, contempt lift the behind sight and reset that on

the desired notch in the elevator. (Fig. 9) Move the rear sight elevator back to make the BB or pellet hit higher on the target. Relocate therear sight elevator forward to do the BB or pellet hit reduced on the target.

make the BB or pellet hit lower on the target. The behind sightmay also be readjusted to shoot appropriate or left (windage). Loosen the windage convey screws by turning them counterclockwise. Move

the sight to the right to do the BB or pellet hit come the ideal on the target. Move the vision to the left to do the BB or pellet hit come theleft that the target. Then tighten the windage mediate screws by transforming them clockwise. (Fig. 10)

7. Remove a Jammed BB or Pellet

• perform not reload the waiting gun.• point the airgun in a for sure direction.• put the airgun "ON SAFE".• unload the BBs indigenous the intuitive magazine (See section 4.2).• through the airgun "ON SAFE", open up the bolt by pulling that all

the means back, insert a .177 caliber ramrod right into the barreland carefully push the jammed pellet or BB right into the load-ing port. Do not shot to reuse that pellet or BB. (Fig. 11)

• If you space not able to unjam her air pistol by adhering to the

unloading procedure, take no more action. One AuthorizedService station will unjam her air total (no cost during thewarranty period).

8. Maintaining Your Airgun

• prior to you attempt to oil her airgun, make certain the gun is

unloaded and air has actually been eliminated (see section 4.2.)

• her airgun will keep proper function longer if you oil it every 250

• A irradiate coat the Pellgunoil on the barrel helps protect against rust.• carry out NOT modify OR alter YOUR AIRGUN. Do the efforts to change the

airgun in any means inconsistent through this manual may make her airgununsafe come use, cause serious injury or death, and will void the warranty.

• If friend drop your airgun, visually inspect to see that it works properly prior to you

use that again. If anything seems changed, like a much shorter or weaker create pull,this may mean worn out or broken parts. Call Crosman customer company forassistance before using her airgun again.

9. Reviewing Safety

• Never allude the airgun at any kind of person or at anything you perform not intended to shoot.• constantly treat the airgun as though it is loaded and also with the same respect you would certainly a firearm.• constantly aim in a safe DIRECTION. Constantly keep the muzzle the the airgun sharp in a for sure DIRECTION.• always keep the airgun on safe till you are ready to shoot.• constantly check to check out if the airgun is "ON SAFE" and also unloaded when obtaining it from another person or native storage.• constantly keep her finger off the trigger and also out that the cause guard until prepared to shoot.• You and also others v you should constantly wear shooting glasses to defend your eyes.• If your analysis or prescription glasses space not security glasses, make sure you wear shooting glasses end your consistent glasses.• use the appropriate size BB or pellet for your airgun. .177 caliber (4.5 mm) pellet or BB will job-related in your version AM77.• never ever reuse ammunition.• carry out not shoot at hard surfaces or in ~ the surface ar of water. The BB or pellet may bounce off or ricochet and hit who or something

you had actually not intended to hit.

• place the backstop in a ar that will certainly be safe must the backstop fail. • your backstop should be checked for wear before and also after every use. Every backstops are subject come wear and will ultimately fail.

Replace her backstop if the surface ar is worn or damaged or if a ricochet occurs.

• execute not effort to disassemble or tamper with your airgun. Usage an Authorized service Station. Using unauthorized fix centers or

modifying the duty of her airgun in any way may it is in unsafe and also will void her warranty.

instructions packaged v this airgun because that assistance)

• before you store your airgun, make certain that it is unloaded, no charged, and that the airgun is "ON SAFE."


Always hold the forearm firmly as soon as pumping the forearm to prevent feasible injury.

Never pump her airgun an ext than 10 times. Over-pumping have the right to cause major damage come yourair rifle. Pumping an ext than 10 time may likewise leave a small amount of waiting in the air rifle after

it is fired i beg your pardon may allow you come fire a 2nd shot without added pumping.

Use .177 (4.5mm) caliber BBs or pellets only in her AM77. Never ever reuse pellets. Use of anyother ammunition can reason injury to you or damages to the airgun.

Not a toy. Adult supervision required. Misuse or careless usage may reason serious injury ordeath. May be dangerous as much as 550 yards (503 meters).

Lead pellets. Carry out not inhale dust or put pellets in mouth. Wash hands after handling. This prod-uct includes lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects

(or other reproductive harm.)

Crosman Corporation7629 routes 5 & 20,E. Bloomfield, NY 14443www.crosman.com1-800-7AIRGUN


YOU and OTHERS with YOU SHOULD constantly WEAR shooting GLASSES TO protect YOUR EYES.


BUYER and also USER have actually THE DUTY come OBEY all LAWS around THE USE and OWNERSHIP the THIS AIRGUN.




BB cal, (4.5 mm)Steel Airgunshot.177 cal. (4.5 mm) command AirgunPellet


200 BBs


17 BBs


4 lbs. 13 oz. (2.18 kg)


39 3/4 inch (101cm)


Front: Fiber OpticRear: completely Adjustable

Power Source:

Pneumatic pump activity


Cross bolt


Up come 755 fps (230 mps)


Rifled Steel













THIS AIRGUN IS intended FOR use BY THOSE 16 year OF age OR OLDER.

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Fig. 6

Push in indigenous left because that "ON SAFE"Push in from best for "OFF SAFE"

Fig. 1

Fig. 2








Fig. 7











Fig. 8




Fig. 9

Fig. 10







Fig. 11





Fig. 12

Fig. 5









Keep the airgun in the "ON SAFE" place until you are actually ready to shoot. Then pushthe security to the "OFF SAFE" position.



Do not brandish or screen this airgun in public - it may confuse people and also may be a crime.Police and others might think the is a firearm. Execute not readjust the coloration and also markings to