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EVO architecture 4G USER overview - web page 9
...151 rent or to buy a Video...152 regulate Your video Library 152 examine or change the HTC
Watch setups 153 Web and Data...155 methods to affix ...155 Wi-Fi...155 Turn...Add the Wi-Fi Widget ...157 Sprint 4G ...157 turn Sprint 4G On and also Connect come the Sprint 4G Network 157 examine Sprint 4G Network standing 158 include the Sprint 4G Widget 158 Data services (Sprint 3G and also 4G Networks 158 your User surname ......
EVO architecture 4G USER overview - page 11
...Alarm Clock ...206Read eBooks...207 share ...210 Weather...213 News Feeds ...216 auto Panel ...218 Dock setting ...219 HTC
Sync...219 ...227Sign increase for her Account 227 use ...228 Voice regulates ...... Folder to the Home screen 237 use Bluetooth FTP Server 238 microSD Card...238 Remove the microSD Card 239 Insert the microSD Card 240Table of Contentsx
EVO design 4G USER overview - page 12
... Update Your maker Firmware 242 update the Operating device 243 update Your Profile...244 update Your PRL...244 Sprint
an international Wireless organization 245 Activate Sprint worldwide Service on your Account 245 your SIM Card...245 install the SIM card ...246 Enable an international Roaming setting 248 Manually set Your an international Roaming options for CDMA Networks 248 Make...
EVO architecture 4G USER overview - web page 18
... To dial your voicemail number.3. For an ext information, see move Contacts from your Old Phone
.● booked sync: select manual or automatic synchronization of the screens.● Transfer... More information, view Location.● call HTC: select whether to allow HTC to use your device.● collection up accounts: set up your Sprint Voicemail and an individual greeting as shortly as her ...
EVO style 4G USER guide - page 19
... Any type of other commodities like games, ring tones, screensavers, and also more.Manage your AccountManage your Sprint
account from her computer, your voicemail. See collection Up Voicemail for the latest Sprint phones. ● View obtainable Sprint business plans and also options. ● Learn more about regulating your data services account. Come your personal account information...
EVO architecture 4G USER overview - page 20
From her Sprint
Phone1. Driving directions, restaurant reservations, and major local occasion information. You have the right to getanswers come a neighborhood telephone calling card or 3rd party.► Touch > Phone, and also then touch. For much more information or to usage Sprint 411, and you will be billed for airtime.► Touch > Phone, and then touch..Sprint support ServicesSprint 411Sprint 411 ...
EVO style 4G USER overview - web page 23
... Is focusing and also capturing a picture or video.● Camera Lens allows you take it pictures and also videos.● Battery Compartment cover covers the battery compartment, SIM
card, and also microSD card slots.● Charger/Accessory Jack permits you to change the ringer or media volume or adjust the voice volume throughout a call.● speaker lets...
EVO style 4G USER guide - page 33
connected come the Sprint
3G Network) Data synchronizing - notification IconsIconDescription brand-new text or multimedia ...error) Wi-Fi is on and wireless networks are accessible 4G is on and also the Sprint 4G Network is easily accessible Sprint Hotspot is on (connected to the Sprint 4G Network) Sprint Hotspot is top top (connected come HTC Sync brand-new location detected much more (undisplayed) notifications Missed contact Call...
EVO style 4G USER overview - web page 63
...Thenprovide the state TRS v the manufacturer of various other settings because that the phone
application. For details ~ above VPN, see worldwide Data Roaming.Other contact your device"s 4G features and settings, watch Data services (Sprint 3G and also 4G Networks). Because that details ~ above mobile networks, see Sprint 4G. VPN SettingsConnect to communicate by first dialing. Mobile NetworksThis food selection ...
EVO style 4G USER overview - web page 72
... Girlfriend can shot again.3.Use a display screen Unlock Password1. Touch > > setups > protection > collection up SIM
card lock.2.Enter a password and touch Continue.4.If you fail to go into the correct password after 5 attempts, you will certainly be triggered to prevent unauthorized phone call from her password again to confirm and touch OK. Draw your unlock...
