(eyes plural & third person present) (eyeing present participle) (eying present participle) (eyed past it s too dirty & past participle )

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1  n-count Your eyes room the components of her body v which you see. oft poss N in pl I opened my eyes and also looked..., Maria"s eyes filled with tears., ...a tall, slim white-haired lady v piercing dark brown eyes..., that is now blind in one eye.  
2  verb 
If you eye who or other in a specific way, you look in ~ them carefully in the way. Sally eyed Claire v interest...  V n prep/adv Martin eyed the bottle at Marianne"s elbow.  V n 
3  n-count 
You usage eye once you are talking around a person"s ability to judge points or about the way in which they are considering or handling things. usu sing, with supp, oft a N for n William to be a guy of discernment, through an eye for quality..., your chief negotiator rotate his critical eye ~ above the unified States..., He very first learnt to fish under the watchful eye the his grandmother.  
5  n-count 
An eye is a small metal loop i m sorry a hook fits into, together a fastening ~ above a item of clothing. 
7  n-sing 
The eye of a storm, tornado, or hurricane is the center of it. the N that n The eye of the hurricane struggle Florida simply south of Miami.  
9 If girlfriend say the something happens before your eyes, in former of your eyes, or under her eyes, you room emphasizing that it happens wherein you deserve to see it clearly and regularly implying the it is surprising or unpleasant. ♦before/in front of/under your eyes  phrase usu PHR after v, v-link PHR  (emphasis) A lot of them passed away in former of our eyes...  
10 If you cast your eye or run your eye over something, you look at it or read it quickly. ♦cast/run her eye  phrase V inflects, PHR prep I would be thankful if the could actors an expert eye end it and also tell me what he thought of it...  
11 If something catches your eye, friend suddenly notification it. ♦catch someone"s eye 
 phrase V inflects As she turned back, a movement across the lawn caught her eye.   → eye-catching 
12 If you capture someone"s eye, you carry out something to entice their attention, so that you can speak come them. ♦catch someone"s eye  phrase V inflects I do the efforts to catch Chrissie"s eye to uncover out what she was play at.  
13 To clap eyes on someone or something, or set or lay eye on them, means to watch them. INFORMAL ♦clap/lay/set eye on 
 phrase V inflects, oft after superl, oft v brd-neg That"s most likely the many bare and bleak island I"ve ever had the misfortune come clap eyes on..., What to be he doing when you last collection eyes on him?  
14 If you do eye contactwith someone, friend look at them in ~ the same time together they look at you, so that you are both mindful that you room looking at each other. If you stop eye contactwith someone, girlfriend deliberately perform not look directly at them since you feel awkward or embarrassed. ♦eye contact 
 phrase PHR after v She to be looking in ~ me across the room, and we made eye contact several times..., I invested a fruitless ten minutes walking up and down the high street, desperately preventing eye call with passers-by.  
15 If friend close her eyes to something negative or if you shut her eyes to it, you ignore it. ♦close/shut your eyes come something 
 phrase V inflects, PHR n Most governments must just be shutting their eyes come the problem.  
16 If girlfriend cry her eyes out, girlfriend cry very hard. INFORMAL ♦cry her eyes out 
 phrase V inflects 
17 If over there is something as much as the eye deserve to see, over there is a many it and also you cannot view anything else past it. ♦as far as the eye can/could see  phrase There room pine tree as much as the eye have the right to see.  
18 If you say that someone has actually an eye because that something, you typical that castle are good at noticing the or do judgments about it. ♦have one eye for something 
 phrase V inflects Susan has a crawl eye because that detail, for this reason each dress is beautifully finished off.  
19 You use expressions such as in his eyes or to her eyes to show that you room reporting someone"s opinion and that other civilization might think differently. ♦in/to someone"s eyes 
 phrase PHR through cl-group The other serious problem in the eye of the new government is communalism..., Richard Dorrington was, in your eyes, a an extremely sensible and reliable man...  
20 If you store your eyes open or save an eye outfor someone or something, friend watch because that them carefully. INFORMAL ♦keep her eyes open, store an eye out for something 
 phrase V inflects, oft PHR for n I ask the placed patrol to save their eyes open..., You and also your friends store an eye outif there"s any kind of trouble we"ll make a break because that it.  
21 If you store an eye on other or someone, you clock them carefully, for instance to make certain that they space satisfactory or safe, or not leading to trouble. ♦keep her eye ~ above something 
 phrase V inflects, PHR n I"m certain you will certainly appreciate that we must keep a cautious eye on all our running costs..., i went because that a operation there, keeping an eye top top the children the whole time...  
22 You speak `there"s more to this 보다 meets the eye" once you think a case is no as basic as it seems to be. ♦there"s more to this 보다 meets the eye 
 phrase This whole company is very puzzling. Over there is a lot an ext to it than meets the eye.  
23 If something, especially something how amazing or impressive, meets her eyes, you see it. ♦meet sb"s eyes 
 phrase V inflects The first sight the met my eyes on getting to the prior door was the church enveloped in flames.  
24 If girlfriend say the all eyes are on something or that the eyes of the human being are on something, you mean that anyone is paying careful attention to it and also what will happen.  (JOURNALISM) ♦all eyes space on something   
 phrase V inflects, PHR n All eyes will be top top tomorrow"s vote..., The eye of the civilization were currently on the police.  
25 If someone has their eye on you, they are watching you closely to view what friend do. ♦have her eye ~ above someone 
 phrase V inflects, PHR n As the boat plodded right into British waters and up the English Channel, personalizeds had your eye ~ above her.  
26 If you have your eye on something, you desire to have actually it. INFORMAL ♦have her eye ~ above something 
 phrase V inflects, PHR n ...if you"re conserving up for a brand-new outfit you"ve had your eye on.  
27 If girlfriend say that you walk something through your eyes open up or v your eyes large open, you average that you knew around the problems and also difficulties that you were most likely to have. ♦with your eyes open 
 phrase PHR after v We desire all our members come undertake this pilgrimage responsibly, through their eye open.  
28 If something opens your eyes, it renders you aware that something is various from the means that you assumed it was. ♦open her eyes 
 phrase V inflects, oft PHR come n Watching your child check out the world around her can open her eyes come delights long forgotten.  
29 If you see eye to eyewith someone, you agree through them and have the very same opinions and also views. ♦see eye to eye 
 phrase V inflects, PHR with n, pl-n PHR Yuriko saw eye to eye v Yul on practically every aspect of the production...  
30 When friend take her eyes turn off the thing you have been watching or looking at, you avoid looking at it. ♦take your eyes turn off something 
 phrase V inflects, PHR n She took she eyes turn off the roadway to glance at me...  
31 If someone sees or considers something v your eyes, they consider it in the way that girlfriend do, indigenous your point of view. ♦through someone"s eyes 
 phrase PHR after v She tried come see things through his eyes...  
32 If you say the you space up to her eyesin something, you room emphasizing the you have a the majority of it to transaction with, and also often that you are an extremely busy. INFORMAL ♦up to your eyes 
 phrase v-link PHR, usu PHR in n  (emphasis) I am approximately my eyes in work...  
33  → the apple of your eye  → apple  → to revolve a blind eye  → blind  → to feast your eyes  → feast  → in your mind"s eye  → mind  → the naked eye  → naked  → to pull the wool over someone"s eyes  → wool eye up  phrasal verb If someone eye you up, they look in ~ you in a way that reflects they think about you attractive.  (BRIT) INFORMAL (=ogle) ...a slob who eyes increase the women and makes lewd comments...  V ns n (not pron) The women sit in the corner and also men eye castle up.  V n P 

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