Even after acquisition the highest precautions, her sealed or unsealed concrete floors the the garage, patios, or sidewalks deserve to get affected by hardwood stains. The beautification that these areas can get destroyed by lumber stains.

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At this point, you could be wondering around removing the lumber stain from concrete but don’t know exactly how to perform that.

Depending ~ above the severity of lumber stains, you can follow number of methods.

This tutorial will review the many common method of exactly how to remove wood stain indigenous concrete. Let’s learn more.

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How to remove Spilled wood Stain from Concrete – 7 action by step Process:FAQ

How to eliminate Spilled lumber Stain from Concrete – 7 step by step Process:

The procedure is quite straightforward. As whole you will should spend 30 – 60 minute to accomplish the whole process.


Required Ingredients:

Soft and also fresh cloth or document towelRegular family cleanerConcrete cleanerBrushHand glovesGogglesBucketMop

Step 01: plot Quickly

Concrete is a type of porous component liquid spills can easily soak right into porous materials. So, the is recipient to remove any type of liquid spills from concrete before soaking in. For this, you must use a soft cloth. Removing lock will end up being effortless as soon as you action quickly.

Step 02: buying the right Cleaner

Surfing in the local or hardware or home innovation stores, you will uncover several varieties of a concrete stain cleaner.

Concrete Cleaner=>Check on Amazon=>

You can pick concrete cleaner, degreaser, deglosser, rock stain remover, etc. From the sector according to her preference. Out of all these cleaners, the concrete cleaner is the best since they are specially formulated because that removing lumber stains indigenous concrete. Most cleaners work effectively to eliminate the timber stain, grease, oil, or dirt.

Degreaser functions well on wooden surfaces and stone stain removers are suitable for stone stain removal.

Before to buy a timber stain cleaner because that concrete, check out the remover’s label carefully. You have to make certain that the particular kind of stain remover is an ideal for fulfilling the requirement.

Step 03: execute a spot Test

A few concrete stain removers are easily accessible that can produce a stain of their own as soon as applying. That happens mostly on those concrete surface which have actually tinted stain coat or print. So, exactly how to know about this type of stain remover? A spot check is the just solution at this point.

Before starting a bigger project:

Make as much as a small mixture that the stain remover and select one out-of-sight location to apply it.After applying, offer it a remainder for 15 – 20 minutes.If it creates a clues or other problems, select another cleaner rather of solving the stain problem.

Step 04: prepare the Surface

Use a record towel or a fresh and soft cloth to remove the wood stain if it is quiet wet. Wipe turn off the stain as lot as possible.

Clean the totality surface to remove any type of dust or dirt. Also, if over there is any item close to the hardwood stain, keep them aside because rinsing the floor is a part of the process. While rinsing, this items will certainly be saved from gaining wet.

Step 05: prepare the hardwood Stain Remover indigenous Concrete

You can’t prepare the lumber stain remover of your method. Review the instruction indigenous the label and also prepare that accordingly.

Ensure put on safety gear such as goggles and also skin protectors. You might need to wear chemical-resistant gloves once working with wood stain remover. The product label has every instruction regarding safety precaution, nothing forget to check out it intently before beginning the work.

Step 06: applying the Concrete Stain Remover


Pour the concrete stain remover top top the stained area. Usage a soft brush come scrub the area. Do your finest when scrubbing the stained area as much as possible. Provide the cleaner a remainder for 15 – 20 minutes.

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Note: A press Washer is much more effective come clean the concrete floor v the help of a concrete cleaner solution. It help to remove hard oil varieties stains, rust stains, automative grease, automotive fluids, vehicle tire marks, etc from driveways, walkways, patios, and masonry.

Step 07: Rinsing the Floor with heat Water

After 15 – 20 minutes, use a hose to clean the floor thoroughly. Utilizing a water tap is not mandatory, and a couple of water buckets will likewise be valuable at this point. Then remove water utilizing a push broom or squeegee. In the end, permit the floor dry.

Step 08: monitor the very same Process, If Required

Don’t be sad if you find that the hardwood stain is still found on the concrete. The is usual when the stain is old. Clean the surface countless times is important when you room unsatisfied with the outcome. Because the process is no a daunting one, continue the very same process. Mental to include less water when preparing the cleaner and also give the cleaner a remainder for 25 – 30 minute after using on the concrete.