EVO design 4G USER guide - web page 76
.... In the Application info screen, touch clean data or clear cache. SD & Phone
storage SettingsThe SD & phone storage setups menu lets you manage internal storage on the device. The state before you turned on the maker or your microSD card.Touch Erase everything. Maker Settings64 Clear application Cache and DataFree...
EVO style 4G USER overview - web page 169
..., and also touch add Wi-Fi network. The machine will immediately scan and also connect to the Sprint
4G Network1. Note: The ease of access and selection of the Sprint 4G counts on among Sprint 4G in the standing bar and tells you desire to remove the device"s wireless network settings, touch Forget top top this window. Attach to a different Wi...
EVO design 4G USER overview - page 187
...Get online through your device. Turn Off Sprint
Hotspot1. To learn how, see Sprint 4G and Data solutions (Sprint 3G and also 4G Networks).3. Connect the device to turn Sprint Hotspot on your brand-new settings. Select the Sprint Mobile Hotspot check box at any type of time, using the detailed USB cable.4. Download HTC Sync on the wireless router with your notebook...
EVO design 4G USER overview - page 255
...updates. Touch HTC
software update > examine now. 3. Touch Forward. 4. Follow onscreen instructions.Tools and also Calendar243 confirm Your Current an equipment Firmware► Touch > > setups > around phone > Software...up all your data, usage the Firmware update alternative to upgrade your microSD card, you re welcome remove the from Android sector are reloaded remotely and can it is in reinstalled after the ...
EVO design 4G USER guide - page 257
... ServiceWith your an equipment and an international roaming company from Sprint
WorldwideSM Wireless Service, you must activate Sprint an international service.If you should your device in an international roaming mode, you deserve to make phone calls and also use ~ above compatible CDMA and also GSM/UMTS networks. Her SIM CardYour device comes v the device for AssistanceActivate...
EVO style 4G USER overview - page 258
Push the battery compartment sheathe up v its prior panel dealing with down and also the battery compartment sheathe ontop. 3. Hold the maker with her thumbs and also remove
that from the device.4. Open up the battery compartment door, and also then pull out the battery.Sprint an international Wireless Service246 revolve off the device. 2. Install the SIM card1.
EVO architecture 4G USER guide - page 259
worldwide Wireless Service247 replace the battery, contacts side first and the published side dealing with down and its cut-off edge facing the bottom-right corner of your device.6. Replace the battery compartment cover. Insert the SIM card into the slot till it is seated. 7. Slide the SIM card fully into the slot v its...
EVO architecture 4G USER guide - page 264
... Friend will have actually to contact Sprint
Customer service to have gotten in an incorrect SIM pen number. The phone that you dubbed is either busy, out-of -range, or turned turn off , and contact Sprint client Service.If this error recurs, note the error and also contact Sprint customer Service.You have actually inserted the SIM card. Try Later organization Conflict...
EVO design 4G USER guide - page 270
Facebook for HTC
Sense, 106 Logging In, 63 Synchronizing, 63 manufacturing facility Data Reset, 64 Flash, 180 FAQ, 180 Flash, 11 Flick, 15 Flickr... A Number, 46 saving a Number, 46 home Key, 10 house Screen, 16 add Items, 18 Customize, 18 Extended, 17 relocate or Remove Items, 19 HTC Sync, 219 Install, 220 install Apps, 225 set Up Synchronization, 222 Sync another Device, 226 What you Need, 220 Workspace, 221Index...
EVO design 4G USER guide - page 274
..., 18 SIM
Card, 245Install, 246 Sleep Mode, 13 Slide, 14 Sound Feedback, 54 Sound Set, 49Applying, 49 Creating, 49 Speaker, 11 Speakerphone intuitive Voicemail, 39 speed Dialing, 44 Spread, 15 Sprint 411, 8 Sprint Assistance, 253 Sprint Hotspot, 173 affix To, 174 collection Up, 173 Settings, 50, 174 Sprint Operator Services, 8 Sprint Radio, 146 Sprint an international Service...

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How come Reactivate center Card On instead of PhoneHow execute you reactivate old center card on replacenent HTC incredible 2. All i did was placed old sim card...
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