The rapid weave method developed quickly after the advent of weaves by Christina Jenkins in the 1950s. Patenting her procedure of hair weaving in 1951, Jenkins transformed the hair world by presenting it to the sew-in.

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Given that ladies were formerly using hairpins come pin under their wigs, Christina Jenkins’ technique brought a new wave of defense to attract hair weaves. As more women of all professions and also walks that life began wearing weaves much more often, the need for a quicker and also equally efficient alternative became apparent.

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Fast environment process; Versatility; Inexpensive
Can cause hair breakage and also loss; style does not last long
Armpit length
Bra strap length
Classic length
Collarbone length
Ear length
Neck length
Shoulder length
Similar styles:


Half Sew-In


Sew-In Weave

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Hair extensions and weaves
Avg. Price:
$ 55
Lasts ~ above average:
4 weeks
Avg. Time:
2 hours


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How To: rapid WEAVE tutorial |MSTUNECHIIBADD |×

Quick weaves were designed to it is in a faster an approach for installation weaves. To download a rapid weave, one bring away a weft, or track, that hair extension and also applies it to the natural hair or a cap utilizing bonding glue. Similar to sew-in weaves, quick weaves deserve to be of human being hair, artificial hair, or a mixture the both. Fast weaves can likewise vary in texture.

Quick weaves might not critical as long as sew-in weaves since the bonding glue may start to wear out naturally. If excellent properly, a quick weave have the right to last up to 4 weeks prior to it becomes crucial to remove.

Even though rapid weaves room fast and easy to install, the style is not healthy and balanced for herbal hair. The bonding glue have the right to cause significant damage to the natural hair, also with the usage of a cap. Numerous women endure from hair breakage and also even hair loss due to improper environment techniques. The is always best to have a skilled install and remove a rapid weave.

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What are fast Weaves?

Quick weaves are a hairstyle in i beg your pardon hair expansions are glued to a protective wig cap the is currently being worn prior to bonding the hair to your head. Fast weaves were designed to be a faster technique of installing weaves, cut the environment time in half.

While installation a sew-in weave deserve to take upwards of 4 tedious and also long hours, rapid weaves take around one and also a fifty percent to two hours—the perfect an approach for females on the go!

To make them even an ext convenient, quick weave hairstyles can easily be done either at home or by a skilled beautician. Just like sew-in weaves, fast weaves have the right to be of person hair, synthetic hair, or a mixture that both. Fast weaves can likewise vary in texture. One of the many iconic quick weave hairstyles in a straight-ended bob, for instance. Others include curly manes, half-up-half-down dos, color-blocking hairstyles, and also short looks.

How to Install quick Weaves?

To properly install a quick weave, friend will require hair expansions (sold by the track), hair glue, scissors, a wig cap, hardening styling gel (optional), and also a blow dryer.

The first step to installing a rapid weave is to braid your organic hair into cornrows or plaits. An alternate to braiding her hair is to use a strong-hold hardening gelatin to organize it under in a sleek pulled-back execute throughout the applications of the quick weave. 

Regardless that your wanted method, the following step is to put a security wig cap over your natural hair. This will avoid your hair from getting any type of bonding glue directly on it, which might potentially cause your herbal hair to permanently bind with the fast weave extensions.

The next step is to install the rapid weave. To carry out so, take it a weft, or track, the hair extension and also cut, and also apply it come the security wig cap making use of bonding glue. Once glued top top the wig cap, each weft have to then be blow-dried or allowed to air-dry, ensuring that it has actually been installed properly. 

How to Remove rapid Weaves

When hair begins to melted excessively from your quick weave, the is time to remove the hairstyle. This is because the glue that holds fast weaves together is start to deteriorate and is becoming unable to hold the hairdo together anymore. 

To remove a fast weave, gently peel the wig lid the hair expansions are glued to off your head. Through placing her fingers under the wig cap, start peeling from your forehead and also slowly work-related your method backward till the lid is completely off. Be certain to be particularly gentle as to not pull the end your organic hair in the process. 

Next, if your herbal hair has actually been braided back, take down the braids making use of either her fingers or a comb. Shampoo and also deep condition your hair, making certain to comb through and detangle it together you walk to remove any type of leftover hair glue.

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Pros that Getting rapid Weaves

One of the biggest advantages of gaining a rapid weave set up over a sew-in is the affordability the the latter. As opposed to paying upwards of $250 because that a sew-in, the price because that quick weaves tends to range from $60-$150, relying on whether you go to a experienced or DIY at home. Besides being a time-saving look, fast weaves can likewise put substantially less tension on your natural hair 보다 sew-ins. Unequal sew-ins, rapid weaves carry out not need your organic hair to it is in tightly braided before application.Instead, need to you choose to braid your natural hair back, this hairstyle deserve to be effectively done v loosely-braided plaits or cornrows and also slick-backed hair. Further, fast weaves room glued on together opposed to sewn in, providing less pull to your organic hair during removal.Quick weaves are also really low maintenance hairstyles. This hairstyle does not take much to keep besides possibly a small mousse come reapply bright or gelatin to lay your edges every now and also then.As such, quick weaves are exceptional protective formats for your organic hair the are finest to wear during extreme warm or cold temperatures. To safeguard your hair indigenous the frizzy mess it i do not care in humid heat or the dry and also brittle muddle it turns into in the brutal cold, try getting a quick weave installed in the summer and also winter months.

Cons that Getting quick Weaves

While over there are countless benefits to choosing to gain a quick weave, no all elements of gaining this form of hairstyle are sound. Rapid weaves, for instance, may not last as lengthy as sew-in weaves due to the fact that the bonding adhesive will start to wear the end naturally. If excellent properly, a fast weave only lasts as much as 4 main as contrasted to sew-ins, which lasts for up to 6 to ten weeks. Though it can be done at home, installation a rapid weave likewise requires a decent level of skill. For example, cut the wefts of her hair expansions when applying quick weave hairstyles can reason excessive shedding and also damage to your hair extensions if no done properly.Another disadvantage of obtaining a quick weave hairstyle revolves approximately the use of bonding glue. The bonding glue deserve to cause significant damage come the organic hair, even with the usage of a cap.Should your wig cap not be of great quality, hair glue might stick to your herbal hair pulling it out during removal as a result.Many women, in fact, suffer from hair breakage and also even hair loss because of improper installation and removal techniques. Together such, the is constantly best to have actually a skilled install and also remove your fast weave. Bonding glue can likewise damage her hair expansions when dry by clumping within the hair. However, as per hundreds of positive reviews from women, one extremely recommended hair bonding glue is Salon pro 30 second Bonding Glue.