LESTER—Two Lester occupants were cited about 1 p.m. Thursday, may 28, on charges of first-offense possession the a managed substance and also possession of medicine paraphernalia.

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The citing of 25-year-old Brendan Michael Ryan and also 23-year-old Hannah Lavon Dirks stemmed indigenous a report about a verbal residential disturbance at 504 thomas St. In Lester, follow to the Lyon county Sheriff’s Office.

Upon investigation, Ryan, who stays at the residence, voluntarily offered deputies a shoebox and also cooler containing medicine paraphernalia consisting of pipes and also light bulbs, follow to court documents.

One of the light bulbs had methamphetamine. Ryan and also Dirks admitted to cigarette smoking out the the irradiate bulb about 5:30-6 a.m.

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