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There is something therefore satisfying about learning swear words in an additional language. It is why therefore many brand-new language learners sirloin to ask aboriginal speakers just how to say things like, “f*ck you,” “sh*t,” and also “you’re an idiot.”

After Rachel composed this short article with 8 swear native to add sass to your Italian vocabulary, we assumed it would just be same to follow up with another list of insults.

They selection from affectionately crude (like come tease her friends) every the means to once you’re yes, really angry, or when you’re incazzato nero (totally pissed off).

Some basic vocab for you:

— Gli insulti – Insults

— Insultare – to insult

Affectionately crude

Sei pazzo(a)? – are you crazy?

Sei diventato pazzo(a)? – have you gone crazy?

Sei impazzito(a)? – have you gone insane?

Ci sei cascato come una pirla! – You dropped for it prefer a stupid person!

If yes sir an “a” in parentheses, it method that this adjective can be woman or feminine. Remember that adjectives also readjust in number in Italian. If she unfamiliar v this grammar concept, click below for a refresher.

Actually rude

Sei una sfigata. – you’re a loser.

Vai a quel paese. – walk to hell.

Lui è un coglione. – he’s a jerk.

Sei un cretino. – you’re a fool.

Sei uno stronzo. – you an asshole.

Sei stupido(a). – you stupid.

Bastardo(a). – Bastard.

Pezzo di merda. – item of shit.

Sei un deficiente. – you a moron.

Chissenefrega? – who the hell cares?

Non hai capito una sega! – you don’t know shit!

Ti sei bevuto / fumato il cervello. – she crazy.

Lui è proprio un bischero. – he is an idiot.

Rachel pointed out the one above in a list of phrases come sound much more Tuscan.

Sei scemo(a)! – you’re stupid!

Puttana! – Bitch!

Porca troia! – Whore!

Sei un idiota. – you’re an idiot.

Sei un rompicoglioni. – she a pain in the ass / round breaker.


Vai a cacare – Fuck off !!

Zoccola. – Whore.

Troia. – Whore.

Figlio di puttana. – Motherf*cker.

Sei una testa di cazzo! – she a dickhead.



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– F*ck you.

Li mortacci tua! – her dead bastard ancestors.

The last one is a Roman phrase that’s extra extra insulting yet it’s used all over Italy.


Have questions? Or want to know just how say a different insult? leave a comment below.