Guinea pigs are recognized by numerous names throughout the world. katya36/Pixabay and also TheDigitalArtist/Pixabay

In English, some civilization call the adorable tiny mammal companion that scientists dubbed Cavia porcellus a guinea pig. Others speak to this mammal a cavy. Some world use both guinea pig and also cavy. No matter the name, these tailless “wheekers” from south America have actually stolen hearts across the world. And with so many languages in the world, that way guinea pigs have a whole lot more names than just guinea pig or cavy.

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Can you guess the language of the following four terms because that guinea pig: meerschweinchen, cochon d’Inde, porcellino d’India, and also marumotto? Those space guinea pig in German, French, Italian, and Japanese. Together in English, part languages might refer to guinea pigs with more than one term.

The Sound of Guinea Pig In other Languages

Of course, reading a word and also knowing just how to pronounce it are two different things. Fortunately, some websites provide audio samples the the talked word. A couple of to examine out room the Collins dictionary, the Bab.la dictionary, and also 50 Languages. Execute you have a favourite term based upon sound?

Words because that Guinea Pig In different Languages

Now have actually some fun by learning exactly how to speak guinea pig in a large array the languages. Will certainly your guinea pigs recognize any? most likely not.

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Will your family and also friends it is in amazed? that course! These and others are noted at the Babylon, Collins dictionary, bab.la dictionary, and TSU web page referenced because that this article. Perform you know any type of words for guinea pig in various other languages not provided below? Please include to the list in the comments.

Arabic: khenziir elhendBulgarian: morsko svincheChinese: túnshǔCroatian: zamoracCzech: morčeDanish: marsvinDutch: caviaEnglish: guinea pigEsperanto: kobajo or kavioEstonian: merisigaFinnish: marsuFrench: cochon d’IndeGerman: meerschweinchenGreek: to indikó choirídioHungarian: tengerimalacIcelandic: naggrisIndonesian: tikus belandaIrish: muc ghuineItalian: porcellino d’IndiaJapanese: morumottoKorean: ginipigeuLatin: Cavia porcellusLatvian: jūras cūciņaLithuanian: jūrᶙ kiaulytėNorwegian: marsvinPersian: khookche hendiPolish: świnka morskaPortuguese: cobaiaRomanian: cobaiRussian: morskaya svinkaSerbian: morsko praseSlovak: morski prašičekSpanish (Europe): cobaya / cobayoSpanish (South America): cuySwedish: marsvinTurkish: kobayVietnamese: chuột langWelsh: mochyn cwta