Here’s the story of exactly how our Sonic costume came to life… S therefore what carry out you want to make for your book week costume this year mine boy? The new Sonic movie had actually just been released and as you can imagine my kid was hooked. The small blue guy caught my sons’ heart and also we … review more

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As a kid, mine husband and I both flourished up with families that loved to celebrate Halloween. His household appreciated the art of making costumes and my family, well we just liked candy! Jason warned me the day would come when Halloween would come to be a complete blown art competition in our household as our guys … check out more


I’ve been a Sonic fan due to the fact that the genesis era and have wanted to do a Sonic cosplay for a while however wanted to execute something a little unique so settled on a shadow Gijinka-inspired cosplay v a kind of hoodie. Ns made the hood by creating a fifty percent sphere out of wire and electrical tape, … read more


When my boy told me he want to be Sonic, ns tried to speak him right into being something else due to the fact that I had no clue exactly how I would certainly make it. He had comprised his psychic though and also would not readjust it. Therefore I obtained to thinking and also decided ns would try and do it with … read more


My husband Jim produced this ‘Shadow the Hedgehog’ costume after my boy Jacob winner a small Shadow stuffed pet at our local fair in August. He developed it making use of a bike helmet, a face shield, lots of foam, paint, and also a black color sweatsuit. Mine husband and also son both love Halloween and the arrangement was to … review more


After perfect my granddaughter’s Elsa costume her brothers asked me if I can make that a costume too. I could not disappoint my grandson and also the wonderful emotion I gained from hearing exactly how much Hallie love hers, ns jumped at the chance. Unequal his sister josh didn’t recognize what he wanted to be. I would certainly … read more

I work at a Pediatric dentist office. We have actually a really intense and also fun costume dispute each year. This was my very first year working and first time to offer it a go. I knew I had to come up with something that was awesome, because everyone always goes all out. Plus castle have good prizes! i … review more

My son wanted to be the personality “Tails” indigenous the Sonic the Hedgehog series. We have a heritage in our house that we constantly make ours costumes. This year, it was a little an ext planning and execution to make this one together crazy together it needed to be. We started with a large, plastic pumpkin … check out more

My 11 year old daughter wanted to it is in Sonic the Hedgehog, yet wanted the girl version. Well, my parents went and bought her the already made costume. To put it mildly I said “YOU will certainly NOT be GOING IN publicly IN the OUTFIT!!!!” Okay, perhaps I was a tiny loud around it, yet boy to be … review more

My ten year old son… always wanting to it is in a Halloween personality that’s hard to find! One year link from The Legend the Zelda, Luigi native Mario brother … to amount it up, he loves his video clip games. So, guess what? That way Mom (Me!) is always on the hunt because that the perfect Halloween Costume. … review more

My 4 year old wanted to it is in Sonic the Hedgehog. Yet I had a 1 year old child who in mine eyes, had to have a corresponding costume. The just other an option was Tails. Yet they carry out not make a Tails costume. Everyone kept telling me Tails to be a girl. Ns looked the up online … review more

I chose to go as Sonic The Hedgehog this year, yet knew I’d run right into problems. The only way to obtain the costume to be to to make it, couldn’t find it anywhere. Each year I have actually made my costume, so ns was up for the challenge. An initial thing i bought was a blue morphsuit (full … read more

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