Isn’t the process so simple? Hopefully, you can successfully achieve the project adhering to the above instruction.

2. Soda Blasting Process:


It is an entirely new an approach of removing paint from concrete. The working procedure of soda blasting is similar to sandblasting. But it is not rough on the concrete surface.

In this process, a soda blaster and NaHCO₃ (Sodium Bicarbonate) are the main components. As soon as working v the soda blaster, you have to be very careful. After prepare the blaster, same spray the NaHCo3 native a for sure distance. Also, for sure wearing a respiratory mask during the whole process.

If friend don’t want to to buy a soda blaster, you can rent that from your nearest hardware store.

Also, specialists are easily accessible to carry out this job. So, if you don’t feeling confident, take aid from professionals.

Important Note: sodium Bicarbonate has actually a high pH level. So, don’t keep any type of plants in her surroundings once working with soda blasters.

Tips and also Tricks:

Regular cleaning and quick activity will assist you to store the concrete surface complimentary from timber stains.Use a squeegee or soft fabric to soak up fluid spills and also act to it as beforehand as possible.New wood stains ~ above concrete can conveniently be removed without taking assist from concrete strainers.Don’t leaving the concrete surface ar with water for a long time. The stain will certainly go deeper into the concrete if you carry out so.

3. Will paint Thinner remove Oil Stains indigenous Concrete?

Paint thinner is generally put along with oil-based repaint to make it light and getable to apply. Minera spirits, white spirits, turpentine, toluene, or xylene room the repaint thinners usually used.

Besides diluting paint, the can also be offered for removed the stain, ink, glue, grease, or wax native concrete, cement, brick, or stone. So, don’t concern if girlfriend accidentally flood some paint on her driveway or patio, some repaint thinner will conserve the place.

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How to use Paint thinner for hardwood Stain Removal:

It’s a really easy procedure to walk for. To water some paint thinner ~ above the repaint stain and also sprinkle some absorbent prefer baby powder. Let them stay prefer that for at the very least a day and clean the surface. Hopefully, girlfriend will uncover no stain onwards. Repeat the procedure again if necessary until the stain has actually vanished.

For oil-based paints, paint thinner is alright however what to execute if the latex paint? Well, you need to use regular soap and hot water because that this type of paint rather of paint thinner. Girlfriend cannot use the thinner here. Working v this material is risky as it’s extremely flammable and also hazardous. Functioning in an open place closely is needed.

4. Removing lumber Stain through Muriatic Acid

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Removal of timber stain on concrete no easy once the color is stubborn to go. That’s as soon as you require to pick the many corrosive product in this manner. Hydrochloric mountain or muriatic mountain is the component ns am informing you about. As this one is harmful to her skin, you need to wear rubber gloves to manage it.

This strong material requirements to get diluted through some water. Initially, a 1:20 ratio of muriatic acid and water is fine. Yet if it doesn’t occupational accordingly, friend can change the proportion to 2:19. If the still no work, you have to make it strong by transforming the ratio.

Wash the stain normally with this mixture and also continue till the stain is gone. A powdery residue is found on the surface ar after washing that can be eliminated by rinsing. Ns bet; the will occupational properly. Come obstruct more stain, seal the concrete properly.

What to execute If the Stain Is top top Pavers or Driveway?

Oil Stain Grease Remover=>Check ~ above Amazon=>

Using chemistry on your driveway and pavers have the right to be harmful to the grass and also plants approximately the area. So, is there any solution? the course, there is. Before the stain dealing with process, soak the plants and also the lawn with water because that about half an hour. When they space filled v water, there will certainly be no space for the chemicals to go in.

Anyway, don’t take any risk as part plants might be really sensitive. Try to to wash the totality place after ~ the therapy also.

5. Removing timber Stain through Homemade Poultice

We don’t constantly have chemistry or a particular product prepared at our residence when needed. If friend carelessly stain the concrete while painting your wood stuff, you deserve to remove the by following some easy measures with the obtainable ingredients at her home. The steps are given below.


