How to do Benjamin Franklin’s Costume

As one of the founding fathers that the USA, you can expect Benjamin Franklin to it is in dressed in formal attire. To pond his look, undertake a navy coat through a irradiate vest, and also a vintage-style white shirt under the coat. He additionally has a receding hairline so make sure to get an ashen wig with soft curls. To end up the look, wear high socks, and dress shoes.

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The following are easy procedures to pond Benjamin Franklin’s costume:

1Vintage ShirtStart the look v a white vintage shirt.
2Yellow VestTop the white shirt v a light yellow vest.
3Navy CoatCop a marine coat to match with the vest.
4Dark PantsComplete the coat outfit through dark pants, too.
5Receding WigCop Benjamin Franklin’s signature look through a wig highlighting his receding hairline.
6Long socksWear a pair of long socks.
7Dress shoesPair the socks with black dress shoes.
8GlassesComplete the look v round rimmed glasses
9Full costumeIf friend don’t want to DIY

About Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was among the founding Fathers that the USA. That was also a painter, author, and politician.

Aside native his work-related as a statesman, the is also a scientist. Some if his contribued job-related to science include his theories on electricity. He also traveled and also was assigned as America’s diplomat to plenty of countries.


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