Jaws theme tune look-a-like "Sharks" will certainly remind her students that the scary movie theme. 

Now v two "alphanote" versions, students can learn this straightforward piano music as quickly as they have the right to recognize center C and also B. 

What space "AlphaNotes"?

Sheet music v letters!  rather of music note flash cards, use these note reading "worksheets" for help in learning musical notes.

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Scroll under the web page for the free downloadable PDF links:


This complimentary kids" sheet music is often the an initial piece I provide my students because that which they must actually read notes top top the base staff, instead of just using finger numbers (such as with "Mary had a little Lamb" or the black-key song at the start of The Faber Piano Adventure Primer). 

Slow and scary!

Put expression into this song... 

When I present it, I favor to beat it really low top top the piano, with numerous expression. 

It starts slowly with the ominous sound that a half-step, then picks up a small speed in line two.

This certainly makes it sound prefer the Jaws template song! as soon as I gain to the skip indigenous C to A, I always give each "A" a little of a push, to accentuate the unexpectedness of the melodic twist.


Please scroll down the web page for the download links.

 Invariably students" eyes widen as they feel the mood!

But begin slow

Don"t allow THEM rate it up, though! At the very least not till the counting is well in hand.

The metronome is really helpful through this piece, which can start to race and get the end of control. To sing the native steadies the tempo, and also if girlfriend sing together with it, your student will certainly likely sign up with in (if the or she can read).

Turn note-reading into a game

I prefer to tell my start music readers that there are 4 A"s "hiding" in the song, which room tricky come find.

Then we hunt for them on the page. On your lesson sheet, I additionally write "Find the 4 A"s". This renders for an ext careful (and fun) note-reading.

With articulation marks

Here is the second new alphanotes arrangement, greatly edited to show how to include drama to this scary tiny piece:


Please scroll under the page for the download links.

Help them understand the expressiveness

Because this piece has actually some integrated emotional aspects -- the scariness of the back-and-forth half-steps -- this song renders using dynamics seem natural.

And guess what? They virtually always LOVE this piece and also make the a component of their repertoire.

It has even been heard at recitals (only in a pinch, once I have a really VERY brand-new student who wants to be in the recital).

A tiny improvisation

Depart native the music a bit.

Encourage them come play that "down" a couple of octaves when they know it well.

With a move of mine hand over the piano agency name (which is always painted ~ above the fall-board) and down ~ above the secrets just below the name, I always remind them the of course it is written at middle C, B and also A. 

Indicating that spot on the piano, i then present them exactly how eerie and also atmospheric Sharks becomes as soon as played down lower on the keyboard...

Only 3 note to concern about

With "Sharks," students only need to think around one hand -- the left hand (the least-coordinated hand for most kids), and also only 3 notes -- A, B, and MC.

Say the note names aloud

Turn this into secondary assignment.

In fact, after the very first or 2nd week, when they need to be feeling pretty confident v the Jaws theme song, i would most likely make that a component of your assignment come SAY THE keep in mind NAMES ALOUD together they beat the piece.

But I commonly ask them to carry out that just 1x -- one time -- a day, and then beat it typically after that, if they wish.

Playing piano is prefer juggling

The factor it"s prefer juggling is the it deserve to be very hard because that beginners come do much more than one point at a time, an especially young boys, and also I don"t want them to it is in frustrated and avoid practicing the item altogether!

One time is not too lot to ask... Eventually, saying and thinking keep in mind names will start to become more natural.

So why didn"t the sound good at home?

Don"t be as well surprised if they come earlier the following week disappointed, having actually played that in the wrong place all week and thereby having actually been cheated of the ominous sounds of the Jaws template song...

This is an extremely common and just method they need an ext reinforcement the piano crucial names.

Really learning those vital names

A good exercise is to have them "Dip Donuts" one time a job going up and down the piano on simply one of the keys..."B", because that example, every day all week. Then following week, make it a various key. 

Likely you have a favorite practice which functions well because that you.  Seem as well easy? Hah!

Then move on to the black color keys: going right up the piano v one hand, have them say aloud "F#, F#, F#..." going earlier down the piano through the other hand, relocating left, have actually them to speak "Gb, Gb, Gb..."

What"s essential for your student"s success

For this little song come come easily, a student requirements to have actually 3 points well in hand:

the musical alphabet forwards and also backwards ("A-B-C-D-E-F-G; G-F-E-D-C-B-A!"), a firm grasp of whereby the keys are ("B is the ago DOOR that Grandma"s house", for English speakers), an understanding and also recognition of start notereading (B sit on peak of the base staff) -- oh, 4 things! They also need come count! So friend see, over there is a level of sophistication necessary to overcome even come this basic piece.

This song, even creepier...

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By the way, a much better, slower and creepier rendition the the Jaws theme track is the movie trailer, easily accessible at Youtube. 

The complete creepiness the the song comes across, yet I simply couldn"t carry myself to short article it here, due to the fact that the images are therefore disturbing (I"m pretty old-school when it comes to violence).

Have fun with the Jaws theme stand-in, Sharks! 

The web links to the Jaws music:

Download Sharks v lettered notes

Download cost-free kids" paper music Sharks plain (Jaws layout song) 

Download dramatic variation of Sharks (which additionally has lettered notes)

More 5-finger songs at stclairdrake.net:

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