The an initial thing you have to do is to take it an old rag or a record towel come blot the end the stain. In this way, the extra shade on the cement or concrete will be soaked up. It will stop the extra stain to go deep right into the porous surface. After soaking, dispose of that in the garbage bag.After cleaning the surface, you can put part absorbents on it. I generally use baby powder and it works great. You can likewise use kitty litter if you have it at your home. Leaving it for 24 hrs by wrapping it with plastic wrap. Clean it up once the time is over.Now, only the minimal stain exists and also you need some fluid soap, water, and nylon brush to make them disappear. Spray part soap and also water and brush it till the stain is gone. After finishing this job, you have to use part absorbent come soak the soap up. A paper towel will execute the work to eliminate them all. A finishing wash with hot water will do the rest. If the stain is also stubborn come go, repeat the process all end again.If these nothing work, you may need to do a poultice through the absorbent and acetone. You have the right to use pond polish remover together it consists of enough acetone. Mix them together until a thin dough is formed. As soon as the dough is ready, spread it ~ above the stain, cover it with a plastic wrap, and let it dry thoroughly. Don’t forget come wear protective gloves before working with these ingredients.

Acetone bring away time to job-related on the stain. So, have actually patience and also when that dry, use a spatula to remove the poultice. After that, clean it through a wet paper cloth and also your fresh concrete is all set to shine.

6. Removed Concrete Stain by making use of Bleach

When that time come remove any kind of kind of stain, the first thing that pertains to our psychic is bleach. I usually use this on my clothes but the continuous household bleach won’t job-related on the hardwood stain. A different bleach called wood-bleaching certified dealer is essential to achieve this removal. The main ingredient is oxalic acid of this bleach the you will obtain as a crystal powder in the store.

Precautions such as eye protection, rubber gloves, nylon scrub brush with a lengthy hand are essential as the is fairly a toxicity material. Monitor the instructions detailed by the manufacturer because that mixing it. A well-ventilated ar will be okay to perform the job.

After that, use the mixture come the stain and also wait for 15 minutes. Clean the area after that will provide the an outcome you want to see.

7. Removing Dried Stain by utilizing Sandblast


If you space worried about how to remove spilled lumber stains from cement, you have to follow this procedure carefully. It additionally helps to remove the dried stain native concrete. Well, ns am talking about sandblasting. It surely go sound harsh but believe me, that works.

You have the right to rent a sandblaster from any local store and also get the instructions on using it. By following the instructions, girlfriend can obtain an reliable result. It creates rather a mess with all the sands. Clean after the process is a must.

How come Remove repaint Stain from Concrete?

Removing repaint stains from concrete is quite comparable to remove the timber stain native the concrete process. I used the word “quite similar” because you will have to use various ingredients to complete the process, and the measures are similar.

Instead of lumber stain remover, you need to use a paint stripper. And using respiratory is mandatory as soon as stripping repaint from concrete.

However, I will certainly share a natural process of stripping paint from concrete. This procedure will help if friend don’t want to use chemicals.


Question: have the right to you remove oil native concrete v baking soda?

Answer: Yes, you deserve to do it. Sprinkle a big amount of baking soda top top the stained area and also use a brush come scrub the area. Wait for 24 hours, then wash it and see the magic.

Question: exactly how to eliminate wood stain from unsealed concrete?

Answer: Using specialized wood stain remover will enable you to eliminate wood stain native unsealed concrete.

Question: How can I remove wood stain from porous concrete?

Answer: adhering to several methods, you can remove lumber stain indigenous porous concrete. Methods are:

Using timber stain removerApplying repaint stripperTaking assistance from soda blasterFinal Words

It’s not simple to eliminate the paint stain within some minutes. However if girlfriend know just how to remove wood stain from concrete, it would be much easier for you to lug away the stain. With the techniques I have mentioned above, you have the right to do the by yourself. Choose the handy material you have and start the procedure; the stain will be gone because that good. Varnishing and also painting anew will give the concrete a brand-new and fresh look too. If you want to know an ext about removing repaint stains, you can feel free to ask.

The procedure of remove the timber stain indigenous concrete is tricky however straightforward. Whatever technique you follow concerning how to eliminate wood stain from concrete, certain taking suitable safety precautions.

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Hopefully, following the above steps, you deserve to sweep off all the wood stains native the concrete surface. Feel complimentary to comment in the below comment crate if girlfriend have any type of queries. I will be happy to reply to you.