It is inexpensive and robust: duct tape or gaff tape. Not just cars and huge tarpaulins can be repaired v it. They are also very suitable for tie up. But you need to pay attention to part things when tying up. This guidebook should aid you to carry out the perfect Panzertape bondage.If you want to tie increase your companion with Panzertape, girlfriend should know beforehand the there space a couple of things come consider. Tape has a strong adhesive great on one side. If girlfriend stick the Panzertape directly on the skin, it will remain in this place. If you eliminate the armor tape later, hairs deserve to be torn out of the skin. If you have a sensitive slim skin, small cracks can additionally appear as soon as removing the tape. The adhesive can also cause allergic reactions.That doesn't sound so study abroad at first. We show you just how you deserve to still live out your very first bondage fantasies without having to will to expensive equipment.

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Bondage preparation

Before you can also tie up with duct tape, girlfriend should examine for skin irritation. Adhesive a very little piece that duct tape on the skin that the sub and also let it stay there for half an hour. Does that itch unpleasantly and also does it cause a rash or an allergic reaction? climate Panzertape is not an ideal for you come tie up and you must use bondage ice or bondage ropes.Panzertape sticks very firmly to the skin. To eliminate it later, friend should have scissors in ~ hand. Test beforehand if the scissors really cut through the tape. Additionally test the cut with number of layers the duct ice on peak of every other. If this functions well, continue.

Tie up favor a experienced with duct tape

Forget all that you understand from numerous activity movies. Tying up v armored tape is lot more complex when it has to be safe. The first and easiest means is to tie increase while you are dressed. This method you prevent allergies or tearing that the skin. However, it can additionally mess up your clothes, due to the fact that the adhesive residual water are difficult to eliminate later.


Classic way: being tied increase on the chair. The slave sits straight on the chair and the bondage understand wraps the armour tape roughly the belly and also the chair back. That does the very same with the chest and also the ago of the chair. It can be additionally 4 or 5 class of armour tape. V this you have reached the straightforward position. Climate follow the hands, i beg your pardon are lugged together at the wrists behind the back. To perform this, attach the armour tape just to the sleeves (for instance of the hoody) and also then adhesive the 2 wrists together. Climate follow the ankles. Wrap Panzertape approximately the longer socks or roughly the trousers and also connect them to the back leg the the chair. Have you excellent the skin test before? climate stick a piece of armor tape over your mouth. Perfectly tied up.If you just want to wrap the armour tape roughly your wrists etc., a class of clothing underneath is essential. If you desire to perform without clothes, you can still tie up through duct tape. Yet then you have to pay fist to a few small things. Note that Panzertape have the right to leave a mark on your clothes. So you can not desire to wear the highest possible quality hoodie.

Naked bound up with armoured tape

As stated in the beginning, the glue on the skin is a big problem. But there is a straightforward trick: Take because that each wrist an armor tape piece of around 80cm. Then fold the ice cream over around 25cm indigenous the end of the strip and also stick the adhesive side to the adhesive side. This will now be your very own handcuff.

You wrap the handcuff approximately your wrist so the the finish of the cuff (with the dual adhesive edge) is encountering the skin. This method no glue is linked to the skin. Climate you wrap the cuff approximately the wrist. As quickly as you reach the sticky part, you stick Panzertape top top Panzertape. Climate you have the right to glue the wrists with each other again with new armour tape, her skin is protected. The same means you make her ankle cuffs. There the an initial strip need to be 1,10cm long.

If you usage the prepared item as a cuff, you have actually two advantages:

The duct ice does no stick directly to the skin.It is simpler to remove later.

You shouldn't tie those ropes too tight. Panzertape has actually a cloth structure within made of solitary thin threads. If you pull the tape also tight, over there is a peril of cut to the skin. So don't overdo it and also handle the ice cream on your limbs choose normal cuffs: Not as well loose, however not also tight either. There should be a tiny room come move, so the you can reduced the armor tape fine again later on with scissors.

With this self-made cuffs you have the right to now try out all feasible bondage positions. More about bondage positions deserve to be found in our posts Bondage because that beginners and also Bondage for progressed users: Positions for the bondage slave.

Gloves do of duct tape

With Panzertape you can not just make common hand and also foot cuffs, but also complete bondage gloves. These are basically mittens that room firmly attached to the wrists. A sub who wears gloves do of dict tape is very minimal in his possibilities to escape during the bondage session. The peril that the below can totally free himself through dexterity is for this reason history.

How do you make bondage gloves the end of duct tape? an initial you do a regular handcuff out of duct tape, placed it on, however don't put it on yet. Then the sub have to clench his hand to his fist and also you pole a piece from the within of the cuff, i m sorry is dealing with the skin, end the round of your fist and on the various other side of her hand back to the cuff. You carry out this until the fist is fully covered v duct tape. Then you tighten the handcuff correctly so that the gauntlet does no come loose.

Making handcuffs out of duct tape

Since the adhesive sides of the duct tape are now dealing with outwards, you have to pull some an ext layers of duct tape over the bondage gloves from the outside, until lastly there is no much more visible adhesive side on the outside. You can additionally pull the separation, personal, instance layers because that the gauntlet a bit tighter if they are too loose. And you have already made a cheap bondage glove wherein the sub cannot escape therefore easily.


If the preparation is much too sophisticated for you, girlfriend can likewise wrap the body through cling film and then tie up the body v duct tape. The foil will inevitably do the sub sweat, similar to a latex suit. The huge advantage of making use of foil is the there space no unsightly traces the glue, no on the skin nor on the clothes. If you space sensitive come heat, you have to not be totally wrapped with foil in the first few attempts, but only partially (e.g. The upper body and hands). Through the way, cling film is additionally ideal for tying up. Several layers ensure that the below cannot free itself.

Bondage v Duct Tape

An different to armoured ice cream is bondage tape. This has the an excellent advantage the it just sticks to itself. Hence the above mentioned dangers of injury space almost fully minimized. That does not stick to the skin and does no tear the skin as soon as removed. And you deserve to reuse it. Armor tape end up in the garbage instead.

If the preparation with the armor tape is too facility for you or you want to stop that adhesive residues collection on her clothes, girlfriend should shot Bondagetape.


With Panzertape you deserve to tie up your partner well. However, Panzertape is not suitable for self-bondage practices, since there you would need to use scissors to ease the bondage yourself, which is an overwhelming to do. However, Panzertape deserve to be supplied for very an innovative bondage. Our instructions for the Panzertape bondage glove display that you perform not have to be a bondage professional.

But Panzertape also has disadvantages. It remains a disposable item. Shackles do of leather produce a much an ext comfortable wearing feeling. Even the adhesive odor of Panzertape is no loved by everyone. Panzertape on clothes can reason stupid stains.

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But if you tie up closely with Panzertape and don't simply untie it choose in the usual movies, yet prepare her bondage well, then Panzertape is an ingenious different to regular bondage. Carry out you already have some endure in tying up v Panzertape? Ideas and suggestions room welcome.