My kids and I have spilled superglue top top a Corian countertop in our kitchen, I"ve heard you deserve to buff the end scratches and such indigenous these, but I"d rather avoid scraping and buffing if possible. Is over there another means to get superglue turn off these?

--UPDATEThe debonder didn"t work, so possibly not CA based glue, will try the razor blade, however has to be when the wife is away...

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Acetone-based nail polish remover and an old dinner knife worked really well. Pour acetone top top hardened superglue and begin scraping v the knife. I had spilled quite a little of glue onto my Corian countertop for this reason I had actually to repeat around 4 times. I wiped far the scrapings between each repetition. I"ve review that you deserve to then sand through 400 grit sandpaper in ~ the end. I can see the require for it and also I will complete when i buy the sandpaper. The Corian countertop was not impacted at every in this process.



What form of superglue? If it"s CA-based, climate this debonder will work-related on it. I"m not sure exactly how it will carry out on Corian though. my guess is that if the adhesive didn"t react with the countertop, then the debonder won"t either. (Mostly I"ve offered it for debonding balsa hardwood and/or carbon fiber.) I"d definitely shot it out on a tiny scale first, and if it doesn"t ache the countertop, then walk for it.


If that doesn"t work, then my next plan of activity would be scraping that off and also buffing.


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