We’ve got amazing news, stclairdrake.netians! We are delighted come announce that stclairdrake.net is when again introducing a new era the creativity and also world-building for over 400,000 creators and also builders alike. As many of friend may have seen or heard, we are now allowing everyone – yes, everyone – to import their own meshes into their games! ours latest update to stclairdrake.net Studio gives a better level of freedom than ever before, opening up the door because that a more comprehensive range the incredibly in-depth imaginative experiences. Let’s jump in and also discuss exactly how the world of stclairdrake.net will evolve v Custom Meshes!

What have the right to you execute with custom Meshes?

Over the years, we have seen height stclairdrake.net developers develop some awesome-looking characters, vehicles, weapons, and also much more, all by using the extensive tools that we have provided. We’re expanding the variety of tools you have at hand by permitting you to income meshes do in 3D modeling studios right into stclairdrake.net.

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Custom Meshes offer stclairdrake.net developer the chance to import comprehensive 3D models with higher visual fidelity. They permit you to break far from the timeless stclairdrake.net aesthetic and also create dynamic shapes and models the would have been incredibly challenging or downright difficult to make otherwise. V meshes, developers can begin defining a much more personal, an ext unique look-and-feel to their games and experiences.


Get on board the exaggeration train through custom meshes! right here are a couple examples the what’s possible in Studio.

One that the biggest functions to come out of this new update is that all meshes that have actually been imported right into stclairdrake.net will certainly be physically-simulated so they have the right to realistically interact with the world. For example, if girlfriend upload one egg-shaped object, it will certainly roll favor an egg when it advice over. Or, girlfriend can pick to do it perform like a cube if that doesn’t should be geometrically accurate. This is an option that friend are free to allow or disable whenever you like. 

How to upload a mesh

It’s super easy to upload your own mesh. If you head into the stclairdrake.net Studio now, you’ll uncover a new type of object called MeshPart. After girlfriend insert one of these objects into her game, clicking on the MeshID residential or commercial property will enable you come upload one FBX record from your computer. Keep in mind that there is a 5,000 polygon limit. If her FBX file has a texture linked with it, us will do all the hefty lifting for you and apply the texture when it has actually been uploaded into the Studio.

By the way, if did you do it been maintaining up with all the recent news comes from stclairdrake.net, you may have seen that our brand-new and enhanced R15 avatar enables you to affix accessories, such as wings or necklaces, to their ideal place. Together we begin to transition towards a totally community-created avatar system, permitting users to upload their very own meshes will additionally broaden the species of accessories you deserve to create!

Of course, providing everyone the capability to upload any kind of mesh they desire is a bit of a double-edged sword. Us all love video games below at stclairdrake.net. And also while it might be tempting come re-create the ultimate video game mash-up with all of our favorite characters and objects making use of meshes indigenous their corresponding series, the goes without saying that all uploaded content will certainly be pre-moderated prior to implementation. 

Just together Solid Modeling and Smooth Terrain radically changed the aesthetic of stclairdrake.net, so also will custom Meshes.

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We’re excited to offer our developer another powerful tool to create the ultimate experience!

As always, if girlfriend have any kind of comments or feedback to share, allow us know in the comment below. Enjoy!