In today’s blog post, i am going to talk about the Spanish verbs offered to to speak “to wear.”

How come Say come Wear In Spanish

One thing I discover interesting around the Spanish language is the there are so countless verbs to usage for the English verb “to wear” as in “to stay clothes.”

You may hear native Spanish speakers use the verb “poner,” “vestir,” (literally, “to dress”) “llevar,” “usar,” and also “lucir” because that the English verb “to wear.”

The critical one (lucir) argues to stay proudly.

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Let’s take it the phrase “I am wearing shorts” and let’s to speak it in Spanish:

Tengo un puesto un chor.Tengo puestos unos chores.Estoy vistiendo unos chores.Estoy llevando unos chores.Estoy usando unos chores.Estoy luciendo unos chores.

How come Say Shorts In Spanish

The native “chor” or “chores” is a “palabra inglesa” or a word the was taken directly from the English language. In fact, I have actually checked mine Spanish dictionaries and also cannot uncover the word “chor” or “chores” in mine Spanish dictionary. That’s because the native “chor” or “chores” is in reality the English indigenous “shorts” pronounced with a Latin American accent.

Note the the word have the right to be claimed either singular (chor) or many (chores). Yet be mindful with the pronunciation. If you pronounce the word with the English “sh” sound of of “shorts” nobody will recognize you due to the fact that the “sh” sound does not exist in Spanish. Be careful to pronounce this word with a “ch” sound.

Without gaining off topic, an additional word that’s a “palabra inglesa” that I have actually heard provided in Colombia is “show.” Although it has around the same an interpretation as the English word “show” the is pronounced v a Latin American accent.

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Again, be cautious with the pronunciation. If you pronounce the word with the English “sh” sound the of “show” nobody will recognize you. So make sure you pronounce “show” v a “ch” sound so that words sounds choose “cho.”

Back come the topic of “shorts” . . .

Another word the I have actually heard provided in Colombia for shorts is “bermudas.”


As in English, in Spanish, words “bermudas” usually describes “pantalón holgado que llega hasta las rodillas” or “baggy trousers that expand to the knees.”

So what is the word that they usage in Spain for “shorts”?

Oddly, ns cannot tell girlfriend from an individual experience although i spent many of the summer in Barcelona,Spain a couple of year ago. Which was also when the warmth was unbearable and also I had to wear“chores” everyday. Since I was staying with friends indigenous the “República Dominicana” who currently live in Spain,I to be exposed to a lot an ext Caribbean Spanish 보다 I to be exposed to european Spanish. But due to the fact that “estoy muy comprometido” — “I am an extremely committed” to helping others discover Spanish, ns did some research study online and also learned that words for “shorts” that is offered in Spain is:

pantalones cortos

By the way, one point that surprised me throughout my remain in Barcelona is that ns met so countless Colombians whoare life in Barcelona. I also ate at a Colombian “restaurante” when in Barcelona — and that make mefeel right at home