Hey, i am making a film, and one of the personalities is a medicine dealer marketing bud in tiny plastic bags come the other personalities in the film. I want to make part realistic marijuana buds to walk in some tiny bags because that the film. Walk anyone know just how to make part realistic buds without actually making use of the real stuff and also breaking the law??
boy by the method your talking you understand you obtained the real stuff so use it lol. Quiet there room some things prefer parsley flakes and other seasonings that looks choose it.

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Haha naa lol I hate drugs, but I require a drug dealer in the film Yeah someone said around getting some herbs and sticking them into round balls with honey might work lol. Dunno though, does anyone rather have any other ideas? prefer the parsley flakes one btw ;D
Craft Store: Fake MossHere"s a google picture: PICTUREColor could be a tiny too green but it functions for bagged marijuana. I supplied it on my feature, and also made some bricks v some foam.

Funny the someone named The Dude posts first reply
Anyway, i review somewhere that they use natural tobacco in Weeds. You might look right into that.
Yeah thanks for the replies males
ns didn"t recognize you might get organic tobacco lol. Has anyone viewed Pineapple Express whereby the weed looks therefore realistic, and also thats what im aiming for.

take part moss turn off of your roof nd wash off the floor stuff. U could add some parsley and a small honey to make it look an ext real, anyway if its just a little bag and its no a close up you will do definitely be able to sell the look.

Fake moss doesn"t yes, really look choose what a dealer would certainly sell, looks more like weed that"s to be ground.Honey and also herbs may work, how about picking the bud indigenous a tree and glueing bits of small nettle leaves or the leaves of a small herb, climate sprinkle it through dried herbs. Use fine sugar because that the THC crystals, possibly stick lock on through hair gelatin after the glue has actually dried. You could even go as far regarding use irradiate rolling tobacco because that the hairs.See this pic: http://www.themarijuanaeffect.com/image-files/marijuana_bud8.jpgThat"s what the great stuff watch like. Another alternative is having actually the dealer sell solid (pot/hash) which comes in brown bricks.

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http://www.google.com/search?tbm=isch&hl=en&gbv=2&q=marijuana baggie&spell=1&sa=Xhttp://www.google.com/search?q=oreg...rLETfLTGcubtwfR1_GyBA&sa=N&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=Looks like you just gotta wad it increase a little.GL
A) exactly how tight space your shots going to it is in - much longer shots won"t require it to look absolutely real and the baggie the oregano will more than likely work simply fine.B) If girlfriend shoot through this ingredient in public, make certain you contact the police come let them understand what you"re doing prior to hand so girlfriend don"t acquire busted for real.
Just smoke actual bud and tell anyone it"s no real. After ~ it"s in a paper or a key who"s to say you"re lying?
Just smoke actual bud and tell anyone it"s no real. After ~ it"s in a record or a key who"s come say you"re lying?
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